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  19. [VIDEO] Petellius's Video Previews - Naval combat video 1/29
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  21. [UNITS] Pergamon (Out-Dated)
  22. [UNITS] The Greco-Bactrians (Out-Dated)
  23. [UNITS] The Kingdom of Kush
  24. [CAMPAIGN] Manpower System for Ancient Empires, By Causeless
  25. [UNITS] Roman Republican Shields
  26. [UNITS] The Scythians
  27. Ancient Empires Gameplay Guide (AEGG)
  28. [UNITS] Celts and Galatians
  29. [UNITS] The Iberians
  30. [CAMPAIGN] Split Army (WIP)
  31. [VIDEO] Ancient Empires Pre-Release Trailer
  32. [DOWNLOAD] Ancient Empires: Total War Attila *Custom Battles Only* - Updated 22/10/2016
  33. [DOWNLOAD] Settlement and Battlemap BETA Maps Released
  34. CAMPAIGN PREVIEW [Ancient Empires]
  35. CAMPAIGN PREVIEW [Ancient Empires]
  36. [Preview] Campaign Mechanics: Building chains, Seasons and Urbanisation
  37. [Preview] Campaign Mechanics: Building chains, Seasons and Urbanisation
  39. *Campaign Play-through Preview - Roman Republic*
  40. First Release Playable Factions
  42. Ancient Empires: Official Update - Part one
  43. Ancient Empires: Official Update - Part two
  44. Official Ancient Empires Description Showcase by Emi
  45. [OFFICIAL] Ancillaries in Ancient Empires
  46. [VIDEO] Ancient Empires Release Trailer
  48. [VIDEO PREVIEWS] Campaign
  49. Ancient Empires: Naval Invasion Sneak Peek + WIP Carthage siege screens + Brand new CARTHAGE SIEGE VIDEO TEASER
  50. [VIDEO] Faction Overview - Ancient Empires by Havoc
  51. How far from done are the other factions?
  52. [Official Anouncement] Ancient Empires Beta 1.0 Public Release
  53. [Preview] Update 1.01h
  54. Economics
  55. mod was wrong. Legions do not wear pants when fighting, whether in winter or summer