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  1. Known stuff of ETW that can be used for a RTW mod
  2. Would a MTW era mod be do-able with E:TW engine?
  3. Can we have the chance to mod custom formation?
  4. Ireland, Scotland rebellion
  5. [Demo Modding] Detailed How-to with Unpacker (Demo Mod General Discussion)
  6. M2TW with ETW
  7. question: would tactical fog of war be mod-able?
  8. porting M2TW maps / units etc to ETW
  9. Can we unpack full game
  10. Hotseat Campaign
  11. How to upack the full game of ETW
  12. modability
  13. Console Commands and Functionality
  14. Medieval times mod?
  15. anyone have the unit stats?
  16. Removing green arrows...
  17. Unpacking Full Game Files!
  18. SFX while slowmotion?
  19. remove Fog of war?
  20. Is E:TW modable?
  21. Console ?
  22. Unit sizes?
  23. Repacking from directories.
  24. when commeth the Modding?
  25. Identifiying that strange file format: coderz out there, we needz u.
  26. Britania?
  27. Focus on more units rather than only more men per unit
  28. Font sizes!
  29. Steam patches - will they be a problem?
  30. Huge potential but where to start?
  31. Missing Histories
  32. How do you change Font size in Empire?
  33. UNPACK the files here
  34. ????
  35. Modding
  36. Proper faction name and unit names?
  37. Success in Unpacking
  38. Interesting... is their royalty afterall?
  39. Removing Tracer Bullets? Help please
  40. Save Games File
  41. I think we're finally ready
  42. Naval Camera Question
  43. possible mod idea
  44. Unofficial Historical Mistake List Thread (To Help Modder)
  45. Unpacking issues
  46. How can I make a campaign longer
  47. Why did CA pack the game?
  48. Sniper unit.
  49. Will we receive free Mod tools like what Bethesda gave The Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3?
  50. RE-packing
  51. how do you play as the native americans on custom battle
  52. Year Moddable
  53. Found this on Modding
  54. is this more modable than other games?
  55. Which Folder
  56. How do you force massive UI banners off?
  57. How Moddable is Battle AI
  58. Just a little tip for vastly speeding up loading times for testing purposes
  59. Anyone figured out how to unpack the game? :)
  60. Empire Total Realism
  61. If CA want to release modding tools what features do you like to be in there?
  62. How do you unpack the files
  63. help~~~repacking issues
  64. testdata pack
  65. Query: Fix for those locked in 'medium' quality?
  66. How do you get the 7Z to overwrite the ESF?
  67. Unlocking Elite Limits?
  68. Custom Battle unlocks?
  69. Need an unpacker
  70. Campaign map flags - where are they stored?
  71. unpacking and load times in the game
  72. Easy way to find the AppData folder in Windows
  73. Steam and Modding
  74. file formats wiki ?
  75. 1st Person view Debug mode try it!
  76. preferences file
  77. Canonball Explosions /Dirt Clouds?
  78. Extra scenarios?
  79. Impact of range?
  80. Mercenaries
  81. How hard is it to make a small blood mod?
  82. The Unit Stats Improvement thread
  83. Trainer for newest version.
  84. White triangle on Radar Map => How to 'mod' this out?
  85. Various Weapon Reload Time Reference
  86. Show off your units!
  87. Mesh files
  88. How do i find Empire Total War data files? to add mods
  89. Making officer units use ranged weapons
  90. Hessian infantry, recruitment limit and history
  91. Keeping flag post revolution
  92. Naval capacity / birth of marines?
  93. Can't get PackFileManager to work...
  94. Is there a way to Remove the FLOATING FLAGS Completely?
  95. Making the soldiers look professional...
  96. Anciently armed units
  97. Prussians skins...
  98. Grappling hooks?
  99. Get rid of Sliding units
  100. The Mod Community - A nice place to be!
  101. Ships, guns and facts. Is this right?
  102. Can we add more flag bearers?
  103. How to change turns per year in your savegame!
  104. Starting faction's name and flag
  105. hussards for GB/FRANCE/UNITED PROVINCES
  106. Anyone able to make the minor factions...
  107. How do i open a mod
  108. Larger Custom/Single Battle Money Mod?
  109. Duelling in battle map
  110. My First Mod Works!? kinda - Elite African Spearmen
  111. Multiplayer + Mods = ?
  112. Regarding mods and multiplayer
  113. Changing buildings in cities.
  114. I just wonder..
  115. Telling the game to load a pack file.
  116. Creating smaller/differently named localisation.loc files?
  117. Quick question (hopefully) regarding square formation
  118. Concerning the released MODS? and the known issues in ETW
  119. Make all units available in play battle?
  120. battle pace....
