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TWC front Community News
Crusader Kings 2 - New Modding Subforum
03-28-14 | by Dictator Of The Roman Republic

Total War Center is pleased to announce that we will be giving more support to Paradox's Crusader Kings 2. You can check out the new sub-forum here, At the moment we are particularly interested in jump-starting on any modding projects you want to start on, whether its big or small. If you are interested in modding CK2, please feel free to start your own mod in this thread here. Additionally, if you feel really enthusiastic you can also join the CK2 sub-forum Development Team by applying to the following group.

It's time for Total War Center to decide who has been the best of the rest in the forum community this past year with the start of the Annual TWC Site Awards. Who has made you laugh on TWC this year? Who stands above the bloodied corpses of the many who dared to debate them? Is there a user that has helped you out in a tough spot this year?

The TWC Member Awards starts with the nomination period where you can put forward the names of the people you think should be options the community can vote on. With the prestige and prizes of funky forum medal images on the line, you can't afford not to nominate can you? Of course you can't, get to it!

The nominations will close Sunday 16th of March with voting starting soon after that.

Nominate Here!

The Westeros: Total War Gaming Staff team, has recently announced the final level of the Tag Team Tourney Hotseat Championship. The first, second and third Tag Tournaments are almost over, and the winning teams from the first levels, will now face each other in the Finale: to find which one is the "Best Westeros Pair"! It is almost time for the teams to face each other, and fight for 25 rep, a medal, and infinite glory!

Rules+FAQ can be Found Here\Official Finale Thread Here

Total War Center's Gaming Staff has recently announced the new tournament, War of the Worlds, an epic Hotseat which will determine once and for all which is the BEST Hotseat community of Total War Center! The three biggest and most vibrant Hotseat Communitites of Total War Center, The Main Area Forum, The Westeros Forum and The Third Age Total War Forum will compete against each other in a Hotseat to prove which one is the best! The time has now come to start the nominations and let each Hotseat Communit pick their 2 most talented and experienced players to represent their team, be sure to check out the rules and sign up before the nominations are closed!

More Info \ Nominate Here
TWC's Best Games Of 2013 Results
02-20-14 | by Dictator Of The Roman Republic

After an array of games that were put up for nominations by the public, in 11 unique categories, it's now time to see your category winners and best game of the year 2013. Be sure to leave some feedback and discuss the results in the link below.

View the winners Here
Best Games of 2013? Vote Now!
01-16-14 | by Dictator Of The Roman Republic

After an array of games that have been put up for nominations by the public, in 11 unique categories, it's now time for the voting
to commence. With a deadline of the 22nd Of January it's time for you to vote for your winner!

Good luck and may the best game win

Vote for your game here

As 2013 comes to a close, any respecting gamer is naturally considering what the best games were in the last calendar year. In preparation for a special edition of the Gamers' Gazette, nominate your best games of the last year now! Help the community decide definitively what the best-of-rest last year have been. Was Grand Theft Auto V your 2013 pièce de résistance? Did you get endless citations in Papers Please? Or were the likes of The Stanley Parable, Bioshock Infinite, Super Mario 3D World, and Saints Row IV your best-of-the-rest in 2013? Check out the forum and nominate now!

Decide Now TWC!
Merry Christmas Lottery From TWC!
12-25-13 | by Omnipotent-Q

In the true spirit of Christmas, Total War Center is having a lottery giveaway with 10 $20 Steam Wallet vouchers up for grabs. All you have to do is head over to this thread to read the rules and post to enter. The winners will then be selected at random on December 29th.

From everyone at Total War Center, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See More Here!
Review Of The Month: 1st Anniversary
12-21-13 | by Dictator Of The Roman Republic

The Review Of The Month XII competition is a special number as it's the 1st anniversary since it was first started a year ago this month. For those who posted in the first edition be sure to enter this month's as a ROTM reunion, and to those who are regulars or even new be sure to enter in this special commemorative edition too. Be sure to leave a congratulatory comment here!

Enter the competition here, good luck!

Total War Center now has a delightful new Facebook page! Ready to keep you up-to-date on all things Total War and the many things to get involved with on TWC, there's no reason not to throw us a cheeky like right away! Feel free to get your friends, colleagues, your mother, or even your dog to like it too to guarantee your place as the cool-of-the-cool and a Facebook hero!

Like Us Here!
TWC Modding Awards 2012
12-07-13 | by Dictator Of The Roman Republic

For the past 7 years TWC has been proudly giving out deserved awards for both mods and modders around the site. Following this we're very pleased to announce the winners of the 8th TWC Modding Awards. Also be sure to view Naxzul666's Modding Awards video.

View The Winners Here!
Get Your Minecraft Fill at Our Sister Site!
11-01-13 | by Omnipotent-Q

Minecraft 1.7.2 has been released in an update that changes the world! Don't miss this opportunity to discuss the new update at our very neat sister site fully dedicated to Minecraft: www.minecraftcenter.net - your best source for Minecraft!

