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TWC front Community News
The 500th Picture of the Week Competition
10-13-17 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

This marks the 500th Picture of the Week Competition, and we'd like to invite everyone to join in.
Submissions close - and voting opens! - on Friday 27th October.

Enter the competition here!

We are glad to invite all TW: WH players to the main event of current multiplayer tournaments' season - Long Playing. This competition based on TW: Arena format is dedicated to upcoming release of the second part of the Warhammer trilogy, recently announced by Creative Assembly. That's why the main prize is Total War: Warhammer 2! In addition to this, there are special prizes prepared by sponsors and supporters of Long Playing project.

View more here!
2016 TWC Modding Awards - Vote Now!
05-12-17 | by Shankbot de Bodemloze

The TWC Modding Awards voting phase is now open! Be sure to follow the link to vote for your favourite mods and modders of 2016 - the polls will be open until May 31st.

Vote now!
TWC Modding Awards - Nominations Open!
04-11-17 | by Polemaios

The 2016 Modding Awards' nomination phase is open! Head on over now and nominate your favourite mods and modders from the last year. Nomination phase will be open for at least 3 weeks. This is also Total War: Warhammer's debut for the awards.

Vote in appropriate threads!
TWC Youtube Channel Renewal
04-08-17 | by Hader

Total War Center Media Staff is proud to present the beginning of TWC's Youtube Channel renewal. Be sure to follow us as we being to develop more content, and stay tuned for information on getting your own personal content featured on our channel as well! We look forward to bringing you more TWC exclusive media content in the future, but are just as eager to help our mods and modders as well as all Total War content creators abroad in creating and sharing all of the amazing Total War content that exists.

The NTW3 Tournament of the Vivandiere is now c​oming to an end. The Lordz together with Total War Center, Napoleon-Souvenirs and the Golden Musket will be broadcasting its final stage tomorrow on Saturday 25th March at 3PM UTC.

Find Napoleonic: Total War 3 Twitch channel here!

You are warmly invited to attend the Awards Ceremony for the Writers' Study Yearly Awards as voting, which included 11 categories in this year, ended a few days ago.

See results here!

The Total War Center University was made long ago in an effort to give modders and prospective modders an environment to both teach and learn the various techniques crucial to successful modding of Total War titles. Since then the University has grown to include more than just modding related classes, and right now the Course Legacy Modding Basics I is being offered and starting soon. The goal of this course is for the students to learn the basics of modding RTW and M2TW so they can began making small changes or creating sub-mods. As a result it hopes that the students will get closer to 'What a modder is' and be inspired to learn and try more by themselves. Don't forget to check out other courses, or propose new ones yourself!

Spring multiplayer season opens with a new Warhammer: TW tournament - Minions of Fortune. Clan community team has tried to create balanced rules, and has been consulting with WH:TW players since Winter Cup. In effect format of Minions of Fortune is similar to Cup of Nations' one with significant change relevant to amount of factions available to choose by one player.

View more here!
Game of the Year 2016 Voting
02-05-17 | by Polemaios

The nominations have ended, and the time for voting is now! You have until the 27th February to vote for your favourite games in 14 categories, so why don't you have a look?

Vote here!
Picture of the Year 2016 Competition
02-04-17 | by Polemaios

It is time to vote for Picture of the Year 2016! 16 beautiful works are in your hands now and you can decide which one will win the competition. Remember that the voting ends at 28th February and result of POTY 2016 will be revealed at 1st March.

Read rules and vote!
Writers' Study Yearly Awards
01-17-17 | by Polemaios

Make your nominations now for the creative writing and AARs of the year in the Writers' Study Yearly Awards!

Find out more about this event here!

Another year, another Gamer's Gazette hosted Game of the Year competition! The nominations have started, and it is up to you, fellow TWCers, to make sure your favourite games of the year are present when the voting begins. To ease you into the new year, we have also readied issue XIII of the Gamer's Gazette for your pleasure! Come, have a read why don't you?

Esteemed fellow TWCenterers, it's with great pleasure and excitement that we hereby inform you that the 2016 Member Awards are now live!.

It is tradition here at TWC to reward meritable members with a special award, as voted upon the whole membership. Everyone is invited to participate with nominations and votes; how many times did you think that that member is deserving recognition for his/her awesome contributions and posts? That's the good chance to show such members your appreciation! Not everyone is going to win, that's obvious, but even a single nomination is important as a form of recognition, so don't miss this chance and start nominating!

For every question or doubt, please refer to the Discussion Thread. Furthermore, before nominating, do not forget to check the rules in the OP of the Nominations Thread .
Warring States game
10-30-16 | by Blastoise Groudon

Warriors of TWC! Japan needs you and needs you now! Can you help lead your men to victory and take over Japan as the true Shogun? The Warring States game is taking signups and we would love to have you join! Can you lead them to victory as the Hojo clan? Can you beat back the legendary Oda clan or Takeda clan against your fellow TWC players? Come test your abilities!

See more here!
2015 Modding Awards Voting Open
10-30-16 | by Hader

The 2015 Modding Awards voting phase is open! Head on over now and vote for your favorite mods and modders from 2015. Voting will be open for at least 3 weeks. This is Total War: ATTILA's debut for the awards, so head on over and vote today! View the Rules and start voting now! Voting closes on November 20th.

Vote now!

Scriptorium Winter Competition 2016
10-28-16 | by Blastoise Groudon

Everyone! Listen up! The Chief Imperial Librarian here at the Empire of Total War Center has issued an Edict. He says we will have an writing competition and it will be hosted soon. There will be a variety of categories and we cannot do this without you. Please, show off your writing skills and submit your work to a Librarian today! Long live the Scriptorium Winter Competition 2016!

See more here!
War of the Roses RP game!
10-07-16 | by Blastoise Groudon

Are you a fan of Medieval English history? If you are, we invite you to check out our new game here at the Total War Center RP sub forum. It is an War of the Roses setting and we could always use new players. It may be two years into the game, but come now and change the course of history! Can you help Edward of York stay on as King, or can you help his foes kick him out?

See more here!
You Are The Senate
10-01-16 | by Hader
You Are The Senate

Rome, 91BC. The tribune Marcus Livius Drusus proposes to extend Roman citizenship to it's allied Italian cities. However, he is assassinated in protest to his plans. Upon hearing that their chance of citizenship has passed, the Italian cities revolt and the Social War of 91 BC erupts. You assume the mantel of a Roman Senator in these times of social unrest. Will you become as wealthy as the great Marcus Licinius Crassus? Will you amass absolute power like Gaius Julius Caesar? Or will you triumph over your enemies on the battlefield like the great Gaius Marius? The course of history is yours to command in You Are The Senate!

Sign up now!

Total War Center wouldn't exist if it wasn't for all da boyz sharing their passion for Total War with the masses. If you be one of dem boyz dats got them writing smarts, an eye for multimedia content or just a desire to give back to and grow the TWC and TW community, then perhaps joining our fightiness full WAAAAGGHHH!!!- I mean, Total War Center Content staff team is for you! There are many opportunities for all boyz and goblins alike. Visit the in depth announcement post now for more detailed information.

Join da WAAAAGGHHH today!!!


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