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  1. [Tutorial] Limited ammo setting in preferences file
  2. [Tool] For Demo: UnPACKer, loc converter
  3. [Tool] ETW Unpacker
  4. [Tutorial] Modding game mechanics in DB files
  5. [Tutorial] ~ Ketzer's Guide On Getting Rid Of Projectile Clairvoyance ~
  6. [Tutorial] Faction List
  7. [Tool] Pack File Manager 1.12 (w/ integrated .loc editor)
  8. [Tutorial] Adding Victory Conditions to factions (Decoded completley, unfortunatley unuseable)
  9. [Tool] Saved Campaign Unit Multiplier Editor
  10. [Tutorial] Guide on using your own MP3s to replace in-game music
  11. [Tool] Editor (units, building effects, gov effects)
  12. [Tool] Land Unit Stats Editor v0.1
  13. [Tool] Excel-like Editor 0.6
  14. [Tool] WIP: Naval Units Editor v0.6 {Update July 12}
  15. [Tutorial] How to create a custom unit - a complete guide
  16. [Tutorial] Unused formation spacing values
  17. [Tutorial] How to create your own unit.
  18. [Tutorial] How to add from another faction's unit to your faction.
  19. [Tutorial] How to create your own modded patch.pack files
  20. [Tutorial] Sample Mod Pack for those who want a starting point to mess about.
  21. [Tool] Up to 4294967295 turns per year! - Editor v1.01 released
  22. [Tutorial] Rookie's guide on how to mod unit specs with PFM 1.9.9
  23. [Tool] Mod Manager 1.5 (fixed download link)
  24. [Tutorial] Modding Standards
  25. [Tool] Esf Editor
  26. [Tutorial] How to Change/add Victory Conditions
  27. [Tutorial] Tooltip cycling descriptions
  28. [Tutorial] startpos.esf catelog
  29. [Tool] Darius Toolkit
  30. [Tool] Rigid_model / rigid_mesh converter
  31. [Tutorial] Added Norwegian Ski Troops
  32. [Tutorial] Rename your Admiral's / General's / King's / Edit Family Tree
  33. [Tutorial] Gloss maps explained
  34. [Tutorial] How to add buildings/slots to Cities - COMPLETED
  35. [Tool] Esf Editor 1.4.3
  36. [Tutorial] Changing Governement Election Time
  37. [Tutorial] How to remove the Fog of War Bug from Minor Factions
  38. [Tutorial] Change ministerial titles
  39. [Tutorial] How to activate an emergent port or town-UPDATED (startpos.esf 22/06)
  40. [Tutorial] How to add new building slots upgrading cities - NEW
  41. [Tutorial] C1a5s1c's Tutorial Workshop [TUT1- Realistic Texturing]
  42. [Tutorial] STARTPOS.ESF analysis and modifications. HYBRID startpos.esf
  43. [Tutorial] Diplomacy editing
  44. [Resource] [Modding-Kit] Flags
  45. [Tutorial] Mod-Foldering regions.esf and other campaign map data
  46. Research/WIP: UI Editing/Lua Decompiler
  47. [Resource] Nedims Flags 1.0
  48. [Tutorial] Fixed Squares with larger unit sizes
  49. [Tool] DBEditor 1.8
  50. [Tool] Campaign Organizer Spreadsheet
  51. [Tool] Python converter for .variant_weighted_mesh model
  52. [Tutorial] How to change national language.
  53. [Resource] In the wind courses
  54. [Tutorial] Guide to Using DBEditor *Added Explanation of TSV Ability to Part 2*
  55. [Tutorial] Replacing the grand campaign
  56. [Tutorial] Keeping your old flag after a revolution
  57. [Tutorial] How to Enable Unique Regiment Names
  58. [Tool] BIK RAD TOOLS
  59. [Tool] Localization Editor (Updated Oct 1, 2009)
  60. [Tutorial] How to get rid of the Warpath menu and get your old menu back
  61. [Tutorial] How to post .NET exceptions
  62. [Resource] Regions List
  63. [Resource] Some Excel Tables
  64. [Tutorial Proposal] Interested in a Tutorial on Using MS Access/OO Base to Maintain Your Mod?