Visit Here!
New TWC Cafepress Store!
09-25-13 | by Omnipotent-Q

Everyone loves a bit of swag, and Total War Center now has you covered with our new and delightful Cafepress store. Very neat "Modding Rules" coffee mugs, TWC themed mousemats, T-Shirts, and even shot glasses to enjoy your favourite poison are all-available. All sales help keep this site online to deliver you your Total War and modding fill. Remember, you can also get an item just the way you want it by requesting custom artwork in the TWC Cafepress forum!

Check it Out Here
Rome II Graphics Workshop Competition
09-19-13 | by Omnipotent-Q

To celebrate the release of the long awaited Total War: Rome 2, the Graphics Competition is growing! From now on we will accept submissions twice the size of the traditional format, so hurry up and submit Your contribution!

Read More Here
Tale of the Week 200 - Vote Now!
08-29-13 | by Hader

For the voting thread, click here!

Love Total War? Join TWC Staff!
08-24-13 | by Omnipotent-Q

Total War Center wouldn't exist if it wasn't for volunteers sharing their affection for Total War with the masses. If you love Total War like we do and want your opinions heard, while learning some useful and cool skills in the process, then perhaps joining our very merry Total War Center staff team is for you! We've got the following gaps in our team available. We'd love to hear from anyone interested in joining our team regardless of whether it involves a role listed below or not, so shoot us a message if you feel you've got something to add. Time travelling to Roman-era Uncle Sam demands it!

"Ultimate Rome II Guide" Team
We're assembling a team to create a "Prima quality" guide that will stand the test of time, with the aim of sitting at Number #1 in Steam's Rome II community hub. This is a project where you could point to the guide in several years' time and say, "I helped create that". If you're playing Rome II from release day, and can help out with the likes of writing multiplayer tips, good advice for particular factions, battle tactics, or simply want to give advice, please drop us a line.

News Team
Our news team provide up-to-the minute news through our main page and Twitter on everything Total War and modifications. We're looking for Total Warriors with excellent English skills to add flair, vim, and verve to the News Desk.

Mod Reviewers / Total War writers
The Eagle Standard has been the bread and butter for anyone looking to get the latest modification reviews and in-depth Total War articles since 2005. If ranting and raving about the latest developments in the Total War world is something you do. If reviewing modifications such as the Last Great War and the Third Age: Total War sounds like your cup of tea. Then why not give it a go?

Wiki Team
TWC's Wiki provides key information on mods and everything else Total War, and Total War Center. We're looking to add a few faces to our team of grizzled SysOp veterans.

Re-Opening of the Badge Competition!
08-22-13 | by Major Darling

In keeping with our remodeling of the forums and the fact that the release of Total War: Rome II is just a few short weeks away, Staff are re-opening the BADGE COMPETITION. The deadline will be AUGUST 31st and voting will begin after that. We are opening this competition to the public; the forums are bursting with energy, enthusiasm, and talent, and we'd love to see what everyone can come up with! The badges MUST be Roman-themed or, at least, clearly related to Antiquity (we wouldn't be averse to seeing a hoplite or two). Certain other requirements have to be met for the badges which are detailed in the link below.

Prizes are as follows:
1st: Everlasting Kleos and 50 Rep.
2nd: 25 Rep.
3rd: 25 Rep.

View the Rules and Enter Now!

Total War Center staple the Tale of the Week has hit the massive milestone of the 200th competition. With us all walking the Road to Rome, the theme for this week is Ancient Rome. Betrayal, the Legion, Roman, Citizen, Greeks are just some of the keywords to think about. Copious rep and medals are on offer for those with an eye for glory!

Read More Here!

Deus Vult II: A Crusader Era Forum RPG
07-31-13 | by Omnipotent-Q

Play a landless knight seeking land, a zealot seeking salvation, or a priest looking for an archbishopric.
The Crusade is here, and God Wills It!

In the year 1204, the name of the Crusade was forever stained as a corrupt enterprise when Constantinople was sacked by an army of Franks and Italians bearing the Cross. Originally in search of money and wealth to fund the Fourth Crusade's eventual conquest, Egypt, the 20,000 men who sacked Constantinople were corrupted and angered by Greek lies and a long campaign. The Roman Empire was displaced from Thrace and Thessalonica, and the so-called Latin Empire was formed, a feudal regime of Franks and Italians to rule over the 'amoral' Greeks.

Great rewards lie in wait for those with the veracity to grasp the reins of fate in Deus Vult II: A Crusader RPG.

Play Deus Vult now!

Product Reviews needs you!
07-23-13 | by Hader

Product Reviews needs you!

Have a product you bought that you just love, and would recommend it to others? Or have you ever bought something, and hated it so much that you would never buy it again, nor wish it on your worst enemy? Well Total War Center has a place for you. Pop on over to the Product Reviews section and let your opinions be heard!

Additionally, the Product Reviews section is host to the fantastic Review of the Month competition. Do you dare to enter the competition to see if your review will rise above all others?

Check out the Product Reviews today!


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