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  1. Realism: Can we remove the projectile trails?
  2. A.U.'s Eye Candy Store
  3. How do you mod buildings, units and movement points?
  4. ~ Ketzer's Guide On Mass Recruitment ~
  5. Uniforms and textures question.
  6. October Revolution
  7. Changing In-Game flags
  8. Modders - Anyway to make 2-D Sprites go Away!
  9. Forcing a higher LOD (level of detail, i.e. no more sprites!)
  10. How to recolour infantry
  11. Editing fire drill usage
  12. diffrent fire drills?
  13. Modding Unit UI color?
  14. Modding ship models
  15. men in formation
  16. How do I make Line Infantry reload like Ferguson riflemen?
  17. Rank fire for Light Infantry?
  18. flags..
  19. Changing the name of a faction?
  20. Photoshop Tutorial Please??
  21. Flag textures?
  22. Skins for smaller factions...
  23. [tutorial] How to add textures to custom units without affecting the others.
  24. 3d studio max/Photoshop
  25. Someone making swedish uniforms?
  26. where are the faction colours? (for the units)
  27. What program to use for modding textures?
  28. Any modding the animations/models yet?
  29. 20+ Units UI?
  30. French Household ????
  31. Imperial guard unit adapt for ETW?
  32. French 1786 uniforms
  33. Is it possible to edit weapon and item textures?
  34. I have created a new unit how do i add a new icon?
  35. What ist the euro_officer2.dds for?
  36. PhotoShop dds error
  37. Mix-matching animations
  38. Request to CA: please give us a model converter
  39. Getting rid of the large annoying flags in Battle?
  40. dirty clothing?
  41. Replace model (and texture) for specific units for specific faction?
  42. MTWII Style Horse Archers Possible?
  43. Request mod; realsitic faction flags
  44. Monarchy/Republic Flag for each country ?
  45. Campaign AI Entries List
  46. [Aid] Flag Textures
  47. Need help with flag assignments
  48. How do you change a factions army color and flag
  49. for all the people trying to get a model converter working
  50. Importing Models/Meshes ?
  51. ship textures
  52. Changing battle flags?
  53. changing cav rider models
  54. Artillery Crew Questions
  55. Changing unit hats in photoshop 7??
  56. Flags problem
  57. How do I enable transparent areas in the naval flags?
  58. Giving pikemen armour
  59. editing white straps on units??
  60. How hard would it be to change?
  61. Threads and disscussions
  62. Request for the tutorial: How to create the flags
  63. Problem
  64. eccessive light effect on texture
  65. White square in the my UI CARD
  66. Changing hats on units??
  67. Looking for a good photoshopper
  68. Why are secondary (i.e., republic) flags missing on Heavy First Rates?
  69. retextures quit working while playing
  70. Ui Card problem Help Me
  71. Highland Scottish skin Mods for the British
  72. Modding Unit problem?
  73. Native Archers won't appear for the British...
  74. dds files
  75. Venice Carabiniers Crashes
  76. How do I edit skins?
  77. Is it possible to make a bolt action gun
  78. direct to thread on adding splash screens please
  79. problem feather color
  80. Model/skin request - some small vessels for mods that may need them (mine included)
  81. How to create new guns and projectiles
  82. (OUT NOW !!) 1st Rhode Island Regiment USA Texture
  83. Editing unit textures
  84. modded unit texture showing up in game incorrect!!
  85. help adding a new unit please
  86. where does ETW select the naval Ensigns?
  87. Help with gloss file
  88. how can i edit the late custom battle france flag into white one?
