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  1. [Resource] Converting .TEXTURE to .DDS when the unpacker arrives.
  2. [Tool] CA .cas exporter released
  3. [Tutorial] Breaking News: I HAVE unpacked animation files!
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  9. [Tutorial] Guide for editing Army Banners
  10. [Tutorial] Alletun's Eyecandy Tutorial
  11. [Tool] Python mesh converter for mounts and siege engines
  12. [Tutorial] Getting your own [made from scratch] models into the game
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  17. [Tutorial] Sprite Generation
  18. [Tool] Animation Utilities: Version 1.1
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  21. [Tutorial] HowTo: Custom Portraits
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  23. [Tutorial] How to make new info cards
  24. [Tutorial] Making unit cards for M2TW using Milkshape and Photoshop
  25. [Resource] Unit Makers Tome of Knowledge
  26. [Tool] Milkshape ms3d Importer/Exporter for 3ds Max and Gmax
  27. [Tool] Milkshape .ms3d importer/exporter for 3ds Max and Gmax, version 1.1
  28. [Tool] Python strat model converter for Milkshape Users
  29. [Tool] NEW- MW Graphics texture tools!
  30. [Tool] RTW animations converter
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  33. [Tool] Utility for writing UV map templates in dds format
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  35. [Resource] Modder's Resources Volume 2 - Barded & Mailed Horses
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  42. [Tool] GOAT and GOAL: A collection of modelling and animation utilities
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  49. [Resource] Modder's Resources Volume 5 - The Armory
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  51. [Tutorial] How to merge materials without Grumpyoldmen´s converter
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  53. [Resource] Hunter Makoy's 2d Stencils
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  66. [Tutorial] Animation for Beginners
  67. [Tutorial] How to add new models different for each faction (for the campaign map)
  68. [Resource] Update! - Animated Bowstring, War Wagon and Decapitations Animations Pack
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  70. [Tutorial] Unit Info Card in photoshop
  71. [Tutorial] Battlemap Building Textures
  72. [Resource] Modeling Course 101
  73. [Tutorial] World Collision Entry alterations
  74. [Tutorial] Battle model comments
  75. [Tutorial] Vanilla faction symbols: How to make one yourself
  76. [Tutorial] Normal Mapping in Layers
  77. [Tutorial] Creating a World – Creating Character portraits
  78. [Tutorial] A Guide to Cursors
  79. [Tutorial] Creating a Helmet
  80. [Tutorial] Unpack KINGDOMS mesh files so you can convert them to ms3d using GOAT
  81. [Tool] World - 3dstudio max's scripts
  82. [Tutorial] How to: Fix .obj file errors!
  83. [Tutorial] How to Add Red Brick castles to a faction both in strat and battle maps
  84. [Tutorial] How to remove split mesh seams
  85. [Resource] Lü Bu's resources
  86. [Resource] Head references
  87. [Tutorial] Basic through Intermediate Practical Application Modeling Course
  88. [Resource] Base 3d model
  89. [Tutorial] Be a Modder: Doctoring of Medieval 2 units.
  90. [Tutorial] Creating High-Res Normal Maps
  91. [Tool] Do any of you use SketchUp?
