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  1. [Proposal] Shogun 2, Medieval mod .
  2. [Proposal] Pause box
  3. [Proposal] Make a largers font size
  4. [Proposal] Shogun 2 total war - have your own clan in the grand campaign
  5. [Proposal] Change models
  6. [Proposal] Citadels
  7. [Proposal] Remove Flags on the back!
  8. [Proposal] Stand And Fight
  9. [Proposal] Cinematic Editor for Shogun 2
  10. [Proposal] Sengoku Basara Mod?
  11. [Proposal] Bring back wounded and detailed battle summaries
  12. [Proposal] Save Replay Button on Battle Stat Screen
  13. [Proposal] Please remove the Black windows
  14. [Proposal] Meiji Era Mod
  15. [Proposal] Matchlock units range to 150.
  16. [Proposal] Seperate Markets / Rice Exchanges
  17. [Proposal] Samurai Skin
  18. [Proposal] China mod?
  19. [Proposal] Replace Clans to make them playable
  20. [Proposal] Custom Clan Mod
  21. [Proposal] Family tree mod
  22. [Proposal] Powerful hattori Ninja
  23. [Proposal] Katana Sheaths/Scabbards
  24. [Proposal] Historical Scenario Maps for Campaign?
  25. [Beta] Hattori Clan Unlocked
  26. [Proposal] Just want a mod that removes sashimonos.
  27. [WIP] Heian kyō the japanese " Rome "
  28. [Proposal] Star Wars For Shogun FoTS!
  29. [Proposal] AN EPIC IDEA
  30. [Proposal] Increased General Recruitment (Request)
  31. [Proposal] Mod Idea: Alternate History Cold War Conversion
  32. [Proposal] man change woman mod
  33. [Proposal] buyable technology
  34. [Proposal] Disappearing corpses mod
  35. [Proposal] Maybe a Mod Idea Here
  36. [Proposal] Almost perfect (Desperate mod request)
  37. [Beta] Test my new maps for Shogun 2, please!
  38. [Proposal] Can Someone make this mod please
  39. [Beta] [BETA]Portugal playable mod (modders help wanted)
  40. [WIP] [WIP] Osaka Campaign [proposal]
  41. [Proposal] Shogun2 PvP campaign balance mods ideas
  42. [Proposal] Get informed when opponents major characters die
  43. [Proposal] Fall of the Samurai ships vs Vanilla Ships?
  44. [Proposal] No killing
  45. [Proposal] [IDEA] The Thirty Years War Mod
  46. Of thread prefixes and their morphology
  47. [Proposal] agents out
  48. [WIP] Ōnin Kassen
  49. [Proposal] Taiping Rebellion for FOTS
  50. [Proposal] More Ninja and Geisha movies
  51. [WIP] (Modder Resource) Historical General Armor
  52. [Proposal] A 12TPY based on reality
  53. Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (Shogun 2 WIPs)
  54. [Proposal] What if... All Hattori units were ninja-skinned?
  55. [Proposal] Open Source - New Europe Campaign Map
  56. [Proposal] What about a mod for Lord of the Rings stories??
  57. [Proposal] Nanban Matchlock Mercenaries
  58. [Proposal] Shogun 2 4k + Better UI