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  1. The Insanity Defense.
  2. Hunting: Barbaric and Disgusting?
  3. Time Management Philosophy
  4. On Mary's room.
  5. A reasoned look at the spirit.
  6. What do you know for certain?
  7. A Question on Human Empathy
  8. What if you're wrong?
  9. Healthcare, a Human Right?
  10. What's your political philosophy?
  11. Ethics Essay
  12. Favorite Western Philosopher
  13. Chaos X infinity = order
  14. High Defintion TV's, a Human Right?
  15. Who was the greatest Philosopher?
  16. What is your opinion on suicide?
  17. ‘every landscape has its own vocabulary’
  18. fiction and reality
  19. only imperfection may be created from perfection
  20. Pen mightier than the sword?
  21. Philosophic Emotion & Enlightenment
  22. Stoicism and Taoism: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
  23. On Free Will
  24. Debate determinism
  25. Human rights
  26. Language.....should there be rules?
  27. Race, culture, education and the tides of causal forces.
  28. The humanative IV
  29. Free will vs Predestination
  30. Life is like a computer game?
  31. Piracy versus the secondary market
  32. Marcus Aurelius
  33. Confucius says...
  34. How is government morally feasible?
  35. Unlimited children; If a moral [when practiced by all] makes bad things happen, is it an evil moral?
  36. Six seconds to exist…
  37. Children outside marriage and marriage.
  38. If Homosexuality Is Hardwired At Birth...
  39. Life is like a River?
  40. Transhumanism
  41. Is It Better To Be Loved Or Feared?
  42. What is the ultimate expression of everythingness?
  43. Is it even possible for Humans to be objective?
  44. Are sapient species "people"?
  45. Peer review
  46. A hierarchy of ethics?
  47. Survivalism = epic fail?
  48. the world is a great big onion.
  49. Democratic View on Race
  50. The ethic of choice for the individual over the moral imposed upon it?
  51. Struggling for Survival
  52. Power of the state over the individual, or of individuals over the state?
  53. My version of the afterlife(story, part2 up)
  54. Pessimism and Misanthropy: Pro? Con?
  55. Hedonism
  56. What ‘you’ ‘are‘!
  57. Cat and Girl
  58. Be A Philosopher!
  59. A compelling reason not to become a vegetarian
  60. Philosophers Guild
  61. Determinism. Is that what you call it?
  62. objective infinite
  63. A question concerning punishment/reward and justice
  64. Individuality and how it ties into our perception of reality
  65. ‘The book with no name’
  66. Dialectical Materialism, looking for an explanation
  67. Hume's Is-Ought Gap
  68. Political Philosophy
  69. How should an asymmetry in the burden of proof be defined?
  70. Reality; like a multifaceted Rubik's cube?
  71. Beyond Pandora
  72. Ancestor Simulations
  73. Do you use the tools of Philosophy in your daily life?
  74. If you would introduce someone to the school of Philosophy...
  75. Philosophy in Life
  76. Leviathan and the 'Right of Nature'
  77. Innate Morality - Kropotkin - and what communists should be reading
  78. ''A Spit for a Smoke''
  79. Are we realy alive?
  80. Are there really more people mentally ill?
  81. Trying to understand Boëthius' synthesis of Plato and Aristotle
  82. Are faith and truth interpreted?
  83. is a stoic life worth living or should we indulge ourselves
  84. What do you think of humans wanting more and more ?
  85. Defining oneness
  86. The ontological principle of infinite transmigration! [...and do 'physics' exist].
  87. The meaning of life
  88. How Can We Think, Why Do We Think, and Are We The Only Things That Think?
  89. I think I've discovered a paradox...
  90. Which two philosophical fields do you think are in humanity's best interest to make advancements in?
  91. The Soul
  92. The problem with existence, death and non-existence from the material monists (most atheists) point of view.
  93. immortality . . . by body hopping
  94. Nietzsche's Active nihilism
  95. The existence of quale?
  96. Philosophy and martial arts
  97. Skepticism - Can we know anything?
  98. Does everything even exist?
  99. Do facts create weakness?
  100. What if
  101. The Ship of Theseus and the Ephemerality of the Self
  102. A Logical Approach to Belief
  103. Social classes
  104. Another skeptic quandry...
  105. An infinite holographic reality
  106. Please Explain Existentialism to Me
  107. Helping others
  108. Can someone explain Derrida to me?
  109. Have we met? Will we meet again?
  110. My solution to the Gettier counterexamples
  111. It's hard to explain in a title.
  112. If there is only one thing which exists…
  113. Science is illogical.
  114. Hegel's idea of protestantism
  115. Analytic-Continental Divide
  116. The Kalam Cosmological Argument
  117. Is It Possible to Be Rational, But Wrong?
  118. Praxeology, axiom and empiricism
  119. Kant and his theories
  120. The Good Life. Aristoteles and Platon.
  121. Is our 'reason' unjustified?
  122. Brilliant Philosophy lecture series
  123. The Window Question
  124. My current thoughts on thought ~ simplified [for clarity]…
  125. Original Sin and the Humanistic Myth of an Immanent Moral Structure in the World
  126. Consciousness is the network
  127. We are all innately ubermensch
  128. light question thread
  129. Life And Death
  130. Nietzsche - the literary philosopher
  131. Spirituality Through Other Means
  132. What and where is colour?
  133. God created two worlds?
  134. What is suffering?
  135. Free will Vs math
  136. The doors of perception
  137. There is no requirement and probably no evidence for a priori.
  138. How can I build something from absolute doubt?
  139. Thoughts on truth
  140. Can the fish see the river?
  141. Free Will vs What "God(s)" Wants
  142. Perfect world
  143. Can we influence our lives?
  144. Academy of Ideas
  145. What philosophy do you follow?
  146. Are Some People Beyond Help?
  147. The structure of Reality.
  148. Marcus Aurelius Meditations
  149. The Noble Savage, possible or impossible
  150. there is no objective reality?!
  151. Contemporary philosophy
  152. Martin Heidegger: Hermeneutics and Phenomenology
  153. Gender: Philosophical Problems
  154. Pre-socratics youtube series