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  1. Modding game mechanics in the db directory
  2. Files Luac ??
  3. How to unlock all factions?
  4. Strat File and Modding?
  5. Changing in-game text size?
  6. The family tree + more traits!
  7. Possible to mod text to make it bigger?
  8. For the visually impaired (Need help)
  9. Longer Grand Campaign
  10. Modding AI
  11. Editing unit stats.
  12. Campaign Movement
  13. More ammunition mod please
  14. Editing units?
  15. Objectives mod
  16. Campaign - Faction Unlocker
  17. Campaign Win Conditions
  18. The Royal Family, and how to get it back
  19. Modifying Units
  20. ? how the hell do I edit this
  21. Investigation of Empire's script language
  22. /units_tables/units structure and units list
  23. Fog of War Removal
  24. what is the possability of seeing a mod that helps with unit naming?
  25. Modding research to 1 turn!
  26. Firingmodes
  27. You can change the unit?
  28. Change language of faction
  29. 10 unit limit?
  30. If you hate all those pesky adds when you start your game...
  31. Increasing the number of cannons
  32. Ayeee, building effects data format + parser
  33. Modding an Income Modifier Penalty for the player (instead of bonuses for the A.I.)?
  34. Adding/unlocking buildings to provinces?
  35. Editing Unit Values (Firing Range/Damage/Defence) etc
  36. AI - Some quick campaign changes to get a more challenging game
  37. Mini Mod - Musket range/Killing power Cossacks II style
  38. Does anybody know how change settlement's owner?
  39. No point on Unlocking minor Factions
  40. Character Traits and Ancillaries
  41. Idea: adding units to other factions
  42. Custom Battles: Native Americans
  43. Volleys ineffective at close range
  44. Semi-Automatics
  45. Where can I edit the Autoresolve mechanism??
  46. A little help with projectiles_tables
  47. Adding character names and portraits
  48. Highlanders recruitable in Scotland
  49. Norwegian Ski Troops?!
  50. I've done historical Redcoat texture, but... HELP!
  51. want to mod naval unit costs but not sure how to
  52. Removing ships from nations
  53. Getting the game to utilize your new .pack file
  54. Breakthrough: creating new units
  55. reduce campaign movement
  56. [Tutorial] - How to create a screen name for your unit.
  57. Technology and buildings bug, possibly fixed
  58. File first?
  59. ESF File Format notes
  60. Adding traits
  61. British Hussars??
  62. how to edit musket/rifle range??
  63. Any luck on 0 recruitment?
  64. Upgrading Line Infantry
  65. How do you make all units playable on custom battle
  66. A Question Regarding Cavalry...
  67. French Unit Files
  68. Range of the Units
  69. How to add new projectiles?
  70. Changing the militia garrisoned in cities
  71. Question about recruiting units earlier than allowed.
  72. Removing Firing Drills via patch packs...?
  73. [Idea] Soft units caps - events and the like
  74. Range - Ammo
  75. Someone? Layman's guide to stat moding?
  76. qns: any1 figured out how to mod the technological tree yet?
  77. help with tutorial for unlocking factions
  78. EUROPEAN WARS - first units preview!
  79. Campaign Map Movement Speed Modifiers
  80. can I edit directly the original patch.pack file?
  81. Unlocking native americans
  82. Fixing the AI?
  83. Decreasing the Cost of Units for the AI
  84. Ship Turn Rates?
  85. How to create new weapons?
  86. Increasing the movement of units around the globe?
  87. Emergent factions - could this be a possible solution to make them playable?
  88. Modding artillery
  89. researching technology in one turn
  90. Editing turns
  91. Getting rid of experience dilution
  92. Building exclusive faction buildings on the basis of region ownership
  93. Increase the hitpoints of naval units.... how??
  94. Problem with the normals.
  95. Hex editing diplomacy factors
  96. Adding Technologies: a how to
  97. Creating a new faction...
  98. Creating new faction units
  99. all factions mod
  100. How to edit unit stats?
  101. Changing Victory Conditions for US and Grand Campaign
  102. Apparently I've broken recruitment
  103. magazin for infantry units
  104. need a little help
  105. Ferguson Rifles, and the possibilities
  106. How to increase unit size?
  107. Is there a mod to allow you to play native americans on custom battles
  108. Activate full AI for minors
  109. Unit stats
  110. Battle AI ?
  111. Searching: Scripting Doku/Tutorial
  112. Changing culture for factions
  113. Request: Getting rid of mouseover unit info
  114. Modding Tech
  115. Remove Factions ?
  117. How to Change Veterancy/Experience Rate
  118. Change the allowed men per line?
  119. Modding Naval Units - number of guns and more
  120. [Concept Idea] Port battles
  121. How can I make AOR units?
  122. Does 0 turns to build unit work?
  123. An interesting idea
  124. Territorial Expansion Penalty
  125. Question regarding LUA
  126. change possible generals
  127. Field Fortifications
  128. Modding the Irish Brigade unit
  129. Strat map movement
  130. how new faction/city move/add/remove?
