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  1. a 17,000 year old city...WHAT?!?
  2. [Discov] Marble Head of Emperor Titus Found
  4. [Discov] Ancient Ottoman Acqueduct Revealed in Jerusalem
  5. [Special] The Teachings of Ptah-Hotep, 2450 BC
  6. [Discov] Evidence found on Parthenon marbles coloring
  7. [Debate] Indios in Europe - german scientists claim that.
  8. [Exhib] Divus Vespasianus, Rome
  9. [Discov]The oldest image of St Paul Apostle found!
  10. [Discov] Scotland, castle bones may belong to a knight
  11. Soon on Archaeology Section.......
  12. [Special] Imperivm - Lives and emotions inside of a Roman Legion
  13. My visit to Tongobriga
  14. [Discov] Large Roman mosaic, Tel Aviv
  15. [Discov] Unique Thracian cave Sanctuary
  16. [Discov] 3500 years old proto-Dacians bronze sword
  17. [Science] no Etruscan link to modern Tuscans
  18. [Debate] Bosnian Pyramids
  19. [Discov] Kublai Khan’s Xanadu unearthed in China
  20. [Discov] Qi Dinasty Royal tomb + frescoes unearthed
  21. [Discov] 8th century Islamic vase found in Japan
  22. [Special] Maya portals to underworld [pics, videos, audios]
  23. [Discov] Turkish dam will flood the site of ancient Hasankeyf (pics included)
  24. [Pillage] US damaged historic Iraqi site of Babylon
  25. [Exhibit]Tutankhamun exhibition in Indianapolis and Atlanta [pics included]
  26. [Discov]Ancient Greek city of Laedicea, amphitheatre found
  27. [Discov] Unknown Inca Road leading to Machu Pichu Discovered
  28. [Discov] Etruscan 2,000-year-old cream found intact
  29. [Discov] Jewelry of the Parion Princess unearthed in Anatolia
  30. [Debate]The Euphronios vase back to Italy! (pics inside)
  31. [Discov] Underwater exploration seeks evidence of early Americans
  32. [Restor] 108k Roman coins restored
  33. [Discov] Untouched Tomb of Aztec King on Verge of Discovery?
  34. [Discov] Ancient Fortress City Unearthed in Egypt
  35. [Pillage] Large Parthian site, seriously damaged & partly destroyed
  36. [Exhibit] Pompeii and the Roman villa - exibition in the US
  37. [Discov] Zapotec men carried human femurs
  38. [Discov] Iron age site beneath Roman Calleva Atrebatum, England [pics and video inside]
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  40. [Discov] British and Australian soldiers buried at Fromelles (found also men's personal effects)
  41. [Science] Primate archaeology sheds light on Human origins
  42. [Pillage] Tomb raiders try to plunder ancient Apollonia' site
  43. [Discov] Mayans' sacrifices were boys
  44. [Discov] China finds new terracotta warriors (pics and a video inside)
  45. [Discov] Easter Island: found 6kms of caves
  46. [Discov] South Han Palace discovered in Guangzhou
  47. [Discov] Buried City in Oasis Lends View of Ancient Egypt
  48. [Discov] Dorset Ridgeway’s killing field: were victims Vikings or local heroes?
  49. [Discov] Jupiter Dolichenus shrine found near Hadrian's wall fort
  50. [Discov] Ancient tombs with gold mask found in Macedonia
  51. [Science] The controversial Vinland Map
  52. [Discov] A sophisticated American Indian encampment, Ohio
  53. [Exhibit] The Egyptian Grand Museum of El Giza, will open in 2013 AD
  54. [Special] Info gathering on the exiled by the rivers of Babylon...
