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  1. Authentic Faction Names
  2. Dictator's Mods (7 mods)
  3. [BETA] Armenia: Between Two Worlds
  4. RSG Realistic Genral Morale and RSG Honour & Loyalty mods for ATTILA Total War
  5. [MOD] Less fatigue & Less WRE cultural aversion
  6. Playable Britannia
  7. Blue Franks
  8. RSG Attila Mini Overhaul MOd
  9. Corrected Frankish Unit Names
  10. Hibernia Units
  11. Sebidee's Mods for Attila (6 mods)
  12. K's Mods - Units, Changes, Factions (30.04) - WS Support added
  13. RSG Attila Mini Overhaul (12 TPY) Mod
  14. RSG Attila Mini Overhaul (No More Razing Versions ) with 4TPY & 12TPY
  15. The Redundant Mod
  16. RSG Total WAR Mods (All Together)
  17. Flag of the Uí Néill: replacement for ebdani
  18. [MOD RELEASED] Rebell's/Emergent factions reworked ! ( UPDATED 1.3 patch ready! + ALL DLC version!)
  19. Mod German Saxon Troops and Cheaper Main Building Conversion Costs
  20. Roman CHI-RHO Symbols (West and East) + Sassanid, Huns, Franks and Ostrogoths icons
  21. Theora' main thread -a collection of trix and fix.
  22. Twin Empires [MOD]
  23. Upgrades without replacement mod *Updated for Celts DLC Patch*
  24. ATTILA ENHANCED - Modular Overhaul (08.08.2015)
  25. Viking's mods
  26. RSG ATTILA mini Overhauls.... (Version 1.1.0 For Longbeard DLC and Patch)
  27. Fromage99's Battle and Campaign overhaul
  28. [Request] Stronger Roman empires!!!
  29. [Mod Series] Expanded Gameplay Mods
  30. Usurpers and Rebels
  31. The German`s Mod
  32. Politics Overhaul - Domination now gets rewarded!
  33. Political Control
  34. The Unforgiven Mod v0.01
  35. [Released] Ui - Interface
  36. Smaller Cursor
  37. Voice-over Removal
  38. [Release - Alpha] Ui - Interface (Update 19/04/2015)
  42. Choose your God(s)
  43. Flammeum Gladium (A full overhaul of Attila)
  44. Carolus Magnus: Holy Roman Emperor
  45. Minor Faction unique Kings
  46. {MOD} Western roman empire is now "the roman empire" and eastern is "byzantine"
  47. This mod is a Flaming skull on all elite unit icon cards.
  48. Mauzer's Mods
  49. Modding the Saxons Culture and Unit Roster
  50. Quickstart Atilla
  51. Atilla dies of natural cause (Old Age) -Human- and Atilla dies in last Season WeatherChange -AI-.
  52. Atilla and the Huns stronger.
  53. Various changes in battlemechanics
  54. Factions resettle
  55. [Beta Release] Roman Britain
  56. [Released] SPQR Renatus
  57. Terminus Total War
  58. [Released] The Imperial empires of Flaghemin
  59. [RELEASED] Will's Last Mission
  60. Play as the Huns ***
  61. Terminus Total War - Empires
  62. Game of Thrones mod with Atilla map
  63. Cav speeds
  64. [Released] Kingdoms of unkown age
  65. EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS for Main Campaign ? ? ?
  66. DrKing's Total War
  67. Better sanitation for barbarians(Pretty balanced/Not Overpowered)
  68. Modding faction capital (or starting position) for custom faction
  69. [WIP] Mount and Blade Overhaul
  70. Starting Ranks for Generals and Agents [RELEASED]
  71. Ranks & Bonds [RELEASED]
  72. [Released] Traits Overhaul
  74. Belisarius Abilities [Released]
  75. DOKMOD: A New Way to Play Attila
  76. What are the necessary programs to make the unit card
  77. How do cavalry unit card assembly kits in animation?
  78. Viking Geats Overhaul
  79. Simple Faction Symbols - 1st Part
  80. Weather conditions
  81. color
  82. WIP-Wrath of the East, adding the Jin Empire of China
  83. Age of Charlemagne General Unit Portraits
  84. [Released] MOON's AoC mods (Greek Fire, Crossbowmen, Cheiroballistra ...)
  85. Any up-to-date replacement mod for Attila out there?
  86. Refugee Factions: Roman, Spartan, and other refugee groups
  87. "Sveta Huna" - White Huns overhaul. Build the Hephthalite Empire!