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TWC front Community News
TWC Chess Tournament
12-18-14 | by StealthFox
Do you fancy yourself a chess master? Then now's the time to prove it by joining the TWC Chess Tournament!

The Tournament opens on the 28th of December at 11:30 GMT. So sign up before then!

For more information click here.
TWC Christmas 2014 Giveaway
12-05-14 | by m_1512

To show our appreciation for all our great members we are holding another Christmas giveaway! This year we have 20 Steam codes for the Rome II Pirates and Raiders DLC! Enter here for your chance to win!

Enter in the official entry thread here!

A new Youtuber hotseat revolving around the Teutonic campaign will begin soon. LegendofTotalWar is calling to arms all Youtube commentators to gear up and join the fight for the Baltic. Catch the full information here!

Click here for more details

The game Ultimate General: Gettysburg is now released! This game is based on the Battle of Gettysburg from the American Civil War, focusing on rich gameplay and details to make playing a fun challenge. Smart AI commanders, Multi-Day Dynamic Battle, and Numerous Tactical Factors are some of the main features available in the game. Read more about the release in the official thread here.

Read here!

Lionheartx10, totaltotalwar, oOiYviYOo, LegendofTotalWar, and The Rambler have come together for an interesting Youtube Hotseat on the Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms campaign. A Hotseat is a campaign game between players, where every player plays a faction and the saves between turns are sent from one player to the other. Watch an exciting campaign between these veteran players, as they strive to be the sole victor of the campaign. Share your thoughts, tips, and tricks for the players right here on the Total War Center forums.

Discuss here!

The second series of Campaigns of Destiny is completed. The second campaign, Aristeia, takes you through the Trojan War and the adventures of generals associated with it. Campaigns of Destiny is an After Action Report Project that covers key historical events of the world, via the use of Total War modifications. Each campaign offers an in-depth insight into the historical event and a colorful account of the persons associated with it, complete with pictures, dialogues, and campaign & battle videos.

Check it out here!

The Summer Writing Competition 2014, hosted by the TWC Scriptorium team has entered into the final week for submissions. The competition offers really cool prizes in form of medals for winners, and reputation points for the runner-ups. The last date of submission is September 30. For full information about the competition, the rules, and submissions can be found in the official thread here.

Post your questions or comments here!
Rome II and Total War Community Survey!
08-19-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

There are many opinions on Rome II and Total War generally. The question is what's yours? alQamar and fellow partners in crime have unleashed a new Total War community survey off the back of a very successful first survey many months ago. What do you want to see changed? What do you like about Rome II? What don't you like about Rome II? What can be improved? What are your feelings on Total War multiplayer? What should be the next game in the series?

Your opinion makes a difference and nearly 5000 give their insight in the first survey. That's a record to beat and what you say could have a real impact on the Total War series. Wait no longer and get involved right now!

Get your opinion in here!
TWC Olympic - Rome 2 Tournament finished!
08-08-14 | by Dictator Of The Roman Republic


In the map of the Statue of Zeus there was a massive and bloody
battle and from it arose the champion of the Rome II Elimination Tournament.


Rome is now celebrating his victory and as Champion, He has also won a Intel i7 CPU 4770k,
a gold medal and reps. Sobchack and GoTW Kubee will be rewarded a silver and bronze medal and reps for their successful wins!

View More Here
TWC Mod Register
08-02-14 | by Dictator Of The Roman Republic

Gigantus Working on the Mod Register

We are pleased to announce the Mod Register, a database of hosted mods on TWC and related info such as usage permission. We hope this will be a very helpful and convenient tool for many members. Team leaders - register your mod today!

Visit the Mod Register Today!
The Battle Of Amon Sul Machinima Video
08-01-14 | by Dictator Of The Roman Republic

The Battle of Amon Sul is a Total War machinima video by xHolyCrusader. It's based on the Divide & Conquer submod for Third Age:Total War on the Medieval Kingdoms: Total War engine. Check out other examples of xHolyCrusader's work in the link below.

View More Here
TWC Olympics: Rome II Tournament Preview
07-31-14 | by Dictator Of The Roman Republic

DarrenTotalWar brings you the first battle of the TWC Olympics Rome II elimination tournament in his very own fight against LegendOfTotalWar. Darren takes an in depth look at both armies, the terrain and what mistakes were made in this epic first battle featuring close up action, zoomed out tactical insight and some interesting moves on both sides. Discuss about the battle in the link below.