  55. [Discov] Arkaim
  56. [Discov] The ancient Silla's cavalrymen armor comes to light!!!!!! [pics inside]
  57. [Discov] Ancient theater masks rediscovered in Pompeii [pics inside]
  58. [Discov] 12000 y-o hexagonal diamonds found in California
  59. [Science] Prehistoric case hints at interspecies homicide
  60. [Discov] Napoleonic POWs camp unearthed in Britain
  61. [Science] Ancient Maya practiced forest conservation 3,000 years ago
  62. [Special] The riddle of the protective crescent, in Punic votive art
  63. [Discov] Graveyard of sunken Roman ships found
  64. [Discov] Pre-Incan mummy in center of Lima
  65. [Discov] 30 Phoenicians tombs found in Sardinia (Berlusconi's villa)
  66. [Discov] Ancient Greek colony of Scylletium, found underwater in Calabria
  67. [Discov] Roman villas of Stabiae's luxury returned to life [pics inside]
  68. [Discov] The oldest known Roman coin in Britain found
  69. [Discov] Byzantine mosaics found in Haghia Sophia's dome
  70. [Discov] Inca road still links latin american countries
  71. [Pillage] Lost Partho-Sasanian city of Azem, has been destroyed
  72. Puma Punku
  73. [Discov] Largest Roman garrison in Syria found
  74. [Discov] Parthian tower discovered in Ardebil
  75. [Discov] Maltese dock made from ancient ruins of Mausoleum of Halicarnassus?
  76. [Science] Sun Pyramid was the Axis Mundi for Teotihuacan Culture
  77. [Discov] Unique Roman hospital excavated in Moravia
  78. [Discov] Sasanian layer in the harbor of Siraf found
  79. [Special] Alexandria - Looking for the queen
  80. [Discov] 51 headless Vikings found in England
  81. [Discov] Solid golden ring with Roman gem found in Bulgaria
  82. [Discov] Thracian temple complex, Bulgaria
  83. [Debate] Antikythera device may be older than previously thought
  84. [Restor] New life for ancient Syrian sculptures
  85. [Exhibit] Italy seeks ancient loot from Symes Trustees [pics of items inside]
  86. [Discov] Unique Jerusalem 2nd temple inscription. Nobody knows what it means
  87. [Discov] Roman town of Altinum (modern Venice) rises again
  88. [Special] Via Aurelia: The Roman Empire's lost highway [pics inside]
  89. [Discov] Rare ritual vessel from Jesus era found in Jerusalem
  90. [Exhibit] World's oldest surviving Bible goes online
  91. [Discov] Ancient warrior's skeleton found near Rome
  92. [Discov] 1,400-year-old ancient city found in Osmaniye (Turkey)
  93. [Exhibit] Scene cut from Athens museum film after protests (about Christian vandalism on Parthenon)
  94. [Science] Nuclear energy helps unlock secrets buried with mummies
  95. [Science] Global warming played a role in Incas' rise, report says
  96. [Discov] Secrets of Roman Venta Icenorum (modern Caistor, Norfolk)
  97. [Special] Henry II, the Dover Castle and the Becket Cult'
  98. [Discov] Ancient river found beneath the Channel, England [Pics inside]
  99. [Discov] Ancient stone sculpture of Goddess discovered in Kashmir
  100. [Restor] Egyptian experts to conserve mummy in Hyderabad museum
  101. [Exhibit] The rising sun in Egyptology
  102. [Discov] Trade hub of Muziris has been unearthed
  103. [Science] Fossils in Spain are treasure-trove for scientists [pics inside]
  104. [Discov] Austrian has Indiana Jones moment in Mongolia
  105. [Discov] Archeology works in Veliko Turnovo discover a princess
  106. [Restor] Skara Brae being protected from Sea
  107. [Discov] Excavation of Fortress Krakra starts (Bulgaria)
  108. [Science] New study on Achaemenid Bardak-Siyah palace [56k warning]
  109. [Exhibit] Virtual tour to Maya site of Palenque [flash player needed]
  110. [Discov] Dig reveals secrets of 'green' monks (Ireland)
  111. [Discov] Ship's weapon dug up from garden
  112. [Science] Genetic study of dogs suggests, they were first domesticated in Africa not in Asia
  113. [Discov] Ancient Egyptian bust, a spitting image of Michael Jackson!
