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  3. Napoleon's portrayal in the game
  4. Wellington (and Britains) portrayal in NTW?
  5. What color is the white horse of Napoleon .
  6. Histocal accuracy..mod dependent?
  7. Napoleonic Tactics Discussion
  8. Napoleonic war paintings!
  9. No significant representation of Major powers?
  10. Will Spain finally get the correct national flag?
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  12. Ireland's place.
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  15. How would England recruit troops, abroad ?
  16. Napoleon's Love Life
  17. Napoleon's Love Life
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  20. D'Erlon's Attack formation at Waterloo
  21. Napoleon's favorite horse Marengo
  22. Murat
  23. 6th (Inniskilling) Dragooons and the Eagle controversy.
  24. French Muster Rolls from the Battle of Trafalgar
  25. Napoleon's period and Poland
  26. Napoleon: His Armies and Enemies
  27. Disastrous march to Moscow
  28. The Offical Napoleon Total War Historic Uniforms Thread
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  32. Austria
  33. Barbaric Bounty Systems for Napoleonic Bandits
  34. Prince Poniatowski - Polish and French Napoleonic HERO
  35. British Croatian Volunteers on the island of Vis 1811
  36. Was Napoleon evil, in your opinion? (Why?)
  37. Czech troops in Austrian service: An amazing coincidence.
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  39. Croatian Troops in French Service
  40. The 205th Anniversary of Napoleon's Imperial Coronation
  41. Remembering Waterloo !
  42. Buying a historical uniform of the period?
  43. Getting into the Napoleonic Mindset
  44. 'Closing The Gates At Hougoumont' - Please help me!
  45. Coracles, in NTW? Wellington used them!
  46. Painting
  47. Today 12/15 Napoleon returns to France~ finally
  48. Tutorial: One of Napoleon's biggest secrets...the Maneuver to Battle
  49. Militia
  50. Shakos
  51. Robert Surcouf, "Le Roi des Corsaires"
  52. What if Napoleon won Waterloo and the battles after that...
  53. Castigleone, the archetypical Napoleon Offensive Battle and Campaign.
  55. Cassini maps coupled wih googlemaps
  56. Images of Napoleonic Age
  57. what did ireland do during the napolean wars?
  58. Salaries/Navies
  59. What Napoleonic Regiment Is This?
  60. Napoleon: Hero or Villain?
  61. ⚲ French Aerostatic Corps, ⚲ well done C.A.! 100% accurate!
