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  1. Fight two: Hans Kloss vs. ThiudareiksGunthigg ; The Holocaust
  2. [OLD] The Challenge Thread
  3. Fight Three; Setarcos Aneist (Silver Guard) vs. Ummon; The ethics of assisted suicide and Euthanasia
  4. Shyam Popat vs. Leonidas the Lion
  5. [Estlander vs Pavlik The Rus] Russian minority in Estonia
  6. On Colonialism [Sushiman Vs Captain Blackadder]
  7. Do you have no shame? [Boeing vs. Lucius Julius/Sam Fisher/Donuts/Constantine I]
  8. The Future of Kosovo [Farnan vs. Palman and Maksimus]
  9. Memetics [Ummon vs TheKwas, Eventhorizon & Shigawire]
  10. Ultimate Carnivore challenge [Eric vs X Challenge]
  11. Film Fight Choreography [Maximus Decimus Meridius vs Achilles]
  12. Greatest General Ever [The Noble Lord vs Carl von Dobeln] {fini}
  13. Macedonia Naming Issue [Attilavolciak07 vs. Greek supporters] {Closed}
  14. On the existance and nature of the metaphysical [Ruin vs X Challenge]
  15. Gun Control [Caradog vs GrnEyedDvl] {fini}
  16. Suleiman "The Magnificent" [Carl & Noble Lord vs Ali & Saneel] {fini}
  17. Kosovo/Serbia debate [Attilavolciak07 vs Milos98] {fini}
  18. November/December 2008 LD Topic [Arian the Heretic vs Scandinavisksoldat]
  19. Abortion [Beren Erchamion vs. Shyam Popat] {fini}
  20. Anthropogenic Damaging of the Environment [Playfishpaste vs. Arian the Heretic]
  21. Rap Battle Reprise [Empi Rapper vs Arian the Heretic] {fini}
  22. Rap Music Debate [Caradog vs Attilavolciak07] {fini}
  23. Italian Culture; North or South Italy? [Ulyaoth vs KnightOfSicily]
  24. Returning War Booties (pre 1860) [Carl vs D'artagnan]{fini}
  25. Creationism [Kiljan Arslan vs Beren Erchamion]
  26. Kennylz vs Empi Rapper [Rap Battle] {fini}
  27. Federal Reserve [TWFan55 vs Viking Prince]
  28. Limiting Nuclear Proliferation [Time Commander Bob vs Qymaen Jai Sheelal]
  29. Line-Item Veto [Viking Prince vs Justice and Mercy]
  30. Afghanistan [Farnan vs Empi Rapper] ----- {closed}
  31. Elite schooling [MLIR vs St Jimmyz]
  32. Legalized Marijuana [Julmoo vs AlexanderSextus] ---- {closed}
  33. The Legitmacy of Hezbollah [[email protected] vs. foxnds]
  34. Richard Nixon [Celsius vs Bokks]
  35. Abortion. [Columcille vs Medicus]
  36. Interpreting the Terms of Service [Lord Condormanius vs. Exarch]
  37. Marxism as a method of social analysis. [TheKwas vs. Odovacar]
  38. The Canadian Conservative Government VS the Coalition Government (John Adams vs TheKwas)
  39. Violent Video Games [Manoflooks vs. {BHC}Warman888]
  40. MMORPGs [I Am Herenow vs. Viking Prince]
  41. The Grand Rep Whore Debate [Mega Tortas vs. Caradog]
  42. The Socialist States of America [The Super Pope v Rush Limbaugh]
  43. Challenge Archive Catalogue
  44. Should Assault Weapons be banned in the USA? Debate Thread[{BHC}Warman888 vs. Viking Prince]
  45. Does Islam Promote Violence? [Vince Noir vs Motiv-8]
  46. Zimbabwe Is it as good as Mugabe says it is? [Bomberboy, The Man VS Mugabe]
  47. Israel/Palestine -- What concessions should Israel give and for what reasons? [ Vince Noir vs Valentin the II]
  48. Required Standardized State Testing of Students [Bongfu vs. Viking Prince]
  49. Is the U.S still top dog? (RVFVS V. Powerwizard)
  50. Should Abortion be banned? [Manoflooks vs. BHC Warman_888]
  51. Sparta vs. Athens [Silver Guard vs. I Am Herenow]
  52. Should Embryonic Stem Cell usage and research be banned? [Spartan90 vs Silver Guard]
  53. Legitimacy of the Christian Trinity Doctrine [Spartan90 vs. Bokks]
  54. Homosexuality [Simetrical vs. Copperknickers]
  55. When we study ancient Athens today, should we think less of its other achievements because of its slave culture? [I Am Herenow vs. CobraStallone]