  114. [Special] Standing stones from humanity’ oldest temple [pics and video inside]
  115. [Discov] Byzantine Black Sea fortress rediscovered
  116. [Discov] Unearthed the treasure of Basil II
  117. [Discov] Roman Emperor Vespasian's villa found!!! OMFG
  118. [Exhibit] Imperial villa of Pompeii virtual project [Flash player required]
  119. [Discov] World's oldest map's 14.000 years old
  120. [Discov] Clay tablet reveals Assyrian leader desperate plea
  121. [Discov] Very rare 15th cent. pottery found in Valencia
  122. [Science] Devon, 9000 BC. Cannibalism theory over bone find
  123. [Discov] found cache of cuneiform tablets in 2,700-year old Turkish temple
  124. [Discov] Ancient plantations dated 600BC unearthed in Malta
  125. Confirmed: partial use of bricks in ancient Maya settlements
  126. [Discov] Remains from Period of King Hezekiah found
  127. [Discov] Discovery of log boat shows how sea levels rose in past
  128. [Discov] WWII Shipwrecks Sought in 'Graveyard of the Atlantic'
  129. [Exhibit] Germany will to remember Teutoburg battle
  130. [Discov] Shakespeare: Tomb search could end riddle of true identity
  131. [Discov] Russians unearth 1000-years mosque in Tatarstan's Kazan
  132. [Discov] Unique Bronze Age burial uncovered, Scotland
  133. [Discov] Stone tablet: Emperor Septimius Severus, exorbitant taxes in Rhodiapolis
  134. [Discov] The grave of Charles Dickinson found
  135. [Discov] Video: one of the skeletons unearthed in Dorset
  136. [Science] Crusty Greek Statue May Aid 'Biofouling' Fight
  137. [Science] Artful Science: Peering into Ancient Pigments
  138. [Discov] Dutch fluyt discovered near Stockholm.
  139. [Discov] Castle moats were not just defensive constructions
  140. [Discov] Unique Viking find
  141. [Discov] 6,000-year-old building, London
  142. [Discov] Pre-Stonehenge House Reveals Domestic Life
  143. [Discov] Spectacular 4000 yr old gold-banded dagger, found in Scotland
  144. [Discov] Terracotta army 'may have belonged to empress'
  145. [Discov] Cave Complex allegedly found under Giza pyramids
  146. [Discov] Diving into the secrets of Hagia Sophia
  147. [Discov] 72000 yeas old tools
  148. [Discov] Syria: 5th century skeleton found in Byzantine cathedral
  149. [Discov] 4,000-year-old timber circle found in Tyrone
  150. [Discov] 'Neolithic cathedral built to amaze’ unearthed in Orkney dig
  151. [Discov] Hadrian's Wall was originally built of wood
  152. [Discov] Pyramid Found in a field in Michoacan is a Yacata
  153. [Discov] Partho-Sasanian architectural remains in Ultan Fortress
  154. [Discov] Bath house found in Roman villa dig
  155. [Discov] Fragments of very large pithoi found in Geronissos
  156. [Pillage] Inundation of the upper Gotvand Dam destroys pre-Islamic Iranian sites
  157. [Discov] Royal Maya tomb emerges from the tunnels in Jaguar Mountain [PICS INSIDE]
  158. [Discov] Unique Byzantine seal found
  159. [Science] Laboratory to Decipher Zapoteca Writing will be Created
  160. [Special] The army of the Kings of Ur: The textual evidence
  161. [Discov] Large Roman statue of Augustus uncovered [pics inside]
  162. [Discov] Unprecedented Alexander the Great gemstone
  163. [Discov] Palace of Mithradates VI Eupator Discovered in Phangoria
  164. [Discov] Colossal statue of Apollo from Hierapolis found (4 metres high)
  165. Archaeological Geophysical Survey
  167. [Discov] Burial at the ancient Macedonian capital of Aigai
  168. [Science] Epigraphic monuments cast light on Perperikon secrets
  169. [Exhibit] Magdeburg Cathedral virtual tour
  170. [Special] Akrotiri: the "Minoan Pompeii"
  171. [Exhibit] Bulgaria Recreates Orpheus’s Lyre
  172. [Discov] New discovery links ancient Egypt and Jordan valley site
  173. [Discov] Israeli archaeologists find ancient fortification
  174. [Science] Decoding the Ancient Script of the Indus Valley
  175. [Special] Biblical archaeology
  176. [Discov] Guatemala Mayan city may have ended in pyramid battle
  177. [Discov] Domesday oak found at Canterbury cathedral
  178. [Discov] Passage Found, May Have Been Used by Abraham
  179. [Discov] Largest-ever Roman collection of coins about Judaic wars era found
  180. [Discov] Pre Inca citadel found in Zaña river's upper basin
  181. [Discov] Stone man joins carved animals in neolithic farmyard
  182. [Discov] Cave painters’ giveaway handprints at Pech-Merle