  65. [Tutorial] Making Mod work for 1.5
  66. [Tool] (Updated!!!) An unofficial DBEditor 1.6.1 with all saving bug fixed includes patch2.pack
  67. [Tool] EsfEditor 1.4.5 (Updated Oct 24, 2009)
  68. [Tutorial] How to add a new faction replacing an existing one
  69. [Tutorial] How to get Infinite Money ~without altering game files
  70. [Tutorial] Merging parts of models in MilkShape 3D
  71. [Tutorial] More Artillery Pieces in a Unit
  72. [Tutorial] How to add new flags - COMPLETED
  73. [Tutorial] Editing Campaign Unit Sizes/Scale MID-CAMPAIGN
  74. [Resource] NAVAL MODDING
  75. [Tutorial] functional government tab for emergent factions(policies still don't work)
  76. [Resource] The great DB Manual
  77. [Tutorial] How to Edit Traits/Ancillaries and Add/Remove from Characters
  78. [Resource] Nafziger Collection
  79. [Resource] DB Schema [1.8] - knowing unknown columns & tables
  80. Changing Factions in-game
  81. How to add a unit to a region
  82. [Resource] Guide to the ETW map
  83. Changing Religions
  84. How to modify existing rows in tables
  85. NTW features to ETW
  86. How do you edit unrest levels?
  87. [Resource] Tips and Tricks in modding ETW and NTW
  88. [Tool] Projectile model + Equipment model converter + Animation converter. UPDATED: New plugin released, more model support available.
  89. [Tutorial] Getting your custom weapons in game
  90. [Resource] Courtesy of CA - Unit stats land completly explained.
  91. [Tutorial] How to set your own research time for technology
  92. [Tutorial] How to change the weapons range in ETW
  93. [Tool] Perfect ESF<->XML converter and revolution in ESF modding [Released!]
  94. [Tool] Improved Python pack extractor
  95. [Resource] New github repository etwng for all format discoveries and code opened
  96. [Resource] FUSE driver for mounting .pack as virtual filesystem (for OSX and Linux)
  97. [Tutorial] How to change the weapons that the units use.
  98. [Tutorial] How to get rid off those floating flags permanently
  99. [Tool] Pack File Manager Switcher
  100. [Tutorial] How To Fix UAC and VirtualStore Problems
  101. [Tutorial] How to save changes in *.loc file?
  102. [Tutorial] How to edit EXISTING historical events.
  103. [Tool] groupformations.bin converter released!
  104. [Tutorial] How to disable the replenish troops button in Grand Campaign.
  105. [Tutorial] How to mount multiple views of pack files simultaneously
  106. [Tool] farm_fields_tile_texture packer and unpacker released!
  107. [Tool] bridge.markers converter released!
  108. [Tutorial] How works the morale system in Empire: Total War
  109. [Tool] cs2.parsed converter - alpha version arrived!
  110. [Tutorial] How works the accuracy system in Empire: Total War
  111. [Resource] The size of the units according to the XVIII century "military organization".
  112. [Tutorial] How to change the cannon/mortar projectile effectiveness in land battle
  113. [Resource] Research of Unknown Areas in Startpos.esf
  114. [Tutorial] Change region ownerships without FOW bug (easy method)
  115. [Tutorial] How to change marines in naval-battles
  116. [Tutorial] How to add a new Cannon Model
  117. [Tool] Esf Total Editor
  118. [Tool] Stupid (supertexture tool)
  119. [Tutorial] How to install mods
  120. [Tutorial] Startpos.esf Videos Tutorials
  121. [Resource] Complete guide to ETW's localisation files (aka "The Loc")
  122. [Tool] UI layout file <-> xml converter - now handles 94% files from both ETW and NTW
  123. [Tool] DB<->TSV converter
  124. [Tool] Esf Transformation Scripts - the most awesome thing in esf world since esf2xml
  125. [Resource] Lua code snippets in etwng repository
  126. [Resource] Farm_Tile_Templates Research
  127. [Tool] variant_part_mesh converter - one-way decoder available (mostly)
  128. [Tool] anim_sound_event converter
  129. [Tutorial] How to change factions' turn order
  130. [Tool] Batch script for crux3D's "Stupid" tool
  131. [Tool] Command line pack file builder
  132. [Tool] LOC <-> TSV converter
  133. [Tutorial] How to add a custom Battle Building
  135. [Tool] User Script and Preferences Editor for ETW, NTW, SHO2 (Updated)
  136. [Tutorial] Perfect ESF<->XML converter - Modifications Tutorial
  137. [Tutorial] How to use modfoldered map files in the multiplayer campaign
  138. [Tutorial] How to get 20+ units per army in the campaign.
  139. [Tutorial] How to edit Turns Per Year in startpos.esf by using ESF Editor
  140. [Tutorial] Howto edit Victory Condition & Regions to capture by editing startpos.esf
  141. [Resource] Icons
  142. [Resource] Campaign map image
  143. [Tutorial] Adding New towns to a Region
  144. [Resource] Complete XML and XSD files for ETW by CA
  145. [Resource] [WIP - having technical difficulties] Updated DB Editor Schema based on the raw XML and XSD files released by CA
  146. [Tool] Sinuhet ETW groupformations editor
  148. [Tool] Symphony (sound unpacker/packer)
  149. [Tool] EasyEsf for ETW (15/12)
  150. [Resource] How to download mods?
