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  1. NAPOLEON: TOTAL WAR - discussion thread :)
  2. Will Napoleon total war be better then ETW ?
  3. Napoleon Total War Thread?
  4. NTW faction list?
  5. Are we being used as beta-testers for NTW?
  6. Would you buy NTW?
  7. Napoleon: Total War a precursor to another Napoleonic Expansion?
  8. Napoleon: Total War wish list!
  9. Elite Units of The West/Special Force's for Napoleon Total War???
  10. Napoleon v empire
  11. NTW buy at release?
  12. Who Thinks the USA will/should be Playable in N:TW?
  13. Napoleon: Total War Confirmed Information - Last Update: 23 Jan. 10
  14. Will NTW have a Better AI then ETW ?
  15. Historic Battles
  16. System requirements
  17. The Official NTW fan club
  18. Who will you play as first?
  19. Release?
  20. Do you think CA and SEGA have done a great job in making the caracter of Napoleon like this in the trailer ?
  21. References and easter eggs
  22. French Riflemen
  23. Improved graphics? more soldiers? Mods?
  24. Same villages?
  25. Technology development
  26. Stand Alone Game...?
  27. strategic map napoleon totalwar.
  28. A Question of Fashion...
  29. how do i play online
  30. Your Strategy for NTW
  31. Reformed Fortress Sieges...
  32. Ntw features getting into etw
  33. Napoleon's massive army column attacks
  34. Histwar; for those looking for something realistic
  35. Would you mind having poorer Graphics for larger battles?
  36. Campaign dress or parade dress?
  37. Ability to play against Napoleon?
  38. Empire Upgrades with Napolean features?
  39. Grande Armée and balancing.
  40. Large armies?
  41. What would make large battles possible, and awesome? CA already did it with Kingdoms...
  42. What about the NTW map?
  43. Which CA studio??
  44. Uniform Editor?
  45. CA looking for new employees
  46. System to make huge battle whit historical numbers
  47. NTW News and Updates
  48. Spain: Playable or Not?
  49. How about adding asia
  50. Possibile effect of N:TW?
  51. ETW Owners Should Get Discounts...?
  52. Will speeches make there comeback?
  53. Now that I read it Will the Game Have any Replay value?
  54. Hmm wonder if Sweden is in NTW
  55. Prisoners
  56. What kind of historical events will we be expecting in NTW ? (battle AAR)
  57. Have CA and SEGA been working on NTW in the time ETW was just a month out ?
  58. N:TW and the creation of new states and/or vassals
  60. Will there be a general campaign?
  61. great coat sausage protection suggestion.
  62. Mission objectives??
  63. standalone or expansion?
  64. Better name for this game?
  65. Any Napoleon films I should know about?
  66. Does CA ever read any of these posts?
  67. Should CA develop a superpatch...
  68. Campaign Map
  69. napoleon total war empire whats the difference?
  70. Should/Could NTW have Imperial Glory style Diplomacy?
  71. I want NTW to plug into the ETW grand campaign
  72. Why Napolean is Standa-Alone and not an Expansion.
  73. Modding tools (?)
  74. What do we know about the NTW grand campaign?
  75. Who is developing this one?
  76. Videos
  77. in the trailer, why is Napoleon burning a ship of the line?
  78. Empire Upgrade
  79. Videos and previews
  80. Historical Battles
  81. COOP Campaign - will this be released as part of NTW?
  82. Napoleonic artillery
  83. Is NTW just ETW whit new graps + campaigns
  84. Are you sure that NTW will work on your PC?
  85. New units?
  86. An expansion for NTW?
  87. Low expectations?
  88. Napoleon: Total War Flag mess up?
  89. Online Campaign Idea
  90. new steam achievements
  91. naval battles in NTW
  92. Questions in need of answers
  93. NTW timespan?
  94. Scenery and Battle Locations
  95. Do you feel it is too early for N:TW?
  96. Fire as a Strategy
  97. NTW a massive :wub: up???
  98. Should CA spend more time on MP for this game?
  99. Why do you think Napoleon is being made as a full price stand-alone product?
  100. Posts getting deleted?
  101. NTW - Analogy thread
  102. The cost of the game?
  103. Conscription
  104. Hotseat
  105. Clearly N:TW's creators have not read War and Peace
  106. How much of NTW will integrate into ETW?
  107. Hougomont : A substitute for village-battles?
  108. Irregular warfare?
  109. Napolean Addon does it add to campain mode?
  110. Secession War Expansion
  111. NTW = mega-patch?
  112. New trailer for NTW?
  113. Release date?
  114. narrated campaigns
  115. USA: Should it be in NTW?
  116. Map of NTW (Not official!)
  117. In defense of Napoleon: Total War
  118. The British Empire and Napoleon:Total war.
  119. NTW and terrain reflection
  120. Faction leaders as Generals?
  121. Napoleon Total War forum
  122. Moddable AI Alone would make me Buy this.
  123. Should capitals have custom maps in NTW?
  124. Cheat Codes
  125. Naval Battles
  126. unit traits
  127. NTW - Attrition and the AI
  128. A Treatise on Napoleon: Total War
  129. Bye Bye
  130. Should Prussia be playable in NTW ?
  131. Marching tunes for every Faction?
  132. The German academy of War and Science
  133. PLEASE give us some proper firing-drills, CA!!
  134. We need battle field objectives!
  135. Campaign Movement in NTW
  136. Petition to CA "For a better support for Total War Games"
  137. Historical Battles in Nappie TW
  138. Some Things That Irk Me
  139. Warfare additions
  140. New Melee Attack Moves?
  141. Warships being used in Land Battles?!
  142. Peter Molyneux effect?
  143. Line and Column in NTW
  144. Napoleon 2002 TV series
  145. Will you buy NTW?
  146. how is this game structured?