  183. [Discov] Pre-Incan woman sacrificed 2000 years ago
  184. [Discov] Bible-era mystery vessel found -- code stumps experts
  185. [Discov] Giant stone-age axes found in African lake basin
  186. [Discov] Ancient synagogue found in Israel
  187. [Discov] A mystery in the desert: unearthed an unusual find in an ancient Chilean cemetery
  188. [Science] Researchers to explore sacred Maya pools of Belize
  189. [Discov] A mass cemetery carved in rocks discovered in Syria
  190. [Discov] Discovery of Roman town fourth century skeleton puzzles archaeologists
  191. [Discov] Second Jerusalem temple pilgrimage route uncovered
  192. [Discov] Unique golden chariot from ancient Thracians
  193. [Discov] Three Roman military camp sites found in Austria
  194. [Discov] New finds at rich ancient cemetery in Greece
  195. [Discov] Finds unearthed at necropolis in Pella shed light on social status of warriors
  196. [Discov] 2000-year-old Roman amphitheatre finally revealed
  197. [Discov] Dolmen with petroglyphs found near Villupuram
  198. [Discov] Historic Roman salt store found on mudflats
  199. [Discov] Mysterious ruins may help explain Mayan collapse
  200. [Discov] Trojan war-era suspected couple found
  201. [Discov] Foundd Burial Cellar In Ancient Syrian City Containing Spectacular Artifacts
  202. [Science] The Oldest Lunar Calendar on Earth
  203. [Discov] China finds new section to its Great Wall: report
  204. [Discov] Ancient Mayans made pyramids to make music for rain god
  205. [Exhibit] Visualizing the Aztecs-Digital Reconstruction
  206. Largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon treasure found in UK
  207. Four silver coins dating from Norman England have been found in Gloucestershire
  208. [Discov] Near Army construction site in Germany, a trove of ancient Roman artifacts
  209. [Restore] Rome's Colosseum needs urgent restoration work
  210. [Discov] Rune Stone Found In Norway
  211. [Discov] Roman statues found in Blue Grotto cave
  212. Graeco-Romans-Byzantines Summary
  213. Africa Summary
  214. America Summary
  215. [Discov] Nero's rotating dining room discovered
  216. [Pillage] Italian Police recover priceless ancient jar
  217. [Restore] Ancient Roman lighthouse to be saved in Patara, Turkey
  218. [Discov] Roman Emperor’s private amphitheatre unearthed
  219. [Discov] Polychrome mural found in complex of Chotuna, Peru
  220. Count Drakulya's cellar discovered
  221. [Discov] Mystery head could be rare statue of Emperor Nero
  222. [Discov] Unearthed: prehistoric site that could be 'little sister' to Stonehenge
  223. [Discov] Roman frescoed tombs found in south Lebanon cave
  224. [Discov] Buried coins may hold key to solving mystery of ancient Roman population
  225. [Exhibit] Italy ‘to commercialise’ national treasures
  226. [Exhibit] Chinese imperial throne breaks record
  227. [Discov] First-of-their-Kind Tombs Unearthed in Palmyra
  228. [Discov] Late Roman period body unearthed in Gloucester. It's a Goth
  229. [Discov] coins found in egypt from time of josheph of the bible with his name and picture on them says report
  230. i'm back
  231. [Discov] Statue of Alexander the Great has been discovered in Alexandria
  232. [Discov]'Teenage warriors' discovered in terracotta army
  233. [Discov] 2 Mural Paintings Portraying Heaven and Hell Discovered in Syria
  234. [Discov] 5000-year-old tombs under study in Kercem, Malta
  235. [Discov] Traces of a temple built for Nemesis, found in Aegean Izmir
  236. [Discov] Parthian city in north Khorasan province has been found
  237. [Discov] Mosaics tell of Somerset prosperity in Roman times
  238. [Pillage] Egypt continues to suffer treasure hunt fatalities
  239. fun treasure TV show
  240. [Discov] Cave paintings more than 20,000 years old found in Deba
  241. Asia summary
  242. [Discov] New discoveries at Pavlopetri, world's oldest submerged town
  243. [Discov] Has the original labyrinth of Knossos been found?
  244. [Discov] ‘Tomb 10A’ lets you look history right in the face
  245. [Special] Ancient cult of the Viking kings
  246. [Discov] Trajan palace, headquarter of Bishop has been found in Bosra, Syria
  247. [Discov] Lady of Pacopampa: A woman born to rule
  248. [Discov] Drilling under the Sphinx project - video inside
  249. [Discov] Roman temple discovered in Tuscany
  250. [Discov] Archaeologists unveil ancient auditorium in Rome