  56. Is their a point in having monarchs? absolute loser vs total war king
  57. Faith Schools [Desperado † vs. absolute loser]
  58. Is it wrong to kill animals that feel pain? [Shyam vs PowerWizard]
  59. Are one-night stands morally acceptable [PowerWizard vs mkesadaran]
  60. Should Battleships be reintroduced? (Karoliner vs the Black Prince)
  61. Disprove God [Magickyleo101 vs. PureInfantryWins]
  62. The French in 1940 [Lance-Corporal Jones vs. The Pretender]
  63. Morrowind vs. Oblivion [Lance-Corporal Jones vs. roy34543]
  64. Withdrawl from Afghanistan [Darth Ravenous vs. Яome kb8]
  65. A comparison of Soviet and Coalition actions in Afghanistan [Trey vs. Volh Vseslavich]
  66. Profiling in airports [Copperknickers Vs Wilder]
  67. Evolution: the plausible theory? [Tankbuster vs ???]
  68. Ron Paul is a loon [TheKwas vs Seneca]
  69. Stalin vs Hitler: Greatest leader? [Absolute loser vs Blonkers
  70. Is shark FINNING morally acceptable? [Bushbush (acceptable) vs Ragbag (not acceptable)]
  71. PS3 vs. xbox 360: Which is Better? [Sparty vs. abbews]
  72. Abortion [PureInfantryWins vs CobraStallone]
  73. Are Guns Needed in Self-Defense? [Copperknickers vs |Sith|3|DarthWarman88]
  74. Brutalist Social Housing Programmes (Rt. Hon. Gentleman vs Hookah Smoking Caterpillar)
  75. Corporal punishment (Blackomur89 vs Junius)
  76. What is Palestine? {Saxon wårolord vs Яome
  77. Should there Be rules in war? [|Sith|3|Darth|Warman88 .vs. Blackomur89]
  78. Should smoking be made illegal/banned? {Saint Nicholas VS Tankbuster}
  79. Should the US Re-enact the Assault Weapons Ban? [Ariovistus Maximus vs.WrathofTulkas]
  80. Should African Nations loes any further aid from other nations? [|Sith|5|DarthWarman88 .vs. Ariovistus Maximus]
  81. Was Barack Obama a deserving recipient of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize? [I Am Herenow versus Viking Prince]
  82. America is guilty of war crimes [Poet vs. GIMJ]
  83. Was the Ottoman Empire a positive influence on Europe? (TUE vs Lysi)
  84. Death Penalty ([IMP]AntiWarmanCake88] .vs. Lysimachus)
  85. Should Funding be cut for HIV/AIDS research or for Cancer research? ([IMP]AntiWarmanCake88 .vs. Denny Crane!)
  86. Was Muhammad Ali Jinnah a Secularist? [pspguy123 vs. Poet]
  87. Rules of War [IMP]AntiWarmanCake88 vs Mightypeon
  88. Free Speech - Limits or No? (Ariovistus Maximus vs. AntiWarmanCake88)
  89. Conscription - For (Nazgūl Killer) vs. Against (the Black Prince)
  90. Free Speech - Limits or No? [Ariovistus Maximus vs. Thermal]
  91. Mandatory Minimum Sentences [Cool Story Brah vs magickyleo101]
  92. The Legitimacy of Israel [Copperknickers vs. Goodguy1066]
  93. The Grand Tournament of Iran, it's regime, relations/reputation, atomic potentials and arms race. [Odinarius & Vermelho vs. concon394 & Sivilombudsmannen]
  94. Was the invasion of Iraq justified? [Dai-Sifu vs myrmidones]
  95. Was the USSR Socialist, and did it aim to become more Socialist? [Hookah Smoking Caterpiller vs Jingle_Bombs]
  96. Monarchism (pvtgunny vs. Dan the Man)
  97. On Evolution (Tankbuster vs. total relism)
  98. Does the left promote laziness and expectations of handouts? [CK2308 vs. The Ugly]
  99. Assuming there is a God, is God a perfect being? (J.Philp vs. Okmin)
  100. Did colonialism have a positive or negative effect on the world in general?
  101. Absolute Monarchism (Gunny v. Kaitsar)
  102. origin of life creation vs evolution [total relism] vs [J.Philp]
  103. Creation vs evolution total [relism] vs [Ferrets54]
  104. Does God Exist? [XIII vs Okmin]
  105. What is the most powerfull contrie in the world? Pharoah VS Okmin
  106. Collapse of the Roman Empire. [Akar VS Pharoah]
  107. Nazism [Notorious GSC vs Akar]
  108. Was Julius Caesar the first Roman emperor? [Boustrophedon vs m_1512]
  109. Was the use of atomic bombs on Japan by the US a war crime? [Azoth vs Halbard]
  110. Did the Holocaust happen (Makrell vs. 'Gunny)
  111. creation vs evolution [total relism] vs [the rifelman]
  112. age of the earth thousands or billions? [Ancient Aliens vs total relism]
  113. [Princess Pinkie Pie v. Akar v. Twilight Sparkle]~ Equestrian Politics
  114. Flutterguy VS Maidel - Is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic a "little girl's show"?
  115. Which country has the better Special forces, UK or USA [Dark Storm vs. avion365]
  116. Total relism vs Tom Cruise either bible vs atheism or does isiah 11.7 disprove the bible
  117. Would humanity have the right to extinguish alien races? [.Mitch. v Aanker]
  118. Did Hitler escape from Germany [CerealGuy vs Akar]
  119. Who should we fear A genocide from, christians or radical enviromentalist [total relism] vs [justicar]
  120. Martial Arts: Traditional vs The New and The New Views on The Traditional
  121. The Morality of Homosexuality and Homosexual conduct [Frozenprince v. sterling]
  122. Capitalism vs. Socialism: Which is the better economy? [elfdude vs. Legio Italica]
  123. Does the Bible have Mistakes? [Aquila Praefortis versus elfdude]
  124. Islam vs Christianity [ total relism vs SomaaTheLion ]
  125. various topics [ total relism vs elfdude]
  126. Religion should be systematically, peacefully, and totally eradicated over the next 100 years [Copperknickers II vs. Sicknero]
  127. Donald Trump is a better candidate than Hillary Clinton for the next POTUS [Copperknickers II vs Elfdude]
  128. Civil war-The Causes of Southern Secession [twc01 VS Elfdude]