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The Gamer's Gazette - Issue 9

Issue 9 of The Gamer's Gazette has been released, this issue contains reviews of games such as The Watch Dogs, Thief and more! Those who are new to the publication, The Gamer's Gazette provides in-dept reviews, news and videos about the latest and greatest games around.

Read Issue 9 Here!

ToonTotalWar has updated his popular Rome II All in One mod pack with versions for Patch 13 and Patch 14 (beta). Toon's mod includes many graphic enhancements, unit packs and campaign mods bundled all in one. Check out the TWC forum thread or the Steam Workshop link for the full list of included mods.

Download here!

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Rome II: Medieval Kingdoms Total War - Video Preview

Medieval Kingdoms
is a mod for Rome II: Total War that aims to bring the ancient world to 1212 AD. The mod has released a video preview featuring units from it's mod. The video features English Knights and mercenary forces, view the units with the new models, textures and more in the video above. For more information, screenshots and videos, check out the Medieval Kingdoms Total War thread at the link below.

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Divide et Imperia: Faction Previews

Divide et Imperia is a wildly known conversion mod for Total War: Rome II with aims to bring you historical accuracy and immersion into the ancient world. The team have recently released two faction overhaul previews that will be out in the 0.95 update. The Lugii and the Edamim Afrikanim, both previews include an informative section based on the origins and history of the factions, also included in both previews are displays of the factions new highly detailed units.

The Lugii / Edamim Afrikanim

Sign-ups for this years TWC Olympics - including the Rome II Knockout tournament are now under way. Games begin on the week of Monday the 28th of July with sign-up open between now and Saturday the 26th of July. Rome II isn't the only game on offer - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Chess, Mount and Blade, Wargame: Red Dragon and the Risk-esque Warlight are some of the other events.

Players of all skills are welcome to join the fun and games. The only question is do you have game? Do you have the courage?

Check out the Sign-Up Forum

With Total War modders and players alike awaiting that all important Rome II Patch 14, TWC stalwart Gen.Chris has been checking out Ultimate General: Gettysburg - the creation of former Total War modder and galactic belligerent Darth Vader.

'...the AI of the enemy is absolutely ruthless, and with nine different options for how the AI behaves, every battle and every scenario can turn out differently from the last.'

Have you tried Ultimate General: Gettysburg? Are you excited to see a big Total War modder hit mainstream gaming development? Drop your thoughts and comments in the thread! Don't forget to check out Total War Center's hosted forum for the game too where the developers themselves are on hand to answer your questions and queries!

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Rome II: Alexander the Great

Not content with creating the awesome champLoo's Gold Unit Compilation, the aforementioned champLoo has created a mod for Macedon adding Alexander the Great to Rome II. 'Alexander's Companions' (led by Alexander himself as an officer) is a recruitable general unit for use in the grand campaign or in custom battles. No DLC required!

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TotalWarCast Season 4 Episode 11 Now Live!

DarrenTotalWar is joined by Gunny and DekuTrash to talk Naval Combat, answer user questions, and run down the latest site news and more! Check out the Warcast thread right here if iTunes or MP3 downloads are your preference over Youtube!

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DarrenTotalWar shows you how to beat the Rome II Historical Battle of Teutoburg Forest on Legendary Difficulty. Darren also gives a brief introduction on how this famous ambush came to fruition and how the battle really turned out.

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Rome II: Wolfman's 'Heroes of Rome'

Wolfman's a name that's quickly becoming a popular figure on the Rome II modding scene. With his newly updated 'Heroes of Rome' mod shown off in the machinima video above, it is easy to see why. Octavian, Pompey Magnus, Scipio Africanus, Marc Anthony, and Gaius Julius Caesar are some of the featured heroes. Several very nice units are also included such as the Equites Damascenorum. Wolfman's got a number of neat packs like this one so be sure to check them all out on Steam.

'Heroes of Rome' is for the grand campaign, and not for the Hannibal at the Gates/Caesar in Gaul DLCs

Download on Steam!

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Rome II: Sebidee's Iceni Roster Expansion

Sebidee has released his Iceni roster for Total War: Rome II. The roster expansion includes fifteen new units and one new re-skinned unit. Some of the new units include the recently previewed Head Hurlers, Druids, the Fianna and more! Be sure to look out for Sebidee's next roster expansion in his popular mod series, which will be for the Balkans faction.

View The Full Roster Here

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The Italian Wars

France and the Hapsburg fight to gain ascendancy over Italy in the well polished Kingdoms mod 'The Italian Wars'. The popular German mod has been translated to English with a campaign starting in 1493. It includes a new campaign map, many new events and plenty more to immerse yourself into a key period of Italian history.

Download Here

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Rome II: Iceni Head Hurlers Preview

Sebidee is continuing his unit pack series and lately He has been working on a new unit for the upcoming Iceni expansion pack for Total War: Rome II, the head hurlers which will not damage the enemy but will reduce their morale and formations. Check out the preview in the link below.

View The Preview Here

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The Helios: Issue 70

The Helios is back with its summer edition. Please join us here and see all there is to offer, from an analysis of the Fall of Constantinople to an exploration of Greek history and her modern national narrative. We appreciate our readers and will continue to bring you some of the best of TWC's academic content.

View Issue 70 Here

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The Top 10 Things You Like In Rome II

DarrenTotalWar has asked the Rome II General Discussion here on TWC and others around the web what their Top 10 things they like in Rome 2 are. You all responded in great detail and now the list has been compiled! Darren goes through the list counting down to number 1. Can you guess what it will be? Leave your list or any changes you would make in the thread below!

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