  131. [Tutorial] Adding Faction Victory Conditions!
  132. Resistance after region conquest?
  133. edited textures don't show up in game (Austria)
  134. Please, A minimod request
  135. Just an idea
  136. Tech tree help info
  137. change the formation?
  138. What kind of surface is a fort?
  139. Firing style
  140. Changing a factions starting technologies
  141. Making certain buildings not available at start?
  142. Questions: horse grenadiers, pistols and upkeep
  143. All LUA functions/variables/modules exposed by Empire
  144. How do I change religion of faction?
  145. Changing or limiting unit limits
  146. Patch Packs - After Update, no longer working?
  147. Battle reinforcements
  148. Changing the Information of a Unit?
  149. What files modify the Hull strength?
  150. Unlocked Faction Prestige
  151. Help with technology mod
  152. Problem with Denmark
  153. Question: How do I edit starting political situation?
  154. The Script-o-Rama (last updated April 15th 2009)
  155. Character names
  156. Hitpoints
  157. [Tutorial] How to delete/change some "unwanted" details/models on a unit.
  158. IMPORTANT: Info on Patch.pack vs Mod.pack mod formats plus multiplayer, etc.
  159. My General Thoughts on the Campaign AI So Far
  160. Naval strat map movement modifier?
  161. Synchronized volley and removal of platoon firing?
  162. AOR units??
  163. Bulkeley's Regiment
  164. Recruiting Capacity?
  165. Government_types to unit permissions
  166. Unit formation?
  167. Rocket ships for Ottomans?
  168. Mod w/ Playable Factions & 4 turns?
  169. Console?
  170. [Tutorial] How to edit the AOR (Area of Recruitment) of units
  171. Custom Artillary
  172. No difference between colonial and european line troops.
  173. How do you nerf units
  174. Revolution- Also a religious revolution?
  175. groupformations.bin
  176. mod manager
  177. found a way to get long US Game if you all are interested
  178. Historical Unit Names
  179. Cant get to Startpos....help!
  180. Please make mod someone!
  182. I have an idea
  183. Quick question with custom battles
  184. Importing tsv files to Editor.
  185. Swiss Confederation?
  186. can anyone usggest a program
  187. Giving units Light Infantry Drill at the start of the game?
  188. help
  189. Creating New factions?
  190. Unit custome names
  191. Will Some modder help
  192. campaign_ai_manager_behavior_junctions
  193. Changing sounds tut.
  194. fieldworks in custom battles
  195. Unit battle map speed
  196. How do you edit range
  197. Editing beginning buildings
  198. ship names in pack file???
  200. Does anyone know how to add MINOR faction into PRESTIGE ranking tables?
  201. "extending" another mod
  202. About Add Starting money
  203. any way to rename units?
  204. technologies_required_building_level_junctions
  205. Sicily & Naples as playable?
  206. How to change city names?
  207. malabar to british
  208. How do you Add Weapons?
  209. Removing all buildings.
  210. i looked everywhere - how long can infantry units be
  211. Where are ranges?
  212. Base Cost Formula
  213. Startdiplomacy
  214. Editing units
  215. Major discovery: Traits for regions!
  216. Enable full AI for minors
  217. Religious Unrest - Temporary change
  218. Extracting AI files from a mod
  219. Edit Movement..
  220. Fire while retreating option?
  221. trade resource values
  222. Not Yet found? how "Enable" to AI invasion on land from Naval?
  223. modifying starting money, possible or no?
  224. Problem with renaming cities...
  225. How to copy other factions naval vessel
  226. Implementing Eras in ETW - an Idea
  227. Faction Colour has not changed on mod??
  228. What is the max unit size?
  229. Musket ranges
  230. Forcing Light Infantry Behaviour
  231. Adding faction to Prestige List and Changing from Minor to Major?
  232. Mini Mod Idea - Abilty to become rebel state.
  233. Combining fishing fleets and trade ports with dockyards?
  234. Maximum Rank and File
  235. Help me fix my Tsar Cannon
  236. how to edit the number of men on ships?
  237. How do I change France's territory color on the campaign blue and give it the republic flag
  238. euro_line_infantry vs americas_line_infantry
  239. Lt Chmabers FPM error
  240. mamluk
  241. Increasing the rate of unit experience (infantry)
  242. Checking out AI... is this a typo or...?
  243. Better Melee?
  244. Need help making greece playable
  245. Problem loading mod, please help!
  246. Ministers...
  247. [AID]Full Equipment List
  248. how to edit clamour for reform
  249. Does modding a file require you to re-start a campaign?
  250. How do I tell what the Special Forces Units are?