  151. [Resource] Id faction list
  152. [Resource] Blank Startpos for the Creation of Hybrids
  153. [Tutorial] Localization file merger.
  154. [Tool] EasyLoc 1.0.1 (17/12)
  155. [Tutorial] change ownerships
  156. [Tutorial] Starting technology
  157. [Tutorial] Changing a units 2 weapon
  158. [Tool] EasyDb for ETW - Units
  159. [Tutorial] Making faction specific generals
  160. [Tutorial] Adding pistols to cavalry
  161. [Resource] Factions
  162. [Resource] I need help
  163. [Tutorial] Modeling & DB. Milkshape & UU3D. 3DS MAX workflow. How wangrin and I use them.
  164. [Resource] Unit has bayonets, but using swords to fight in melee.
  165. [Tutorial] Rebels playable in Grand campaign
  166. [Resource] Opening the error log
  167. [Resource] ETW Runtime Memory Stucture Documention
  168. [Resource] Preparing Modding Summit
  169. [Tutorial] Making a historically accurate mod for Empire
  170. [Tool] Pack File Manager 2.2
  171. [Tool] DBEditor 1.96.3
  172. [Tutorial] Guide for adding a new building to the campaign map
  173. [Tool] technology change?
  174. [Tutorial] How to add "sabotage army" ability
  175. [Tutorial] Icons with Photoshop CS4
  176. [Tool] unlock maps for singl battle offline?
  177. [Tool] I know nothing
  178. [Tutorial] [Advanced] How to make complicated startpos changes hyprid method limitations God Startpos
  179. [Tutorial] How to add new new cultures and subcultures
  180. [Resource] Faction Colours Documentation
  181. [Tutorial] Regions of recruitment or AOR system
  182. [Tool] ETW Turns editor 1.01.zip cause save games to crash?
  183. [Tutorial] How to change Population and Religion of a Region through ESF Editor
  184. [Tool] trade ships
  185. [Tutorial] How to add new building chains
  186. [Tutorial] How to Fix Town Wealth ( Port Hang up )
  187. [Tool] Easy Launcher (updated 26/05)
  188. [Tutorial] How to change a region's religious percentage using ESF Editor
  189. [Tool] W.A.L.I
  190. [Resource] How do you edit Unit Limits?
  191. [Resource] Campaign Battle Markers
  192. [Tool] Tools do not work
  193. [Tool] Mod for recruitment?
  194. [Tool] Editing Units
  195. [Tool] Adding Units To Campaign
  196. [Tutorial] Which patch do i use to mod units?
  197. [Tutorial] Changing a king to a queen
  198. [Tutorial] changing number of cannon each ship
  199. [Tutorial] New Units Mod Crashes Game
  200. [Tool] Savegame Parser - support tool for EditSF (Empire)
  201. [Resource] Debugging/analyzing a crash file, MDMP
  202. [Tutorial] I hacked population growth city/port spawn
  203. [Tutorial] How to create new building models
  204. [Tutorial] Changing Faction Flags
  205. [Resource] extracted mods for newbie modders
  206. [Tutorial] Getting unit parts from NtW into ETW for starters
  207. [Resource] luac files decompiling
  208. [Resource] Request: Empire Total War Demo animation tables?
  209. [Tutorial] Increase units abillities
  210. [Tutorial] Fire by rank for Janissaries
  211. [Tutorial] Last try - if someone can tell me how to change a unit card name, I can prodce an updated tutorial on creating new units?
  212. [Tool] Pack File Manager 1.9 re-uploaded
  213. [Tool] I want to make a World War Two mod?
  214. [Resource] Illustrations of the Dutch in India 17-18th centuries
  215. [Tutorial] Recruitable Historical Generals with correct Portrait!
  216. [Tutorial] Gimp making proper normal maps
  217. [Tool] Mod help
  218. [Tool] Turn Editing Tool
  219. [Tutorial] ACW mod ctd
  220. [Resource] Links to basic 'how to' guides for new modders
  221. [Tutorial] How can i add more smoke?
  222. [Tool] Does it really matter which PFM I use?
  223. [Tutorial] Guide to get the unrestricted/debug camera for Empire: Total War
  224. [Tool] ESF editor that works with Empire anyone??
  225. [Tutorial] Importing and exporting animation using Ultimate Unwrap 3D
  226. [Tutorial] Guide to faction flags & icons
  227. [Tool] How to mod buildings in a mod
  228. Basic Modding Help Please
  229. [Tutorial] How to Make Emergent Faction Playable - NO HYBRID
  230. [Tool] DBEditor 8.0 Error Code