The Total War Center Youtube channel is back and open for business!

If you wish to submit your own content for consideration of a place on the TWC channel, please follow the instructions below to submit your request. Please make sure to do everything asked as to ensure your request is processed as quickly as possible as well as having the best chance of being accepted.

Click Here to open a new private message to the Media Hub team. Please use this instead of PMing one person on your own to ensure your request is noticed and processed as quickly as possible. Include in your message a title indicating you are submitting a video for consideration, and copy the below template into the message body and fill out all the information so we may begin to look at your request. Incomplete forms, without good reason for incomplete portions, are subject to being rejected. Please do your best to include all information.

Video Application Template
Video Creator:
Video Title:
Video Length:
Video Topic:
Video Quality:
Video Download Link:
Possible Copywrite (Yes/No):
Creators Youtube:
Social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook etc (Do not post personal accounts):

Example Application
Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

Video Creator: Soulgamesinc
Video Title: Westeros 1.0 Release
Video Length: 12 minutes
Video Topic: Machinima, Mod announcement
Video Quality: 1080p
Video Download Link: Here
Possible Copywrite (Yes/No): Yes, If video is monetized
Language: English
Creators Youtube: Here
Social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook etc (Do not post personal accounts): Twitter, Facebook, Workshop

If your video is approved for posting on the channel, the Media Hub staff will remain in contact with you to actually make it happen. You will receive proper credit for your content and we will link back to your channel and any other social media accounts you provide as well and give permission to post.

If you instead have an idea for a video series, or planned multiple submissions of any sort, please be sure to outline this explicitly in your initial PM and arrangements may be made if approved to avoid unecessarily filling out this form for every video submission. While no one is under any obligation to produce video content on the TWC channel in the capacity of TWC staff, we are always interested in taking on anyone willing to do so. Please do keep in mind though that if you choose that you would like to work directly as staff for the Media team, you will be under all rules governing TWC staff which extend to our channel and social media as well, and while we will not stop you at all from your own personal work on your own channel or otherwise outside of TWC, anything started under the capacity of TWC staff will have slightly stricter regulations in terms of how the content is presented and how it may or may not continue should you decide to stop the project or are gone for an extended period of time without word. Again though, this will be on a case by case basis, so do not hesitate to ask questions about joining staff if you have any.

Note On Monetization: For the moment, the TWC Channel will not run any monetized videos, regardless of it being an offical TWC staff video or sponsored content from users. In the future, if monetization is ever used, the only two possible uses of funds gathered from it will be in going back to TWC itself to pay for server upkeep, and/or finding ways to give back directly to the content creators and modders of TWC, its channel, and the community at large.

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