  62. The French Charlleville Musket
  63. General Dumas
  64. Spanish Recruits in the British Army 1812 - 1813
  65. Konrad B. Memories of an adventurous life
  66. The French uniform regulations 1812
  67. American Regular Uniforms of the Early 19th Century?
  68. Good Uniform source: Vinkhuizen collection
  69. Dispatches of the Duke of Wellington Part 1,2,3 & 4
  70. Prussia and it's former glory
  71. The Forgotten March and Russia's Mediterranean Adventures
  72. Napoleonic Anecdotes
  73. Swiss
  74. Osprey series Napoleon at war
  75. What the medals that Napoleon is always seen wearing in portraits?
  76. Denmark-Norway faction thread
  77. Battle Formations!
  78. So what would make NTW more historically accurate?
  79. Iliric provinces
  80. basic roads
  81. The Peninsular War
  82. Austrian Line Infantry Headwear Questions
  83. What happened to France after the republic finally fell?
  84. Musket Accuracy
  85. Liste of Napoleonic battles battles on Wiki
  86. Naval force in Napoleonic Period
  87. Battle of Austerlitz
  88. How was pay for men during the era?
  89. Where the Hell was Grouchy??
  90. Waterloo Movie
  91. Should Merchantmen/Indiamen carry the HMS prefix?
  92. French army losses / Temperature during the Russian campaign
  93. The Difference Between Fusilliers and Musketeers?
  94. French army uniforms and ranks
  95. Napoleon the only true "student of Caesar"
  96. Read this and cry for Nopoleon's retreat from Moscow.
  97. Was Napoleon an Athiest?
  98. Ships
  99. Help with Napoleonic Artillery System
  100. Nepoleonic Era Battles (featuring Total War game engine)
  101. Naval History of Great Britain by William James
  102. Borodino
  103. Favourite soldier who made a name for himself in the Napoleonic war.
  104. Where Partisans and the guerilla(the little war) warfare play a crucial part in the Napoleonic wars.
  105. ETW book suggestion: Crucible of War
  106. Spanish uniforms in 1815
  107. Napoleonic prison being bulldozed for new flats (real life)
  108. EXTREMELY skeptical of supposed claims of this era's musket/rifle inaccuracy
  109. Multiplayer Problem
  110. Massena: Good or Bad?
  111. Looking for Websites about the Peninsular War (Guerillas in Particular)
  112. French Rifles
  113. Napoleonic Grand Battery's
  114. How to super impose historical battle maps into google earth.
  115. Cavalry using Bayonetted Muskets
  116. Oldenburg "Fusiliers" and "Lancers"
  117. Lancers, Dismounted
  118. Shako Advantage
  119. Grenadier Headwear
  120. Sabre vs Bayonetted Musket
  121. Borodino: Homes on Napoleon’s Battlefied to Be Razed
  122. Artwork
  123. Calling all historians
  124. Historical numbers....
  125. Accuracy?
  126. Prussian cuirassiers
  127. Napoleon Biographies
  128. Wigs
  129. Paintings of french artillery needed
  130. Richard Sharpe: a great source
  131. If Napoleon Won Waterloo....
  132. Napoleon's Portuguese Legion (1808 - 1813)
  133. Hypothesis:If European armies fought Asian armies
  134. Lord Nelsons ship?
  135. What if there was no Napoleon?
  136. A St. George's Day Tale [off-topic]
  137. A question about the Guard Seamen
  138. Nineteenth century newsfeeds
  139. The truth about the battle of Waterloo
  140. 84th Regiment
  141. dissappointed at lack of ottoman horse archer
  142. Sweden
  143. Le Premier Empire Mod suggestion box
  144. Napoleonic Age Polls
  145. Casualties throughout the periods of mans warfare.
  146. Season Clothing
  147. Has anybody wondered why the british rifleman officers carry large straight swords?
  148. Why Boney really met his Waterloo
  149. Waterloo the unbiased account?
  150. Pictures of 1805 Uniforms Needed
  151. Favorite Marches Thread (NTW Edition)
  152. Hierarchy of military rank in the Grande Armée
  153. "Napoleon" (dvd)
  154. WW1 Mod Research needed
  155. The ingame error with cavalry
  156. Socket Bayonette and onwards
  157. need your help for this swedish hussar
  158. The Evolution of Russian Uniforms (pic warning)
  159. Napoleon - website
  160. Ran out of British light infantry
  161. ottoman army in the napoleonic wars
  162. A photo of the Duke of Wellington
  163. Platoon Fire
  165. Portuguese special units?
  166. "the mightiest breath of life which ever animated human clay."
  167. What was the Spanish attitude to French occupation?
  169. Reference Material Needed
  170. The Nylands Regiment of Sweden
  171. Today is the 199th anniversary of the Battle of Albuera
  172. Great link with plates Queens Royal Surreys
  173. Swedish napoleonics
  174. The Napoleon Podcast
  175. Charles Schulmeister
  176. Napoleon's Foreign Soldiers?
  177. British Regimental Colours
  178. The weapons of the Tirailleurs Corses and du Po?
  179. Duchy of Warsaw units?
  180. Portuguese Ordenza???
  181. How was Napleonic warfare different from the rest of 18th century warfare?
  182. Battle of Auerstadt
  183. Unusual Lances
  184. Triangle Formation over Square Formation?
  185. Archduke Charles' Legion?
  186. Napoleon & Josephine
  187. Did Ney fake his death?
  188. A strange thing
  189. Replace Ney at Waterloo?
  190. Michael Stowell?
  191. Reloading while marching?
  192. French skirmishers in the Revolutionary Wars?
  193. British Rifle Regiments 1805
  194. French Marines
  195. Chasseurs Britannique
  196. An accurate Napoleonic history
  197. Wellington: The Iron Duke
  198. Was Napoleon half Greek through his father?
  199. Spanish Cuirassiers?
  200. Portuguese Uniforms of the Peninsular War
  201. Books about Napoleonic Uniforms
  202. Do the Spaniards have rifle units?
  204. Napoleonic military dress
  207. Muskets not that inaccurate... rifle loading not that slow.. so why were casulties so low?
  208. What actually made Napoleon from a young war hero to old narcistic grump?
  209. The Grande Armee in 1805?
  210. UPDATED: Peninsular War: Napoleonic Uniforms, now zipped
  211. 10th Hussars?
  212. Napoleon biography
  213. Fredrik William III
  214. More Napoleonic pics: "Moscow Retreat" in zip format
  215. Portuguese Dragoons?
  216. Buck and Ball
  217. What does it mean when "cavalry screens the advance?"
  218. Emigre Regiments - insignia & uniforms
  219. McBoney? Was Napoleon of Scottish Decent?
  220. Napoleonic Website
  221. Danish-Norwegian Uniform Thread
  222. The Black Brunswickers
  223. Spanish Horse Artillery in 1811
  224. The Unicorns
  225. Your own illustrations on period uniforms?
  226. British Dragoons
  227. How they made shako's?
  228. Siege of Almeida 1810 - 2010, weekend re-enactment
  229. Useful websites - covering Uniforms, Flags, Naval, Maps, Downloadable books, Orders of battle, Paintings, etc
  230. Weapons of the Napoleonic wars
  231. Carabiniers-à-Cheval
  232. Help with Orders of Battle
  233. British Army Regiment Names
  234. who decided who stood where in a line
  235. The Kingdom of Etruia
  236. British Naval Flag
  237. Peninsula Campaign French Line Infantry Skins
  238. The Pursuit of Glory: A Great Source
  239. Tsar Paul's Infantry Codes?
  240. Cadenettes - who wore 'em?
  241. Sabers...
  242. Prussian infantry drills
  243. Good books about certain battles
  244. Lobau´s Corps at Waterloo
  245. French artillerie calibers: interesting finding
  246. Marching speed of cavalry
  247. Reccomended Reading
  248. Napoleon Bonaparte's tactics of ordre mixte and use of all-arms corps
  249. Wellington's Smallest Victory
  250. Memories of a captain of the Imperial Guard