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  1. [Add-On] APE: TI with AUM
  2. [Sub-Mod] Sons of the Dannebrog for APE:TI
  3. [Add-On] Faction Specific Music w/ APE: TI (solved w/ download)
  4. [Sub-Mod] Improved Campaign AI v4 relased- Enhancement Mod for APE:TI + Discussion
  5. [Sub-Mod] Louisiana Mod
  6. [Sub-Mod] Difficulty Increasing "God Save The Queen"
  7. [Sub-Mod] Genus pro Populus (FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH APE:TI 1.5) (Updated 15/7/2009)
  8. [Add-On] Bang! Sound FX
  9. [Sub-Mod] Emergent Factions Playable
  10. [Improvement] Admiralities for Persia and Denmark
  11. [Improvement] Units Skins for APE: TI
  12. a few interesting mods
  13. [Sub-Mod] No Forts
  14. [Sub-Mod] Artillery Batterys
  15. [Sub-Mod] New Grenadiers! compatible ETW 1.5/APE TI 1.08 (no grenades, square formation, fire by rank, elite close combat stats)
  16. [Sub-mod] Resistance Lowered
  17. [Sub-Mod] APE:TI startpos "Colonization"
  18. BAI
  19. [sub mod] No Forts (Beta)
  20. Wars of the League of Augsburg / Grand Alliance
  21. My little APE TI artillery submod
  22. AUM Problems
  23. Problems with Military Tech tree.
  24. What version?