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  1. [Help] Creating Text using a image
  2. [Help] Animated Banners
  3. How do you merge layers?
  4. Which gimp brushes do you guys use
  5. Help with Website Skin
  6. Help please...
  7. [Help] Sig problem
  8. [Help] Image uploading sites
  9. Foobar 2000 UI Customization
  10. Fade effect
  11. [Help] Making a good signiture
  12. ImageShack
  13. Spoiler problem
  14. Photoshop CS2 Coordinates
  15. Help with Filter Effects
  16. Blender
  17. Website deisgn request
  18. Need Textures!!!
  19. i have a little question...
  20. Need some 3D software
  21. Help: blending
  22. This is what most of you modders use right?
  23. Dimensions?
  24. LOGO needed.
  25. Need banners
  26. Tablet?
  27. Help me [Gimp]
  28. Photoshop Help
  29. Modellers/Animators needed for The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion mod
  30. Silver Shield
  31. Help loading .texture files on GIMP
  32. DXT5 or ARGB 32 bpp | unsigned
  33. Request for making 3 medals. !AAR UPDATE! hier
  34. how i make.....
  35. How to install the Gimp dds-plugin
  36. Request for Main menu and title screens
  37. GIMP Starter
  38. GIF's are pixely
  39. Could someone help by making a faction logo please?
  40. Photoshop help(cheeky request)
  41. Gimp
  42. Request for a Dragon Sketch.
  43. Anyone Texture A Model For Me?
  44. Photoshop Help-Propaganda Poster
  45. Request for a Pseudo-Intellectual Sketch
  46. help request please ui cards
  47. Little signature bars
  48. Help on making unit cards
  49. New Mod Signature Request
  50. Texture Extraction and Repack
  51. Flags
  52. Finding pics!
  53. art programmes
  54. Finding an Ironman pic
  55. electric effect
  56. Honest opinion on my signature....
  57. New Interface - your Opinion?
  58. How can i compress an animated GIF-fiel
  59. Scrolling Text
  60. Background transparent (GIMP)
  61. Recommend me Photoshop plug-ins
  62. Easiest way of removing background?
  63. PS' Q&A
  64. Changin Text Colour on Menu
  65. question about ui?
  66. Advice
  67. loading screen help
  68. GIF
  69. Borders
  70. Make a tutorial series?
  71. 3ds max problem
  72. Loading Screen
  73. Need badges for admins and mods
  74. Threads
  75. Layer style
  76. Graphic Terms
  77. Roman Art Request
  78. Posts
  79. Could anyone make a logo for me?
  80. A request for a forum banner ...
  81. Need some images..
  82. Youtube/Video Help
  83. request for serious project with quality & proffesional 2d art help? (primarily with event pics)
  84. Can someone make this pic into a badge of 86x20 ?
  85. Beethoven
  86. need images of artists, writers and musicians
  87. Gaming Community needs a Banner!
  88. rectified thank you!
  89. Portraits
  90. Green question
  91. Unit Pics, Help
  92. We some 2D art for Wrath of the Norsemen!
  93. Help, how to create something like this?
  94. rectified but thank you!
  95. Help finding a picture
  96. Request for some medal mockups
  97. Tutorials / Tips Medieval 2
  98. Modern Military splashscreens
  99. BALTIC:TW logo request
  100. Faction select map change
  101. Help with FMV
  102. O' Artists of the Workshop forum I beg your help!
  103. Help with rendering lightsabers
  104. Video type
  105. Attention 2d Artists!!!
  106. Need a 2-D artist bigtime.
  107. Faction change
  108. O great artists of TWC! The little writers call your help!
  109. Could someone please give me some GIMP help?
  110. disable sprites
  111. Photoshop CS4 Begginner tutorials - where to find them?
  112. NTW 2v2 Tournament Art
  113. Could someone make me a banner please?
  114. Sig for a mod
  115. Shadows
  116. put one picture devided in half back together in GIMP ?
  117. Will someone do me a huge favor?
  118. Photoshop Questions.
  119. [Gimp Help] Any easy way to cut off image from whole picture ?
  120. Need Help for the Conclusion of an AAR
  121. Photoshop Help
  122. Help with wallpaper
  123. Please Help Me resize this image.
  124. Cartoon Request
  125. My next Total War movie needs a text graphic...
  126. Mod Banner Request for Front Page
  127. .esp to inkscape?
