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  1. Single battle Playable nations
  2. Physics: How Exactly Will this Work?
  3. Waterloo Campaign
  4. New NTW Video, Chapter 2 - The Campaigns of the Coalition
  5. Rifle and Dragoon MP Balancing
  6. What can we determine from the new video of NTW
  7. The Art of War, NTW battle tactics.
  8. mortar rounds?
  9. No colonies?
  10. Moddability of NTW
  11. This firing-issue...
  12. so CA wants to do i right this time? they gave a preview version to darth!
  13. NTW and graphical technodgy
  14. The infantry square
  15. Awesome Doco of Napoleon's Camapign of 1806 using a mod - NTW2
  16. MP factions
  17. A new interview today of kieran!!!
  18. Insane System Requirements!
  19. New NTW pictures
  20. What do I buy?
  21. Question for Jack Lusted: Marching Bands
  22. As Napoleon eve approaches, whats you feeling?
  23. End of Turn problem still present?
  24. Will we have to play through the story driven campaign?
  25. CA working on a new project?
  26. This is killing me...
  27. Revolt: Catalonia
  28. Multiplayer Campaign for NTW....
  29. Patch release
  30. Are there any new firing drills in Napoleon?
  31. Does everyone agree that ETW infantry were better trained in most respects?
  32. Artillery ammo cap...please remove that
  33. How will Napoleon The General work in the grand campaign?
  34. Swiss units?
  35. Unlock grey scots, great battery...
  36. Any NTW demo soon???!!!
  37. When will you buy NTW?
  38. A Decent read to get you into the period.
  39. Napoleon: Total War™ Debuting Campaign Multiplayer
  40. new german preview +26 new screenshots +23 others(update 22/01/10, page 5)!!!!!!
  41. Napoleons’ Battle AI
  42. Multiplayer confirmed and maybe new screens?? (French article)
  43. Will NTW combine with ETW?
  44. New Screenshots
  45. what colours will you paint your units
  46. I can`t see how this Dropin` Player for AI` feature that`s supposed to be in NTW is a good thing.
  47. All Three Campaigns available for Multiplayer and Open Chat Lobby
  48. NTW Emperor's Edition Release Date - 10th Feb 2010
  49. E:TW Graphics
  50. So People Didn't Have As Much Blood Back Then Clearly
  51. AI bonuses
  52. This looks like a multiplayer chat lobby.
  53. Some new screens (I think) on the french site Gamekult
  54. The MODS you would like to have for Napoleon total War
  55. a few news from France
  56. New 4 Countries Flags, 10 Units, 6 Statemans and 4 artworks
  57. No More India and the Americas ???
  58. Predict NTW's Sales in the First Month UPDATED Feb 27 2010
  59. Suggestion: Return to TW Roots
  60. Has Napoleon TW fixed...
  61. Post your Preview Pictures here
  62. Petition to C.A.
  63. Italian campaign diary
  64. Darth's thoughts on ETW
  65. After Napoleon...
  66. Adding officers
  67. So where's the NTW demo?
  68. New napoleon news! Sylvester Stalone to do a cameo as rambo!
  69. New NTW video, no new info, but a good watch!
  70. The Italian Campaign Diary
  71. NTW, worth buying?
  72. Achievments, Medals given by the game if you haven't seen them before
  73. Let's play a game!!
  74. Sharp
  75. [Poll] Napoleon will be a amazing game?!?
  76. stats again?
  77. A little clue about NTW towns...
  78. I know little or no info about N:TW
  79. NTW live demo in San Fransico and New York
  80. River battles
  81. Weird..
  82. Regarding the "CA bribes reviewers" rumours.
  83. What sort of custom battle maps will you like to see?
  84. Captured guns
  85. My short-ish preview
  86. Why CA wont ever fix the AI
  87. Still no blood and gore in NTW, eh?
  88. Who Would Like to See a "War Of 1812 DLC"?
  89. Sieges in ETW/NTW and TW in general
  90. ETW Should i buy it
  91. Not liking where this is headed...
  92. Grand Batery of the Convention
  93. Looks like experience won't be gained over 100 years now.
  94. New screenshots (1 of Egypt campaign)
  95. Are these new screenshots?
  96. Something Isn't Right...
  97. Best indeepth review so far !!!
  98. Question For CA, Regarding Naval Battlemaps In Napoleon
  99. How soon was Pack File Manager released after Empire because NTW needs some stat altering
  100. SLI... yeah or nawh?
  101. Third new video for you!!!
  102. Italian campaign diary
  103. They made me buy 'Napoleon' with a spromise of an awsome horse unit :(
  104. 3-d NTW's video Multiplayer
  105. The New Video in English + HD (soon)
  106. Ragdolls in NTW?
  107. Wrong Headwear on Swedish Troops
  108. Broken Promise (Horses Dragging Riders)
  109. My Quick Napoleonic Reference in Preparation for Napoleon Total War - Part I
  110. Now that the "Hardcore" Fans Are Less Important, What Can We Expect Down the Line?
  111. Ever notice how CA's PR people on this site sidestep questions?
  112. Ntw Multiplayer Maps ? Top secret ?
  113. No US faction means less sales?
  114. Problem with Grenadiers!
  115. opinions on the new uniforms
  116. Yet another (dutch) preview
  117. My hands on Napoleon beta preview
  118. Tutorial time period?
  119. ya spain!!!!!
