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  1. Intertwining Fan Fiction "Journey to Far Harad" By Ratzor and Decimus
  2. A Journey to more Beautiful Shores - A romantic Fan Fiction of the leaving of the Elves
  3. Parody: Mines of Mmorpg...
  4. Greatest Hits of Goblins Charts (parody)
  5. Hross's Kingdom of Dale
  6. [Rohan AAR] The Rise of the Mark - RESERVED!
  7. [Dwarves AAR] The Dwarven Menace - Intro
  8. [AAR] Dwarven Dominance chp. 19, 1-16chp in first post. 17+ in third post pg2 (Final chp. pg 9)
  9. [Gondor AAR] Gondor! Gondor, between the Mountains and the Sea!
  10. [High Elves AAR] Elronds Kingdom, Chapter 7 - Ballista Arrives
  11. The Empire of Dale
  12. Sylvan AAR, H/H
  13. [Gondor AAR]
  14. Gondor AAR battle of the Anduin. Updated/ Finished!
  15. High Elven ABR
  16. [Eriador AAR] - Arnor Arises!
  17. Bring Fear upon them(Isengard AAR)
  18. Gondor AAR (Turn 7 complete!) - Feedback wanted
  19. [Harad AAR] -The Black Serpent
  20. My attempt at an LOTR FF.
  21. [High Elves AAR] VammŽ sintiŽ lŠ yonta! - We won't fade no more! (updated June 12th)
  22. [High elves AAR] A new enemy is rising!-UPDATED with chapter 2!
  23. [Dwarves AAR] Fall of Mordor
  24. [Silvan Elves AAR] Alkar eldain! UPDATED with Chapter 2
  25. [Silvan AAR] - The Last Stand - Chapter Two Update
  26. [Rohan AAR]"Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered!" UPDATE:BATTLE OF NAN CURUNIR
  27. An History that deserves being spoken-Gondor AAR-
  28. {Rohan AAR} The Might of the Riddermark
  29. Reforging a Dynasty (Gondor AAR)
  30. The Grass is ALWAYS Greener: the Dark Tale of Mordor
  31. The forging of Elrond the Merciless
  32. Lord of The ROFLs Progress Thread
  33. Dwarves without words
  34. On Edoras, a Kiljie short
  35. [TATW AAR] For Gondor's Glory!
  36. [Gondor AAR] Seven stars, seven stones and one white tree. Started again, 31st of July with a Reintroduction "chapter".
  37. LOTR FF-
  38. The Sylvian Rise To Hegemony
  39. Age of Sword and Fire UPDATED 2 June
  40. [Silvan AAR] The Wrath Of The Silvan Elves-Update Chapter 2 June 21
  41. [Rhun AAR] The might of the East - Chapter 3 + Epilogue
  42. Gondor FF
  43. The Black Tower -An Isengard AAR
  44. Istion: Soldier, Ranger and Lord of Gondor - COMPLETE
  45. Rhun FF, Finished; please post any questions
  46. FF Ideas?
  47. [FF] Sahee Blackfist
  48. War in Middle Earth - A Gondor AAR - Updated July 20 - Chapter 2
  49. Finrod of Lorien - FF
  51. Cair Andros - The Calm Before the Storm (FF)
  52. No Tears For the Dead FF
  53. UsrekŪ - Servant of the White Hand. An Isenguard FF by Inarus (Being remade in "Empire of the White Hand")
  54. Battle of Raskinoth Forest
  55. the Once Great Slave of Nurn
  56. Strands of Fate ( formerly Spartans of Middle Earth ) restarted, Chapter One up!
  57. The Battle begun FF.
  58. A Silvian AAR
  59. Short Tales of Middle Earth: A series of single FFs by Inarus! Bonus: Google Sketchup Model of Dol Guldur . . . . Kinslaying of AqualondŽ COMPLETED
  60. Something light hearted
  61. [Rohan AAR] It all goes to hell
  62. Battles of Middle-Earth AAR: My Compilation
  63. My Rohan Campaign Story
  64. I am the Mouth of Sauron - a FF by Inarus - Book IV: Struggle with Sanity - Chapter II: The Great Plague - Part I
  65. The adventures of little Malin
  66. The Third Syssitia at Helms Deep
  67. Traitor's Glory: A Tale of Beregond, Captain of Mordor
  68. "The Rebirth Of The Fallen" - A story of glory and sacrifice (Updated 20/10/09 - Part Three added)
  69. Rhun...the Dragon bows to no master.
  70. The Nine From The Mists - an FF by Maca
  71. Rohan: The Land of the Horselords
  72. Union of the West (Gondor AAR) Entry III added
  73. [AAR] The Dwarves
  74. Ugluk's terrible terrible day
  75. Serpents of the South - A Haradrim AAR
  76. [Reserved AAR] One Ring to rule them all..
