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  1. [Proposal] Shogun 2, Medieval mod .
  2. [Proposal] Pause box
  3. [Proposal] Citadels
  4. Stand And Fight
  5. [Proposal] Cinematic Editor for Shogun 2
  6. [Proposal] Bring back wounded and detailed battle summaries
  7. [Proposal] Save Replay Button on Battle Stat Screen
  8. [Proposal] Please remove the Black windows
  9. [Proposal] Meiji Era Mod
  10. [Proposal] Seperate Markets / Rice Exchanges
  11. [Proposal] Historical Scenario Maps for Campaign?
  12. [Beta] Hattori Clan Unlocked
  13. [Proposal] Maybe a Mod Idea Here
  14. Of thread prefixes and their morphology