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The Total War Center University was made long ago in an effort to give modders and prospective modders an environment to both teach and learn the various techniques crucial to successful modding of Total War titles. Since then the University has grown to include more than just modding related classes, but it needs able and willing professors to teach all classes! If you're a skilled modder in any field, or have any expertise in another area you think others might find interesting, stop by the university and apply to become a professor. Or if you have suggestions or requests for class topics, feel free to stop by as well and put the idea out there and hopefully someone with the experience is willing to teach. Whichever you choose, you're contributing to the growth of the university, TW modding, and yourself!

Check out the TWC University today!
TWC Content Needs You!
04-05-15 | by StealthFox

Total War Center wouldn't exist if it wasn't for volunteers sharing their passion for Total War with the masses. If you have your opinions on Total War like we do, want your voice heard by the entire community, while learning some useful and cool skills in the process, then perhaps joining our very merry Total War Center staff team is for you! There are many opportunities for all skills and interests! We will be highlighting a different area of Content Staff to give you an idea of all the areas available where you can participate. TWC would be nothing without Total War, so today we feature the Total War centered areas including the News Team and the Eagle Standard. Stay tuned for another coming posting featuring additional areas of Content.

See Here For More Information
This is Total War!!!
03-31-15 | by m_1512

Legend of Total War takes on the world as the Western Roman Empire in a This is Total War campaign. He must be at war with every faction the turn he comes into contact with them. Will Rome still burn, or can he save them?

Discuss here!
TWC Modding Awards 2013
03-19-15 | by StealthFox

Better late than never...
The Modding Awards for 2013 are finally here! Send your mind backwards to 2013 and nominate your favorite mods and modders so we can recognize the legends of TWC. Modding is the beating heart of this site, and it's time to pay homage to all who work so hard to better the Total War experience for all. The nomination period will last two weeks ending on March 31.

Visit the Modding Awards Forum for more information!

TWC Member Awards 2014
02-15-15 | by StealthFox

The TWC Member Awards for 2014 is now open with the nomination period closing February 25. Get your posts in so we can recognize all the TWC legends that make this the special place it is. Lots of categories are ready for your nominations including the wildly popular "Favorite Avatar Award" from last year. Head on over to the nomination thread now to let your voice be heard!
Best Games of 2014
02-03-15 | by StealthFox

The voting phase for TWC Best Games of 2014 Competition is now on! The site has already nominated its choices in the respective categories, but you can still make a difference by voting for your favorites of 2014. The vote runs through Saturday so head on over and start voting!

Check out the forum and vote now!

Decide Now TWC!

There are only a few days left to cast your vote in TWC's Picture of the Year Competition. Don't miss out! Make sure your voice is heard before it's too late! So head over to the competition vote for your favorite picture.

Vote for your favorite picture here!
Best Games of 2014
01-10-15 | by StealthFox

As 2014 comes to a close, any respecting gamer is naturally considering what the best games were in the last calendar year. Last year we held a special Game of the Year competition here on Total War Center, and we are doing it again. Help the community decide definitively what the best-of-rest last year have been. Was Dragon Age: Inquisition your 2014 pièce de résistance? Did you explore the Himalayan nation of Kyrat in Far Cry 4? Or were utterly frightened yet intrigued by Alien Isolation?

Check out the forum and nominate now!

Decide Now TWC!

LegendofTotalWar has organized a small competition, and the prize is a copy of Total War Attila. Further, as the prize is a pre-ordered copy, it will also come with the Viking Forefathers Culture Pack DLC. To participate, simply watch the video and answer a few questions asked in the video and send them to LegendofTotalWar. You can find further information and ask any queries or questions in the thread here.

Check it out now!

The Picture of the Year Competition is here! The year 2014 witnessed many great entries in the weekly PoTW competitions and we all got the pleasure of enjoying all those wonderful screenshots taken by talented photographers. Now is the time to select the winner among the winning pictures, and among 46 winning pictures, 18 have been selected to partake in this special event. Selecting the ultimate picture will not be easy! So head over to the competition and put your vote for the picture you like.