Discuss Here
TWC Olympics - Rome 2 Tournament Round 1 Results
07-29-14 | by Dictator Of The Roman Republic

The TWC Olympics : Rome 2 Elimination tournament got on its way yesterday and already we've had some surprising results. With the first stage now finished only 8 remain. Who will become the winner in TWC's first ever Olympic Rome 2 Elimination Tournament? Check out the results in the image above or in the link below.

Round 1 Results Here

Sign-ups for this years TWC Olympics - including the Rome II Knockout tournament are now under way. Games begin on the week of Monday the 28th of July with sign-up open between now and Saturday the 26th of July. Rome II isn't the only game on offer - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Chess, Mount and Blade, Wargame: Red Dragon and the Risk-esque Warlight are some of the other events.

Players of all skills are welcome to join the fun and games. The only question is do you have game? Do you have the courage?

Check out the Sign-Up Forum

From Rome: Total War to Shogun 2, Darth Vader is a name as synonymous to Total War modding as it is to the Death Star. Ultimate General: Gettysburg is a new and very addictive Steam Early Access game designed by none other than Darth Vader - the TW modding legend himself. Command thousands of Union or Confederate troops in this very neat Tactical Battle Simulator at the crucial Battle of Gettysburg.

Total War Center is very pleased to announce the opening of a new discussion forum for Game-Labs - the developers behind the much talked about new title. The forum is awash with useful information on this cool game from the TW modding maestro, so be sure not to delay in checking it out! You can even catch some of the game developers such as Darth and husserlTW in the forum too!

Check out the New Forum Here!

Total War Writers Needed - Join Us Now!
06-07-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

Total War Center wouldn't exist if it weren't for volunteers sharing their affection or loathing for Total War with the masses. If you have your opinions on Total War like we do, want your voice heard by the entire community, while learning some useful and cool skills in the process, then perhaps joining our very merry Total War Center staff team is for you!

Total War Feature / News Writers
TWC would be nothing without Total War and we're looking for those who can or would be willing to learn how to take a topic on Total War - such as the recent Hannibal of the Gates DLC, and create entertaining and informative articles surrounding them. You don't necessarily need past experience as we will give you all the guidance needed to create great and superbly written articles.

If longer articles or features aren't your thing, we also are always happy to have an extra hand writing shorter news posts both on the TWC frontpage, Twitter and Facebook. So if you're a social media guru or want to learn the ins and outs of bringing fresh content to an audience then please drop us a line on the forum.

If you're interested in any of the roles above or you think you have something different or unique to bring to Total War Center staff generally, we'd love to hear from you.

Join Us Now!

Campaigns of Destiny AAR
05-26-14 | by Dictator Of The Roman Republic

The Wise Coffin has started on a series of AARS that will cover various points throughout history by using mods with the Total War series, the whole AAR has been broken into two sections of CE and BCE. The first campaign AAR has been finished with the use of the Gods & Generals mod for Rome: Total war. His next campaign AAR will be with the Trojan Wars with the use of the Aristeia mod.

View More Here

Wangrin's Modding Summit Review
04-22-14 | by Dictator Of The Roman Republic

Wangrin has complied together a very in-dept review of the recent CA modding summit held in March, the review consists of various detailed questions and answers that were made at the summit such as file types, music, scripting and more.

View / Discuss Here

Crusader Kings 2 - New Modding Subforum
03-28-14 | by Dictator Of The Roman Republic

Total War Center is pleased to announce that we will be giving more support to Paradox's Crusader Kings 2. You can check out the new sub-forum here, At the moment we are particularly interested in jump-starting on any modding projects you want to start on, whether its big or small. If you are interested in modding CK2, please feel free to start your own mod in this thread here. Additionally, if you feel really enthusiastic you can also join the CK2 sub-forum Development Team by applying to the following group.

It's time for Total War Center to decide who has been the best of the rest in the forum community this past year with the start of the Annual TWC Site Awards. Who has made you laugh on TWC this year? Who stands above the bloodied corpses of the many who dared to debate them? Is there a user that has helped you out in a tough spot this year?

The TWC Member Awards starts with the nomination period where you can put forward the names of the people you think should be options the community can vote on. With the prestige and prizes of funky forum medal images on the line, you can't afford not to nominate can you? Of course you can't, get to it!

The nominations will close Sunday 16th of March with voting starting soon after that.

Nominate Here!


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