  92. [Tool] Mesh/Cas/Engine - MaxScript version of GOAT tool
  93. [Resource] Free texture source
  94. [Resource] Custom Settlements Repository
  95. [Tool] DDS & Normal Map Plugin for Photoshop x86\x64 Both
  96. [Resource] Coat of Arms Library
  97. [Tutorial] Easy Way of Creating Blank Texture
  98. [Tutorial] Animation packs
  99. [Resource] The Theodosian Walls [Model]
  100. [Tool] DXTBmp 4.00.96-texture converter
  101. [Resource] Face collection:European,African,Far Eastern
  102. [Resource] Middle Eastern Shields
  103. [Resource] templates
  104. [Resource] Akthross anims released
  105. [Resource] Warman's Animation Insights
  106. [Tool] Release of the SD mod tool
  107. [Tutorial] Wave effect - skinning tutorial by +Mr.Crow+
  108. [Tutorial] How to assign model as officer banner-bearer with MS3D
  109. [Resource] Basic Cloth Patterns
  110. [Tutorial] Create Realistic Texture Illumunation and Shading in Photoshop
  111. [Resource] Community donation from the WotN team
  112. [Tutorial] Taro's bag o' tricks (tutorial + some recources)
  113. [Tutorial] Adding completely custom weapons to a default figure
  114. [Resource] New potraits for muslim princess
  115. [Resource] Elvasat's Shield Textures Pack
  116. [Tutorial] Bowstring animated model creation
  117. [Tutorial] The Total guide to Animation in MS3D for M2TW
  118. [Tutorial] Unit Cards
  119. [Tutorial] The Guide to the BMDB (battle_models.modeldb) for absolute beginners and non-English speakers.
  120. [Tutorial] How to make musketeers fire by rank perfectly
  121. [Tutorial] Learn-by-Example Modelling 01: Medieval Dagger
  122. [Resource] Heads Pack
  123. [Tutorial] Learn-by-Example Modelling 02: Composite UV-Mapping
  124. [Tool] ddsview - alternative to DDS Converter
  125. [Tool] TEXTURE file converter/editor
  126. [Resource] Ambient building reduction mod
  127. [Resource] Human Body
  128. [Tutorial] Learn-by-Example Modelling 03: Human Body
  129. [Tutorial] Creating and Adding New 2d Building Art with GIMP (For Beginners)
  130. [Resource] Chinese armour drafts from several eras
  131. [Tool] Animations and Skeleton Unpacking Tool
  132. [Resource] Marka horse death animation fix
  133. [Tutorial] How to fix the UV problem with Taleworlds Models
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  136. [Resource] Medieval Knights
  137. [Tutorial] Learn-by-Example Modelling 04: Multi-layered Normal Maps
  138. [Resource] Mongol Unit Cards
  139. [Resource] Creating a World - Fixing square projectile trails
  140. HOW do i install a mod file???
  141. [Tool] Animations and Skeletons unpacker/packer.
  142. [Resource] Resource Works by paleologos
  143. [Tool] M2TW Modeler's Toolbox - Version 0.6 Beta Released On 06/06/2015
  144. [Resource] Muslim_Assassin.CAS FIXED
  145. [Tutorial] How to paint units
  146. [Tutorial] Creating a World - Unit Sprite Generating
  147. [Tutorial] Let's Mod - Age of Petty Kings: Unit Creation
  148. [Tutorial] Creating a World - LOD reduction without texture loss
  149. [Resource] Byzantine Cities Strat Models
  150. [Tutorial] Finishing Actions before Saving & Exiting a MilkShape model.
  151. animmerge not work
  152. [Tutorial] How to merge animations from 2 different mods
  153. [Tutorial] How to create a normal texture file with gimp
  154. [Tutorial] Preserving a World - Basic modelling with Autodesk
  155. [Resource] Animated Wagon Wall
  156. [Resource] Ned's coat of arms templates
  157. [Tutorial] Mini Metalness Tutorial.
  158. [Resource] Coat of arms - Website
  159. [Resource] Tons of 3D stuff generously offered to likewise generous peoples
  160. [Tutorial] Mini Discovery-like Tutorial
  161. [Tool] 3ds Max
  162. [Tutorial] Adding MARKA Horses in your mod and creating new versions of them.
  163. [Tutorial] Making a unit card - easy and fast method
  164. [Tool] Projectile release point changer
  165. [Tutorial] Modeling and texturing a Hellenistic Helmet | Detailed, Real-time Video Tutorial
  166. Request discussion (split from Resource Works thread)
  167. [Tutorial] Collection of tutorials: "Learn-on-the-job", AKA "Holding a noob's hand"
  168. [Tutorial] Mesh to MS3D Conversion for Steam Version of M2TW: Kingdoms
  169. [Tool] 3D Modeling. Split mesh into more elements based on UV map.(also tutorial)