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  1. Carajudo EB minimod
  2. Warcry Mod
  3. Gravedigger's Morale Mod
  4. EB Character Traits mod for RTR
  5. Europa Barbarorum - The Unofficial Late Period project
  6. Savegame Editor
  7. EB 1.6 mod
  8. Sinuhet and Darth formation AI to EB
  9. EDB v.802 (CTD Fix)
  10. TBS(Thorlof Battle System) to EB with BI
  11. First cohorts, night battles + recruitable roman generals minimod
  12. Extra reform event?
  13. Question about Government buildings
  14. Roman Cities Look
  15. City Mod
  16. ITW Battle Sound System for EB 0.81a (MiniMod)
  17. Mercenary Sakae Horse Archers
  18. Casse General Mod - EB Team Test Request
  19. Fixing the AI money script (alpha)
  20. Reign of Ares (tbs, city mod, new units, fixes and more) to eb with bi
  21. Mundus mangus on EB
  22. Colonial recruitment and cultural assimilation mod
  23. Someone want insert arab camel riders?
  24. Attempting to create a new unit
  25. Making the chance of senate offices higher
  26. NEW battle improvement mini-mod (phalanx lovers)
  27. Marian Reforms with citymod???
  28. AI Battle Formation Mods
  29. EB elephants fixed
  30. Eastern Generals
  31. Poeni units please!
  32. Marriage Age
  33. Wanted: realistic Migration Era mod
  34. Lysander's Darth Mod for EB comp with BI.exe?
  35. Mod question
  36. Rise of Ares
  37. How do I cheat armies?
  38. Questions abou EB dynamics
  39. 1 turn legions..
  40. Changing an unit
  41. Asia ton Barbaron Disscussion Thread
  42. add more gens
  43. Various tweaks for EB
  44. Get the Imperial Legions & Celtic Reforms in 272 B.C.E. here (1.0 & .81v2)
  45. console command to add a merc captain to family tree
  46. Fanaticís First Cohort/Phalanx/Elephant/Chariot minimod
  47. additional unit?
  48. City mod improvement?
  49. Resources and new cities
  51. MiniMe temporary Pre-1.1 EDB alteration
  52. Roman Guard Posts
  53. Vanilla Music
  54. imperial reform
  55. Yuezhi Invasion (Tweaking)
  56. The Naval StratMap Mod
  57. EB starting in 220bc ?!
  58. The legionary_name for EB
  60. Magnesia and battle editing
  61. my zero recruitment mod
  62. Romaioi Kataphraktoi
  63. 250BC start mini-mod
  64. Presenting: No AOR Mod for EB1.0
  65. economy stimulate package
  66. Campaign map textures
  67. EB Battles
  68. Patch to EB with KLA's units
  69. Indestructible Buildings
  70. Night-battles and hording
  71. Influence, Command, Management....
  72. SPQR & Increasing difficulty...
  73. The EB/BI 1.6 project
  74. Imperial Legions
  75. expanded factions mod
  76. galatian heavy swordsmen help
  77. Elphir/Hax's Great Faction Swap
  78. Force Diplomacy?
  79. BAI from Darth Vader
  80. The Campaign map
  81. Spoils of Victory for EB 1.1.
  82. My money doesnt work
  83. Hoplite/Phalanx optimization
  84. willing to trade my art for a bit of code
  85. Creating new Units for EB
  86. Permanent forts
  87. question
  88. SPEED UP your EB! With this wee 'mod' (Far, far faster turn time, less ctd problems)
  89. Help! Different Units
  90. EB 1.2 MINI MOD PACK!
  91. MP Captain swapper
  92. How i install ALX.exe
  93. Change MUSIC FOR ROMANS!
  94. 200bc save-game
  95. Curious question about Legion Numbers..
  96. Tweaking traits/ancillaries/triggers
  98. EAEB Screenshot Thread
  99. EB Submod project
  100. Adding new building
  101. Unlocking the Macedonian phalanx
  102. Roman Leadership minimod for EB 1.2
  103. add new horse model
  104. Extended Offices Mod
  105. Building costs / times that scale with city size
  106. alex.exe EB 1.2 vh/vh sick for that one
  107. Short Pike
  108. the romans: is theire a mod with new imperial cohors units?
  109. Modding question
  110. give hayasdan infantry officers
  111. Animation packs request
  112. hayasdan infantry officer mod- EB 1.2
  113. EAEM or Mini Mod
  114. Reforms not bound to special date
  115. Need Marian Reforms! Save game compatible! Help!
  116. EB Hayadan infantry officer mod v2
  117. Hayasdan: adding officers to cavalry regiments
  118. officer mod v3
  119. Help on restoring/changing unit sizes please
  120. How do you make Carthaginian generals not look Macedonian in EB with Alexander?
  121. Making Alexander Exe. work with EB 1.1
  122. Skiping the camillan reforms
  123. Marian Reforms Quicker
  124. BC & AD swithed to BCE & CE?
  125. Atlantis
  126. holplite animations
  127. All Hellenistic temples for all Hellenic Factions?
  128. 0-Turn Recruitment Mod
  129. best or funniest alx mod
  130. help needed making greek generals all spartan hoplites.