  89. Changing unit model
  90. Help with adding texture to custom unit
  91. Changing French flag help please
  92. How to delete the polish winged hussars' wings?
  93. Tarleton Hats for British Dragoons!!
  94. Request: model names for Sailors, marines, capatins etc
  95. Why my skin look that?
  96. Help Needed With Texture
  97. Adding bayonets to certain units?
  98. Quick question about skins
  99. Removing hats etc.. by using the alpha map?
  100. How do I make a flag transparent ?
  101. Missing circular flags for agents?
  102. using only one model
  103. Replacing the General with an Admiral ?
  104. Replacing hats
  105. Request: Tutorial on how to retexture ships
  106. 3D Modelling tutorials
  107. DDS file
  108. Unit textures question
  109. How do you edit the skins of Columbia and Mexico
  110. Shipmodel-Pack for Modders? - read last post...
  111. We can make battle maps!!!!
  112. Create custom unit vista
  113. .dds file
  114. still having problems with units cards and background
  115. CA texture Mipmap errors - miscolouring
  116. To many fences!
  117. Skin Problem, Please Help!
  118. Change UI pics
  119. Gloss File Needed
  120. How to creat a new building?
  121. Adding New Ship Problem
  122. How to change faction flag with custom one ?!??!
  123. Flag problem on custom faction
  124. New swedish line infantry!
  125. Modders: Is it possible to randomize volley fire slightly?
  126. how do you play US early
  127. Resource for army uniforms/unique units?
  128. Regiment Officers
  129. All Factions
  130. Church Converting problem.....
  131. Anyone can send me a non-edited Startpos.esf?
  132. Changing religion?
  133. Changin hungaryan units tezture
  134. Unit Texture Problem??
  135. Fort Removal
  136. The photoshop learning curve
  137. Victory icons on Campaign map
  138. Help Needed With Gloss/Normal Files
  139. Tracer effects mod...
  140. Unit Polycount anyone?
  141. Regiment Officer - Model Replacement?
  142. Cloning Models
  143. Help needed in finding a Tutorial for photoshop for empire
  144. Help me Get Started on Fictional Units Mod
  145. Arm diffuse texture puzzle
  146. unique buildings for minor factions
  147. German Imperial Flags
  148. How to Create new units?
  149. Colours of uniforms...
  150. How do you edit the unit cards? and one other question
  151. Help with Making New Unit (Not bothering to make a mod until later)
  152. Main Menu - Logo Replacement
  153. is it possible that each unit using different flags?
  154. Changing bayonet models?
  156. Searching for a"May charge Without Orders" Trait
  157. REQUEST: 0 or 1 gold upkeep!
  158. Sikhizm religion !
  159. Help with making Unit Info cards??
  160. Request for New Texture
  161. How do you change faction colors
  162. banners
  163. Need Help - Accident
  164. british soldier modding
  165. Who know the Red Lancers ?
  166. How do I get rid of the glowing buttons?
  167. Melee blood mod
  168. Animation Help
  169. Changing Faction Colours
  170. Animation help
  171. question about PHOTOSHOP
  172. edit landunit model/mesh
  173. help? making a medieval ship
  174. Problem with adding Recruitment Frames
  175. New, slightly few questions.
  176. Request
  177. Removing Raised areas??
  178. A little help for making Skins...
  179. Mobile demis and sakers
  180. Not only textures... NEW MODELS! Probably possible now!!!
  181. Working with the _normal.dds
  182. How do you make the ottoman units red instead of green
  183. Animation_tables
  184. Drum Regiment - How To Make Drummers Drum! - REWARD! OF +REP To Those who help!!!
  185. Adding new features to a diffuse_dds
  186. Paintshop Pro 8 Question
  187. Unit Card is White
  188. unit Card Shows Up White
  189. Soldier reloads although he hasn't got rifle!!! animation problem?!
  190. Where do you put downloaded skins files?
  191. Pack file question.
  192. Skinning Artillery Limbers
  193. More or less given up now, but one last shot.
  194. How to change ship colours in naval battles
  195. Lousy looking rain
  196. Flags
  197. Regimental Flags?!
  198. Texture Problem
  199. No Hat?
  200. Modeling Question
  201. Pack file question again
  202. Faction naval reskin?
  203. Flags!
  204. How to make and mod flags for ETW?
  205. Any tutorial on normal.dds with gimp?!
  206. How to change ETW skins with Adobe Photoshop?
  207. Active Unit Officers
  208. Trouble using Pack File
  209. How to turn a unit texture model into an actual seperate model?
  210. Original Russian flag?
  211. Help, REP for reply
  212. how to make emgergement faction playable?
  213. changing the generals uniforms on grand campain map
  214. Changing the textures of a unit with those of another unit, how to do it?
  215. Mod help again :(
  216. Removing/Decreasing Sprites
  217. Gimp Help
  218. And now I understand why we don't have a model importer.
  219. Ethics of using Premium Models
  220. Mod new units ?
  221. How its possible to lock Mesh files ?
  222. Problem with changing the textures of a unit
  223. Line Infantry Basic template
  224. varient_weighted_mesh file structure
  225. Active Unit Officers
  226. Hats
  227. Need help finding the location of the naval marines model
  228. Changing Faces
  229. Flags
  230. Using DLC models on vanilla units
  231. Help needed with british grenadier model
  232. Texture problem
  233. Clarification needed on unit names.
  234. Unit textures with mods.
  235. Unit Card Help
  236. Tutorial for Skinning/ Modeling
  237. Changing gloss and normal files ??
  238. bug with texture(pic)
  239. How Do I Apply Textures to Units?
  240. Using New Special Unit Mesh
  241. What did I do Wrong this Time?
  242. Shadows to Textures?
  243. White 'tears' appearing on units.
  244. graphical error (pic)
  245. US Marine?
  246. May you please check it? I can't solve this problem...
  247. Sky textures?
  248. Please I need your help
  249. chage flag
  250. Sword textures and animations - need help