  128. The Great Quest For The Most Magnificent War Painting
  129. [Request] Edit the size of a GIF File
  130. sig
  131. Question
  132. Question about unit skins
  133. help
  134. Materials
  135. Help finding Stock
  136. Help/lesson needed.
  137. Texture doesn't show up in 3dsMax
  138. Can't edit Alpha channel in GIMP
  139. Photoshop DDS plugin?
  140. Zbrush
  141. Horse and palm tree
  142. help with seemless texture
  143. Help me TWC you are my only hope!
  144. TWC Skin & Total War banners
  145. Help with Gmax
  146. Help - Making A parchment drawing
  147. [REQUEST] B.I.R. Byzantine Is Roman Social Group Logo
  148. Skinning help
  149. Swap Colors
  150. Doubt about a particular font
  151. Need help to make a vidéo with ETW
  152. Looking for texture artirts interested in working in a new custom settlement.
  153. Banner Request
  154. A Font My Kingdom for a Font!
  155. Milkshape 3D
  156. Blender
  157. Quality 2D HeLp ReQuEsTeD:for new building icons for my MTW2 mod~
  158. HDR Tecnique [Request Topic]
  159. A Simple Flag Edit
  160. tuts for gimp
  161. Photoshop CS5 question
  162. Help with banner!
  163. Drawing
  164. Merging layers?
  165. How would I make this effect?
  166. Cropping my avatar
  167. Help, help!!!! We need an Award rendering!!! everyone Welcome, Look here for details
  168. Need 2D artist for Loading Screens and Menu Screen!
  169. HEEEEELP .gif issue
  170. Artist wanted.
  171. Help with artwork
  172. Can anyone design a tattoo for me?
  173. Help With Photoshop CS5
  174. Graphic help
  175. Hotseat awards
  176. Uploading animations
  177. Sig Help
  178. [REQUEST] Logo for the Silver Auxilia
  179. Could someone "school" me on how to leave an invisible background after a render using GIMP?
  180. How can I add a glowing effect to this?
  181. Paintable map for M2:TW
  182. [REQUEST] TWC's Rides
  183. Adding A black fade effect
  184. Looking for photoshop designer
  185. Problem with .gif
  186. promo/loading screen needed
  187. Threshold effect....with hand drawn images..
  188. Making a better exploding effect
  189. Looking for somebody who can make Unit Cards for my new Unit Pack Mod
  190. Help with the Gimp dds plug in.
  191. Texture map for wall in RTW BI
  192. Video maker
  193. Free Camera
  194. Epic Problem
  195. saving a gimp file (regarding the layers)
  196. [REQUEST] Icon Design for Natural & Organic Cooking social group
  197. [REQUEST] and advice on faction symbols
  198. [Request] Map of Japan
  199. [REQUEST] Resize and repixalate
  200. Cropping videos
  201. [REQUEST] Logo For Game Concept
  202. Uploading pictures to maintain high quality?
  203. Help with Photoshop
  204. I urge for a youtube channel custom background
  205. Logo
  206. Photoshop Rendering Help
  207. (Request) Library. Look at the last post for more information
  208. Help
  209. Noob needs some help creating a texture
  210. Picture in need of finishing touches.
  211. Adding a logo to a picture (SOLVED)
  212. Graphic Tablet?
  213. [REQUEST] Artwork for story
  214. DDS to JPEG
  215. Modern/Future era Knight/King/Royalty Conceptual Art
  216. [GIMP] How edit banner/flags.bbs to game?
  217. [REQUEST] Banner Design for ARMATA social group
  218. [REQUEST] Banner Design for The Sons of Thundarr
  219. GIMP update
  220. [Completed] Make Faction Symbols [RTW]
  221. [Help][Gimp] Method for counting pixels?
  222. The Battle of Middle Earth [Hotseat Campaign] Title [HELP]
  223. [Request] Minecraft faction logo "The Travellers of Land's End"
  224. [Expired] Artwork Request
  225. [help]Video editing programs
  226. I want honest feedback, good and bad. Please.
  227. [Request] A different place in history
  228. What graphical setting to use while recording
  229. [Solved] Lord of The Rings AAR +rep for help! :)
  230. House Targaryen sigil?
  231. Question: User Interface/HUD Creation
  232. [EXPIRED] Promotional Image [Done by Confederate Jeb]
  233. [Request] Cover for my novel "Dust".
  234. A few art requests
  235. The Age of Men - Hotseat Campaign - Title Logo - HELP!
  236. Anything to make this better?
  237. TWC Clan Graphics Request(s)
  238. [Request] Blood Thirsty:Total War
  239. [Request] Faction symbols
  240. Clan logo
  241. [Request] Looking for collaborator on adventure game
  242. [Modding] Building Icons
  243. (Advice/Help) MTW2
  244. [Request] Need help with a mod
  245. (Advice) Photoshop CS6 Extended vs CS5 Extended
  246. [Request] Id like a few banners made for my AAR
  247. Hotseat Art [Request]
  248. Signature for mod request
  249. Youtube background needed
  250. Hello! I need help!