  77. [AAR] Rise of the Serpents [Book II]
  78. Dagor Dagorath - The Completed Tale of how Middle-earth came to its end with the re-emergence of Morgoth Bauglir.
  79. The Untold -- Chapter 3 --
  80. Insert Generic Title Here
  81. The Saga of Rankal
  82. The Battle Begun - The Final part.
  83. [Video] Warcry of the fair folk
  84. A Tale of Gondor
  85. What if...?
  86. Fall of Gondor
  87. The Smell of Evil: Mordor AAR (Chapter III up)
  88. Borin the Long-Limbed, Dwarf of Erebor, FF by Inarus. Book II: Hithaeglir - Chapter VII: Touching Daylight
  89. [FF] Gorgo's adventure. By Ratzor
  90. The great deeds of Ar-ZiladŁn: A FF... Chapter 3 done
  91. War for Gondor
  92. Adhelor's Story
  93. Gondorian Ambush (FF)
  94. ██ Scriptorium Writing Competition Announced! ██
  95. Tarlantir a Gondorian General !!!updated with book2 chp2!!!
  96. Tekunmur: The Diary of a Haradrim Soldier
  97. War Story: The Swift Hoof Part 1
  98. [TATW] Rebirth of Gondor - AAR
  99. Battles in Middle Earth - Short Stories
  100. Last one of its kind
  101. The Tale of Telemnar
  102. The Battle for Rhovanion [Part 1]
  103. Tarcil of Arnor
  104. Parallel - The Empire of the White Hand - COMPLETE
  105. Lord of the cookies ( Lord of the rings cookie convention)
  106. Like a Hero (TATW fan made Like a Chief parody) v1.0
  107. Chronicles of the White Tree
  108. The First Age of Darkness- the Knight in Shining Armour
  109. [FF] A ranger's story
  110. Tales of the battle of Minas Tirith and Pelinor Fields
  111. The battle of Helms Deep tales
  112. Call of Warhammer vs Third Age
  113. High Resolution Screen Shots
  114. The Literature Hub
  115. Barahir's Conquest of the South
  116. The life of Rankal
  117. Battle on the Fields of Ithilian Updated!
  118. Tales of a Nervous Man.
  119. The Sons of Elendil- Night of the Barrow-Wights
  120. Just a quick view (completed)
  121. Paeda of the Rohirrim
  122. Assassin's Creed: Erion, by Inarus.
  123. The corsairs are coming!
  124. What can I read now?
  125. Of Elenhin the Elf-Child
  126. Complete Index of Tales (12:41PM, 17/08/2012)
  127. The Lost Realm of Arnor ||| Book III Completed ||| The Battle For Arnor Begins
  128. Historical Moments of Middle Earth
  129. The Unknown Tales
  130. The greatest battle of my Gondorian campaign in 1210
  131. The Northmen- A Dale AAR
  132. Castmir and the Kin-Strife
  133. AAR compettion for MOS #First#
  134. (TATW AAR) Home to Midgard
  135. AAR: The Age of Men is over, the time of the Dwarves has come.
  136. Revenge in the Clan Lands - Updated 9/7
  137. The Fourth Age (AAR/campaign story of Arnor)
  138. Mallos
  139. How to become an ANGRY Uruk Berserker
  140. how to unlock kingdom of arnor
  141. Lord of the Youtube
  142. Rise of the Serpent
  143. The March to Mordor: An Elf's tale
  144. The Horn of the rohirrim
  145. One Does Not Simply Write Like Tolkien
  146. The White Tree and The Red Eye: Book I
  147. War of the East.
  148. Boromir's simply incredible heroic victory.
  149. any good aar with war between Arnor and Gondor?(with pics)
  150. The Istari
  151. Eomers Betrayal
  152. Asking for your opinion
  153. Assassin's Creed: Thoron, by Inarus. Chapter XXIX: The Ending of the Rift
  154. "What if?" the fellowship took the High Pass instead of the way through Moria