Vote for the best picture here!

The Antiqua Imperium mod is calling for modders to join the mod's development team. Antiqua Imperium is a total overhaul mod for Total War Rome II Emperor Edition that aims to provide a historically authentic and strategically challenging experience from the First Punic War through to ~100CE with a series of mini-campaigns as well as a rebalanced Grand Campaign using the new Imperator Augustus map. So if you would like to help out the mod by joining the team, contact the mod leader now! Also check out more information about the game here.

Discuss here!

The Europa Barbarorum II is in need of volunteers, and calls for aid! Europa Barbarorum II is a mod for Medieval II Total War Kingdoms that takes your game to the timeline of the Roman era, and includes a ton of features and historical realism. To continue this legendary mod, the team requires new contributors who can dedicate their time and skill for this mod, as 2D artists, modellers, programmers, scripters...etc. If you are interested in this mod and would like to help, give your support to the team here.

Volunteer here!
TWC Chess Tournament
12-18-14 | by StealthFox
Do you fancy yourself a chess master? Then now's the time to prove it by joining the TWC Chess Tournament!

The Tournament opens on the 28th of December at 11:30 GMT. So sign up before then!

For more information click here.
TWC Christmas 2014 Giveaway
12-05-14 | by m_1512

To show our appreciation for all our great members we are holding another Christmas giveaway! This year we have 20 Steam codes for the Rome II Pirates and Raiders DLC! Enter here for your chance to win!

Enter in the official entry thread here!

A new Youtuber hotseat revolving around the Teutonic campaign will begin soon. LegendofTotalWar is calling to arms all Youtube commentators to gear up and join the fight for the Baltic. Catch the full information here!

Click here for more details

The game Ultimate General: Gettysburg is now released! This game is based on the Battle of Gettysburg from the American Civil War, focusing on rich gameplay and details to make playing a fun challenge. Smart AI commanders, Multi-Day Dynamic Battle, and Numerous Tactical Factors are some of the main features available in the game. Read more about the release in the official thread here.

Read here!

Lionheartx10, totaltotalwar, oOiYviYOo, LegendofTotalWar, and The Rambler have come together for an interesting Youtube Hotseat on the Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms campaign. A Hotseat is a campaign game between players, where every player plays a faction and the saves between turns are sent from one player to the other. Watch an exciting campaign between these veteran players, as they strive to be the sole victor of the campaign. Share your thoughts, tips, and tricks for the players right here on the Total War Center forums.

Discuss here!

The second series of Campaigns of Destiny is completed. The second campaign, Aristeia, takes you through the Trojan War and the adventures of generals associated with it. Campaigns of Destiny is an After Action Report Project that covers key historical events of the world, via the use of Total War modifications. Each campaign offers an in-depth insight into the historical event and a colorful account of the persons associated with it, complete with pictures, dialogues, and campaign & battle videos.

Check it out here!

The Summer Writing Competition 2014, hosted by the TWC Scriptorium team has entered into the final week for submissions. The competition offers really cool prizes in form of medals for winners, and reputation points for the runner-ups. The last date of submission is September 30. For full information about the competition, the rules, and submissions can be found in the official thread here.

Post your questions or comments here!
Rome II and Total War Community Survey!
08-19-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

There are many opinions on Rome II and Total War generally. The question is what's yours? alQamar and fellow partners in crime have unleashed a new Total War community survey off the back of a very successful first survey many months ago. What do you want to see changed? What do you like about Rome II? What don't you like about Rome II? What can be improved? What are your feelings on Total War multiplayer? What should be the next game in the series?

Your opinion makes a difference and nearly 5000 give their insight in the first survey. That's a record to beat and what you say could have a real impact on the Total War series. Wait no longer and get involved right now!

Get your opinion in here!


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