  131. Adding new Gens? [Can you check my traits?]
  132. new hoplites and other greek units
  133. Adding a Unit from a different faction.
  134. Shield Wall or Phalanx?
  135. Unconditional reforms for Imperial reform
  136. EB on BI - banners
  137. EB New Map
  138. Question about city mod
  139. New historical battles pack realesed +hotfix
  140. Changing corruption limits
  141. Syracuse
  142. NEW fort/watchtower UI
  143. trouble moving Pyrrhos in desc_strat
  144. My tribute to Europa Barbarorum
  145. EB Alex with 3.1 pack vs Extended Alex = ?
  146. EB - Principate mod
  147. PLEASE urgent help needed read and post
  148. 0 Turn Units & Reduced Upkeep Costs (EB1.1)
  149. BI for EB vs ALEx for EB
  150. Is There Any Terrain Mod for EB?
  151. Lykos' (small) Models Fix for Garamantine, Gaut and Scandinavian Spearmen, etc
  152. Eastern Hellenic Portrait Pack
  153. Importing RS battle map environment
  154. Sabaean Mercenary General
  155. "legionary_name" attribute not working properly
  156. I hate trees
  157. New Historical Battle mod 2.0 - released!
  158. Editting the 4tpy script
  159. The Sarmatian Horde mod (EB for BI) - in development and recruiting
  160. Epieros to Pergamon
  161. Help Modding in Greek Leadership
  162. menu music?
  163. Phalanx Mod Original Files
  164. Vartan's EB Submod Compilation Pack
  165. Changing unit selection for Carthage
  166. EB Historical Battles of Hamilcar Barca
  167. Jirisys' Phalanx Mod (Reduplicated)
  168. (patch)Do you want to bring RS2 battle environment into EB? see here......
  169. Could Use Advice for Cursus Honorum Tweaking
  170. More command stars for Player?
  171. RS2 Environments for EB
  172. Cannot edit character traits
  173. Jirisys' Europa Barbarorum Mega Mod Pack for EB 1.2
  175. Ασια των βαρβαρων - Asia Ton Barbaron
  176. Again about the reforms..
  177. Looking for an submod
  178. rs2 enviroments and map textures on alex.exe +jirisys megamod pack
  179. Undestroyable buildings II
  180. Guidance needed for small mod
  181. Mustering mini-mod IDEEA, help needed pls.
  182. 0 turn?
  183. EB for BI crashes?
  184. [submod]Various tweaks proposal for the community
  185. Are there named and numberd legions for EB?
  186. Unit Info Mod
  187. alexander eb eaem fixes 5a
  188. Forced Diplomacy mod causes a crash
  189. Warhorns mod please
  190. Tweaking/removing the AOR
  191. New Units for Makedonia
  192. Vanilla factions
  193. Adding in other mod features
  194. Cant play EB on my mac
  195. full recruitment from start
  196. Infantry tweak EDU
  197. Help for al littel mod
  198. Here is a german translation
  199. Sharp/Charismatic/Vigorous
  200. [ExUIM] Extended Unit Info Mod - "More unit stats, better decisions" [Note: All versions available again!]
  201. How do you make the game run with ALEX or BI?
  202. Testudo for more units
  203. Rome early reform patch
  204. Is there a way to prevent sorrounding independent tribes from building my custom building?
  205. phalanx mod
  206. Why AI always have best generals?
  207. Less Boring mod?
  208. Vanilla music for EB?
  209. how to change overhand spear cav. to under hand spear
  210. Unit stats
  211. EB music add-ons & WarHorns
  212. How to change faction's starting position?
  213. city submod suggestion
  214. Getai Monies
  215. Visible Borders On Mini Map v2
  216. Adding Units To Factions
  217. changing campaign AI behaviour
  218. evocata with not big head
  219. EB Elite Mod (for Jirisys' Mega Mod Pack)
  220. Combining Mod Packs and Extensive Alexander EB Modification?
  221. Late Baktrian bodyguard
  222. Alexander EB w/ Steam
  223. Removing time restrictions on reforms
  224. Goidilic faction
  225. x3 Unit Costs and Upkeeps
  226. Editing the alps
  227. Compatibility between EB-Alex and RS2 Enviroments
  228. EDB with lower stats
  229. Please Help with making changes to Unit Stats.
  230. EDU Rebalance Mod
  231. Revised Reforms & New Reforms by Mouais and Torf (no moar marians_units)
  232. Units sub-mod
  233. AI Do Not Attack Command
  234. Why some factions have bigger variety of units in some regions than other factions?
  235. Extended Trivial Script Options (ExTSO)
  236. Evropa Svrrectvm
  237. Small Casse Reform
  238. [Question/proposal] Seleukids, Ptolemaic and Pontic... etc family trees and loyalty traits
  239. [Uchronia Barbarorum] v.1.05: Celtic Swords
  240. No AOR
  241. Export EB unit speed (and killing rate) into other mods
  242. Garrison Script ?
  243. Underhand Spear Mod for EB
  244. armourer and foundry
  245. EB: Changing unit stats
  246. submod
  247. About reforms, pls help
  248. 2 turns per year (very early release + need help!)
  249. EB for Barbarian Invasion via Steam?
  250. Tutorial Please for Europa Barbarorum Overhaul Mod