  155. New poem
  156. Looking for people who want to join a Hotseat AAR with 4 players
  157. Writing Resources
  158. High Elves AAR: An Alliance reforged
  159. The Black gate
  160. The war of Rhovanion
  161. Theoden vs Eomer
  162. Silvan elves the reclamation of Mirkwood
  163. Dale Rising
  164. The Last Alliance
  165. Dale campaign
  166. Rohan, Land of the Horse Lords - TATW AAR
  167. Military Campaigns of the Second And Third Age (First Invasion of the Easterlings added)
  168. "Steeds went striding" A Rohan AAr
  169. LoTR: War of the North Lore accuracy
  170. A semi-fictional story.
  171. Minas-Tirith, A Tale of Bravery
  172. Return of the Dwarves.
  173. A Goblin Tale: the Lazy Bunch episode 1 - 41 + Epilogue. Updated: 29th Oct 2012
  174. The New Alliance - Silvan Elves AAR
  175. Bregnir's War Journal (A first hand account of war in the Third Age)
  176. Some Orcís Diary (Humor)
  177. Sauron's Revenge
  178. A Legacy of Steel and Stone
  179. Gen. Chris's mini-AARs
  180. A New Dawn, MOS Dunland AAR, long first post.
  181. MOS PR show, Now Silvan Elves campaign (WIP)
  182. Invasion of the reunited kingdom of Arnor!
  183. Boromirs Ballad
  184. Sauron's Miseries One year anniversary!
  185. Aldor's short stories - updated 15/1: The Battle for Middle-Earth! and 14/1: Unexpected Appearances.
  186. The Last Battle: Ragnarǫk
  187. Ultras Take: Fellowship of the ring
  188. The Ride of the Rohirrim: A Rohan AAR
  189. An Italian AAR with Gondor :)
  190. The Rise of The Northmen - The Kingdom of Dale
  191. The banner of Harad
  192. Three Jewels, One Valar:Book 5 chapter 6 up September16th
  193. The Bane of Isengard : A Rohan AAR
  194. Khaz‚d! Khaz‚d!
  195. A little note for those that create AAR's...
  196. what should i do?
  197. Stemming the Tide (Single Battle AAR) Completed
  198. Want to do an AAR
  199. The Kingdom restored! A Gondor AAR (Dead. Please Close)
  200. AAR: Elrond's Tale / a High Elven guide (Turn 163)
  201. AAR Screenshot topic
  202. Legacy Of Numenor (yet another Gondor AAR)
  203. Tolkien fanfiction Recommendations
  204. Tolkien Lore: Doriath.
  205. Custom AAR : make a vote please !
  206. Tales of the Far East.
  207. A Tale from the Battle Field
  208. TATW (MOS) Dwarf Campaign with Surrealbeliefs - 1/27
  209. No Dawn For Men: An Isengard AAR
  210. Who Moderate the Moderators? - TWC TATW detective series. Epilogue episodes added 29th Dec 2012
  211. The Orcs of Gundabad
  212. Single Battles AAR
  213. The Accountant's Trial (Fan Fiction)
  214. Hegemony over Eriador - Eriador AAR
  215. A Man of Dale
  216. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Fail: Chapter 2, check my second post.
  217. Some brief questions
  218. The Dark Lord (:
  219. Gundabad MOS campaign with Lortano Episode 22 June 21st
  220. VS Thread
  221. van Gondor Last episode released 20th June 2013
  222. Wrath of the Serpent
  223. Let's Play: MOS, Elves of Lorien, Ep#9
  224. The Dark Lord's Hordes
  225. Isengard let's play (TATW + MOS)
  226. Orcs of the Misty Mountains AAR - 25 Chapters - COMPLETED
  227. Grandfathers Tale: A story of an unlikely friendship
  228. Third Age Total War Isengard Playthrough (MOS)
  229. A selection of battles from my Rohan, Mordor and High Elves Campaign
  230. Let's Play: The Third Age Total War Dwarfs of Erebor (PCP)
  231. Lets Play Mordor Capaign!
  232. Medieval II: Total War | Third Age 3.2 | Mordor | #138 | The New Capital
  233. Revenge of the Easterlings - RhŻn AAR
  234. Let's Play: Silvan Elves Walkthrough!
  235. First ever lets play! Lorien Elves using MOS 1.6
  236. Let's Play Eriador
  237. The Kong Commandments - graphic series: Episode 41-43 released 1st Feb: Final
  238. Let's Play: Third Age Total War MOS 1.6.1- Mordor
  239. Campaigns reports and mini AARs, share them here!
  240. TATW Historical Battles
  241. LP GondorVH/M MOS English HD and Rohan VH/M MOS German HD
  242. Path of Gondor (Continued)
  243. XanderPlays TATW MOS 1.6 Rohan
  244. XanderOnPC Third Age Total War Official Rohan VH/VH MOS1.6
  245. Orcs can walk into Mordor. A TATW/DAC Angmar Let's Play
  246. TATW Fiction - the TATW series; April's Fools
  247. Divide and conquer campaign Galadhrim PT1
  248. Partially Sane Denethor: A MOS Gondor AAR
  249. AAR: Dwarves vs Silvan Elves- Dwarven Riposte
  250. [HD] Divide & Conquer: Shadow Of Mirkwood & TW-Index [16 other campaigns]