  121. How do I add directories to pack file?
  122. Of broadswords and highlanders
  123. Anybody still have the demo installed?
  124. Mulitplayer/Hotseating Mods
  125. Memery Address Constants
  126. Some questions i have bout learning to mod
  127. Thank You Modders
  128. mods how many
  129. Newbie questions about mods
  130. Conquistadors
  131. GIVE me GOLD!
  132. HAs anyone figured out how?
  133. Where i can unlock the factions for the Custom battle?
  134. Help!
  135. Muskets sound
  136. patch_en.pack please??
  138. How can 2 user.empire_script.txt be placed in folder?
  139. Is there a file that can be edited to unlock RTI Chapter IV?
  140. multiple mods ?
  141. Changes Not Taking Effect
  142. change battle difficulty effects
  143. Can the packs be fixed?
  144. Post your mod reviews here.
  145. New Patch crashes onload via mod file
  146. unit classes
  147. Are there any way to modify the sight of unit??
  148. Cavalry questions
  149. Main 2
  150. good idea?
  151. I d/l a mod and put under data file. Doesn;t work.
  152. Looking for an Idiot Proof Tutorial...
  153. Modding wiki
  154. Grand Campaign- Now With Minor Faction Objectives?
  155. Any mods that reskin the Prussians?
  156. Mods online
  157. A question about reverting to vanilla
  158. Modding tools - what can they offer?
  159. Offical tools
  160. Stupid diffrent computer
  161. WarscapeFrame and the Battle Editor
  162. Doubt abt making a mod...
  163. would someone please make a mod that you can play as The kingdom of Belgium in empire total war
  164. Modding the mists
  165. Help Changing patch.pac to mod.pac
  166. Mod.packs & Multiplayer
  167. Weather effects
  168. Is Empires Easier To Mod?
  169. Hit Boxes?
  170. multiplayer maps for custom battle?
  171. how do you install a mod in your edition of ETw
  172. Can someone please do me this small favor?
  173. mods not showing
  174. What can actually be done with Empire modding so far?
  175. Hello All!!! Glad to be Back!
  176. Mod Manager and Steam!
  177. Empire Total war original MAIN folder files
  178. Have CA released Official Mod Tools?
  179. Naval battle speed mod?
  180. How are you guys modding these files??
  181. Im confused
  182. How to Install Mods?
  183. Noob question: Sprites-only mod for ETW
  184. campaign administration mechanisms
  185. Tracer effects
  186. Mod organiser
  187. Emergent Countries
  188. Editing movement/morale
  189. Potential tools
  190. Unit Drag Line
  191. Naval units, land units editor
  192. Possible to make fps/tps of Empire Total War?
  193. Empire:Nuclear war
  194. health of the units
  195. texture related mods not working
  196. [Discovery]Existance of seige equipment!
  197. asking if anyone has determined the structure and or use of these record entries
  198. If I were to try to change the way the game does trade...
  199. Please
  200. Pack File Manager Error
  201. Modding.
  202. Mod Manager.
  203. Campaign.
  204. Pirates playable?
  205. New Unit Problem
  206. How do you use the Pack File Manager?
  207. Extending the time line (turns)?
  208. Adding files into a pack
  209. Maybe It's Because I suck at Modding...
  210. How to upload Mod
  211. Please help me to search for a tool
  212. How to batch edit the text of the ETW
  213. Editing a pack file ?
  214. unit Card Shows Up White
  215. Tutor Unit Modding
  216. multiplier help
  217. Changing victory conditions?
  218. Spacing Between Units
  219. Unit creation error
  220. unit editing
  221. Where to put my mod files and how to use file manager aka mod manager ??
  222. Mod works in custom battle but not in Campaign
  223. Mameluks missing tech
  224. Create a new faction
  225. Getting started modding tutorial?
  226. Priests/Shamans for Native Americans?
  227. Morocco FOW
  228. My mod won't load.
  229. Please, please, please- Give us a unit editor!!!
  230. I'm making a Guard Regiment..
  231. First Mod
  232. can we switch countries mid-campaign?
  233. Popular UI mod query!
  234. how to make emergement faction playable?
  235. is there a way to have our armies move farther in our own territory?
  236. banners and standards.
  237. Useable Buildings
  238. Tools from modders to modders
  239. How can I see the UI folder?
  240. startpos.esf
  241. How can I make A Unit a Bodyguard?
  242. Hardcoded Limits roundup
  243. Army movement
  244. how to edit firing drills
  245. Pack file manager not working fully?
  246. So... mod tools?
  247. Elements from release .pack files
  248. Question About Naval Guns
  249. Help me with mod manager
  250. Quick question