  120. French naval victory in NTW 1810-2010
  121. NTW's Flags
  122. Morale affecting shooting
  123. new german preview +3 screenshots
  124. EB Games Australia change Napoleon release date
  125. How will NTW work on my PC?
  126. Release Date??
  127. I hope they fix the melee animation
  128. Multiplayer Ideas
  129. Countries that people like but shouldn’t be playable
  130. New 2 Countries Flags, 5 Units and 2 Statemans Pictures
  131. Massed Battalions
  132. Will anything such as Tech be included from NTW to ETW?.
  133. Why doesn't CA care about Multiplayer?
  134. Simple Poll: Will you buy NTW? Yes/No
  135. Customer Opinions On Sales of NTW
  136. Will the AI be capable of winning custom Battles?
  137. Dont Preorder/Buy NTW!
  138. There will be forts and siges in NTW?
  139. confirmed factions?
  140. San Francisco event
  141. My trip to Sega/CA, and my Talk with Kieran
  142. Where is the best place to buy NTW Imperial In Australia?
  143. What are you Looking Forwad to?
  144. STEAM?
  145. War of 1812, US vs Britain an NTW add on ?
  146. Divisional Squares?
  147. Will this be the end of Creative Assembly?
  148. Is the whole NTW\ETW Engine a failure?
  149. Ratings,total confusion.
  150. NTW and Nvidia...
  151. New gaming machine for N:TW
  152. Art of Battle animations
  153. Upgrading my computer for NTW
  154. Will I be able to play Napoleon on this PC?
  155. Ships like Victory, Bucentaure and Santissima Trinidad??
  156. Price mistake at Amazon.co.uk
  157. Swedish gaming site with some new info and some old
  158. NTW in a Russian gaming vid
  159. Going to NY
  160. The Longer a Unit is in the Feild..
  161. NTW: Multiplayer Trailer
  162. A Touch of RPG as Regards the Generals
  163. 20 unit armies again!!!
  164. The unit editor the game comes with, will those units be availble to build in campaign?
  165. NTW: Units & uniforms are great and historical!
  166. Why do you play TW games and will or will not buy NTW?
  167. SOME QUESTIONS ANSWERED by Kieran (not all)
  168. Cannon ball craters!
  169. One small thing I don't get.
  170. Is there going to be a grand campaign? Or just the episodic campaigns(coalition, egypt, italian)?
  171. No Uniform Editor, No Demo, No BAI preview...what do people think?
  172. Awesome Video!
  173. IGN Preview
  174. Another review on the SF event
  175. Unit sizes
  176. Please tell me this is an in-game pic!
  177. Do you think the reviews given by others is good enough?
  178. Caesar Total War
  179. Have you pre-ordered?
  180. News on unit editor! (by kieran on twc)
  181. NTW support for Nvidia cards
  182. New interview of Kieran in San Francisco event.
  183. NTW forts
  184. Column and fire
  185. Why is everybody so obsessed with Britain
  186. No modding tools
  187. Dead Bodies.
  188. CA request to place this new idea in next game
  189. Eye Candy > Gameplay?
  190. protectorate units?
  191. Movie-Makingtime
  192. battles - good fertilizer?
  193. 2 new pics! (couple of posts down) Very detailed!
  194. India?
  195. New general system?
  196. How many units are avaliable for non preorders?
  197. New review from NYC TW event!
  198. Empire/Napolean Total War Unencylopedia article
  199. new IGN review (not a lot of things new)
  200. A detail about standarts bearers!
  201. How diferent will be ship models in NTW?
  202. Ironclads?
  203. Questions about NTW Regular MP?
  204. CA/previewers - Has Anti Aliasing Been Fixed?
  205. A sensible retreat!
  206. Video Of screenshots For Febuary
  207. In Napoleon, Will Armies Actually Retreat When Hopelessly Outnumbered This Time?
  208. Who else ISN'T buying this?
  209. Hot Air Baloons... Confirmed O_o
  210. 'Futuristic' technology in the early 19th century
  211. Will you be a NTW modder?
  212. sounds and music of NTW.
  213. Napoleonic French Eagles
  214. Proposal: Swapping pre-order unique units?
  215. Napoleon: TW for £17.00
  216. Save Screenshots.
  217. I want to pre-order this, but first I have a question.
  218. An interview with Mark o' Connell
  219. Swiss in NTW?
  220. Who else is buying this?
  221. How Will The New *Liberation* Tab Work?
  222. Canadian eh?
  223. Napoleon TW game versions?
  224. New Preview...
  225. Prices
  226. GED's report from NY
  227. NTW & Privateer
  228. Napoleon il buono?, il bruto, il cativo... thread
  229. Napoleon The Shawshank Redemption thread
  230. Unit limits in NTW
  231. Unit Variety
  232. Who needs BAI when you have multiplayer?
  233. Feeling the fever yet?
  234. Thinking about a blood/gore mod
  235. Should I upgrade?
  236. DLC units playable in MPC?
  237. So did they fix the naval "attack" command?
  238. NTW Crashing to desktop and slow AI lag
  239. The Punters reviews!
  240. PC Gamer UK Review
  241. The Future for Creative Assembly and the TW Series
  242. Campaign Battles in NTW
  243. Royal Greys wearing blue underwear when historically they should be wearing brown.
  244. If we want marching music, why not a rousing sea shanty as well?
  245. So what does NTW have thats majorly different to ETW?
  246. Confused?
  247. Do you think my computer could run NTW?
  248. hotseat?
  249. A petition to Creative Assembly from their loyal modding community
  250. Where is the US PC Gamer review of NTW???