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TWC front Community News

New to the Total War series with Total War Warhammer? Or just looking to improve your arsenal in every way possible? Check out PartyElite's tutorials video highlighting those small little things that can mean the difference between victory and defeat on the battlefield in Warhammer. Even veterans will likely learn something new!

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The TWC 2014 Modding Awards Voting Phase is finally upon us! Head on over now and vote for your favorite mods and modders from 2014. Voting will be open for at least 2 weeks, with an extra 7 days for extra time or runoff votes. Many mods for Eras up to Rome II from 2014 are eligible, so come vote for your favorites today! Voting closes on July 1st.

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Graphics Competition of the Month: Warhammer
05-21-16 | by Shankbot de Bodemloze

Submit your piece now for the GW's Monthly Graphics Competition.

This months theme is WARHAMMER!

Enter for your chance to win some reputation and some bling!

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TWC 2014 Modding Awards
05-04-16 | by Hader

The TWC 2014 Modding Awards are finally upon us! Head on over now and nominate your favorite mods and modders from 2014. Nominations will be open for at least 2 weeks, with the voting period for about as long afterwards. All mods for Eras up to Rome II from 2014 are eligible, so come nominate your favorites today! Nominations close on May 19th.

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The TWC 2015 Member Awards are now live! You've made your nominations, and the Voting period will last until April 27th, so come on over and vote for your favorite members in each category now!

TWC 2015 Member Awards Now Live!
03-12-16 | by Hader

The TWC 2015 Member Awards are now live! The Nomination period will last for ~ 2 weeks until March 26th, so come on over and nominate your favorite members for each category now!

Nominations Open Now!

The submissions for this month's Graphic's Competition is started and the theme is Carnival! While improving your creative and artistic side, you can also gain some reputation and bling. Just don't be late!

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Writers' Study Yearly Awards
02-07-16 | by SharpEyed

Voting for Writers' Study Yearly Awards is started. There are many categories with as many Creative Writing and After Action Report. Check them out!

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Picture of the Year Competition - 2015
02-01-16 | by SharpEyed

Voting for Picture of the Year Competition 2015 has just been started. Go and see those amazing pictures and choose your best 3 until 28th February!

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TWC Chess Club
11-28-15 | by FrostySOTF

Hello everyone, a TWC Chess Club is currently being created and is looking for people who are interested in playing chess with some great people, the club is open to all users and would gladly welcome you!

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In preparation for the first official future release of The Great Conflicts 872-1071, which is a mod for Medieval II TW: Kingdoms, there is an exclusive Let's Play with LegendofTotalWar. They appreciate and looking forward for all the feedback and help!

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TWC Arena Wiki Project
10-09-15 | by FrostySOTF

Total War Center is looking for volunteers to aid in expanding our wiki regarding Total War: ARENA. The game is steadily approaching it's release and TWC is aiming to have a rich data base that will help people become more knowledgeable in-game and give you the tools to win more often! If you are an active ARENA player looking to help out and gain some rep along the way then this is the place for you!

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Voting for the 2015 Summer Writing Competition is nearing an end. September 15th is the last day to vote, so if you haven't already, head on over to read and vote on your peers' hard work!

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Graphics Competition - Superheroes!
08-31-15 | by FrostySOTF

This month's Graphic's Competition is up! The theme this time is Superheroes! Come unleash your inner artist while expressing your love for your favorite hero(s)! This is a chance to get creative and artistic while at the same time earning a good chunk of rep!

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Voting is now available in the 2015 Summer Writing Competition hosted by your trusty Librarians! Go and read some great works by your fellow TWC users and vote on your favorite pieces!

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Total War: Warhammer Forum
08-05-15 | by FrostySOTF

Excited about the upcoming release of Total War: Warhammer? We all are! That is why TWC has it's very own forum dedicated to speaking of the upcoming release, from what we want to see to what we've already seen from CA, it covers everything from screenshots to lore and potential mods for the future even! If you want to find out more about the game everyone's anticipating then you need to see these threads!

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Game Reviews!
07-26-15 | by FrostySOTF

Do you want a heartfelt and honest review on any video game? Or maybe just wanting the opinion of another? Then the Game Reviews sub-forum is the place for you! Come join as the TWC community discusses the pros and cons, ins and outs, everything to be said of many different games. Whether it is reading, suggesting, or writing, get involved now if you truly are a gamer!

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Summer 2015 Writing Competition
07-10-15 | by FrostySOTF

It is upon us! The latest writing competition hosted by your trusty TWC Librarians. This newest competition is about space; anything you can think of! Be it Star Trek or the Space Race, it's all fair game! There are four awards up for grabs, rep as well! So if you want to create a literary masterpiece while earning some bling for your profile then get to writing!

Graphics Competition
07-08-15 | by FrostySOTF

Calling all artists, potential artists, graphic designers, and any who just like to mess around with images. The Graphics Competition needs more participants to step up to the plate and up the ante. This month's theme is anything TWC, so show your love for the site in this contest! Do you seek fame and free t-shirts or even a chance to earn some rep?

If so then head on over!

The Total War Center University was made long ago in an effort to give modders and prospective modders an environment to both teach and learn the various techniques crucial to successful modding of Total War titles. Since then the University has grown to include more than just modding related classes, and right now the Course Creative Writing is being offered and starting in just a couple days. The course is designed to give you writing skills and to be a place to express your creative side, it will include a variety of written assignments that you can let your imagination run free with and create something wonderful that is uniquely your own.

Sign up now before it's too late!


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