  147. Anyone know what ever happened to plans for multiplayer campaign mode?
  148. Again only with Steam?
  149. N A P O L E O N (the movie)
  150. Classic turn-based wargame solutions for a RTT game
  151. What NTW can learn from ETW multiplayer
  152. Square Formation
  153. overall army and national moral
  154. Which are you more excited about, NTW campaign or ETW's extended campaign
  155. man power. yes or no?
  156. Revolutions
  157. Anyone got the game?
  158. Better Squareformations
  159. Napoleonic Cavalry vs. Infantry
  160. Features for Napoleonic TW
  161. Campaign Difficulty
  162. Will the modding possibilities be better or worse?
  163. Italy
  164. New Napoleon poll in the official site by SenseiTW.
  165. Portugal vs. Spain
  166. NTW- Bring back amazing features!
  167. NTW quick question
  168. The Italian Campaign
  169. Negative Feedback Ruins a Game!
  170. Victory Conditions
  171. Should CA hire Historians for their games?
  172. Satellite Nations and Campaign Diplomacy Ideas
  173. Sega/CA, Please focus on BAI & CAI for NTW!
  174. Tile based Campaign map. Or at least one that doesn't random generate.
  175. Minor Factions????
  176. Concept of Surrender
  177. Faction Suggestion
  178. campaign history
  179. Do You Want To See Real, Included Battle Music In NTW That Was Promised in ETW?
  180. NTW Expansion Idea: Victorian Era
  181. Napoleon Total War AI Tactics and Diplomacy
  182. Is there a chance for ETW player who bought Napoleon get DLC content by installing Napoleon to ETW?
  183. Proper Urban Warfare
  184. If.....
  185. Official Napoleon website launches!
  186. Simple Solution
  187. My dedication to developers of Empire Napoleon Total War cool music Video
  188. Why not buying NTW at release is a good enough.
  189. The first preview of Histwar LG is out!
  190. Is NTW the "evolution" of ETW?
  191. A complex era...not CA's forte
  192. I think Napoleon was going to be an Expansion.
  193. Expansion Idea - 1812-1815
  194. Please Include Romanian states this time
  195. N:TW timespan
  196. Minor to Major
  197. Pic.-
  198. Another fail?
  199. NTW special Units
  200. Steam Haterz Central
  201. Marches that could be used in game for battles
  202. Unit battle field movement
  203. Mines!
  204. Seiges
  205. Will Agents ever be redone?
  206. NTW Campaign Money and Resources
  207. Have any of the new Modeled Units been displayed?
  208. NTW Expansion pack
  209. Garrison in allied town/port and taking a city in the name of
  210. French Moustaches and Blonde Swedes
  211. Unit Upkeep Costs
  212. NTW Soundtrack
  213. CA... please give us the options to lose the Sprites in NTW
  214. Easter eggs which simply must be in NTW
  215. Do you still have faith in CA?
  216. NTW vid
  217. Swiss Units?
  218. Stop consentrating on AI here in this forum
  219. What kind of question should we ask CA?
  220. Minor additions
  221. Napoleon: Total War on Pelit magazine
  222. Napoleon Total War suggestions&wishes thread
  223. Recommendations for books on the era
  224. Clone armies (only 2 faces per unit) in NTW, too? :)
  225. Same Tactics?
  226. MP Factions
  227. Napoleon Video
  228. castle/forts does not repair itself
  229. from Empire to Napoleon blog for CA
  230. NTW Uniform Comparision
  231. A.D. : anno domini 2010 DX10/11 ?
  232. Does CA monitor this forum
  233. NTW idea
  234. New Napoleon TW video from ИгроМир (russian gaming magazine)
  235. NTW's main competitor: Histwar Les Grognards! CA, pay attention!
  236. The TWC Expectations for NTW
  237. Gamespot's NTW First Impressions
  238. No Multiplayer campaign, but something close and strange...
  239. Conquerable Artillery
  240. Jack Lusted, Tell us about NTW's BAI & CAI!
  241. The Ultimate Napoleonic Game
  242. NTW Preview at Gamespot
  243. Questions On the New Review
  244. NTW, Modding Tools will help CA!
  245. Troubling times
  246. British uniforms are too dark. Please make lighter red uniforms
  247. A more realistic battle system
  248. Blood and dirt please!
  249. Portrait general cards?
  250. The Great Great Coat Debate