Rus unit roster revamped by a newcomer to the modding team, AlexiosThe1st, has arrived on Medieval Kingdoms: Total War for Total War: Attila. Although it's still being worked on, we can already enjoy a preview of 46 units from all three timeperiods included in mod's historical timeframe.

Full preview can be found here

07-19-17 | by Polemaios

Total War: Warhammer - Norsca

Prepare for more chaotic Warhammer I gameplay as norscan hordes will flood your computers on 10th August. That's when Norsca Race Pack will become available to play on WH1 grand campaign as an DLC or FLC if you also pre-order Warhammer II.

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07-18-17 | by Shankbot de Bodemloze

Royaume de France Preview - Albion Total War

The team behind the Medieval 2: Total War modification Albion Total War have released their latest faction preview. This preview looks at the Kingdom of France and includes leaders, banners, strat models, and unit previews.

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A Game of Thrones mod for Medieval Total War: Viking Invasion has been released!. Play one of nine factions fighting for control of the Iron Throne and Westeros in the power vacuum created by the death of Robert Baratheon.

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The WIP submod DCI: Last Alliance presents its strategy map. Experience more settlements to fight over in northern Eriador, redrawn borders at the Iron Hills, the Elven haven of Edhellond next to Gondor, and other modifications for lore and gameplay..asll ripe for the war between the hosts of Sauron and the Alliance of Elves and Men.

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07-06-17 | by Hader

General Analysis: Trojan War

General Analysis is a short Documentary series about the lives and accomplishments of the many generals throughout history. This series of General Analysis will be about the many heroes of the Trojan War, starting with the Bulwark of the Greeks, Telamonian Ajax. The mod in use is Aristeia: The Epic Cycle, for the Alexander expansion of RTW.
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Today CA announces a new class of historical Total War game on PC. Released under a new badge, Total War Saga games will be standalone spin-off titles focusing on exciting pivotal moments in history rather than whole historical eras. Read as Michael Whelan sits down with the game director on the first Total War Saga game, Jack Lusted, to find out what kind of Total War experience fans can expect from his team.

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07-02-17 | by Hader

Classical Age TW 1.2

Classical Age: Total War 1.2, the newest version of the CATW mod for Rome Total War, has been released! A rendition more faithful to the original idea of the ancient world in 300 BC, the mod has many differences and inclusions from both CATW 1.1 and CATW 2.0

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06-19-17 | by Shankbot de Bodemloze

TheWiseCoffin presents: Holland Total War overview

The TWC YouTube channel is pleased to give you an overview of the Rome: Total War mod Holland: Total War, presented by TheWiseCoffin. Check out the video above and be sure to post any comments you have in this thread.

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Check out the latest video from Total War Center YT channel, machinima spotlight on Medieval Kingdoms 1212 AD modification for Attila, made by nopinkcreations.

06-09-17 | by Hader

TWC 2016 Mod Awards Results

The Eagle Standard is pleased to present you its latest review of the TWC 2016 Modding Awards. If you are curious about the figures and the results for this year's edition, don't miss our review!

See the results here!

Wondering what's up next for CA and Total War? Read up on their latest developer blog detailing the plans on the next historical installments for the series, as well as the next Warhammer installment and Arena!

The DCI: Last Alliance-team proudly presents Isildur and Anárion, kings of Gondor, crafted by Luis Lux. This WIP Second Age mod to Third Age: Total War will grant tense and glorious battles, in an Age when hosts of Elves and Men simply walked into Mordor...

This unit analysis looks into the newest patch for Hyrule: Total War mod, made by UndyingNephalim. In particular to the race of the Deku Scrubs, and their roles in the Deku Tribes Armies.

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Divide et Impera v1.2.1 is an official release moved from v1.2 beta phase. The update is fully dedicated to the seven Hellenic factions which are given complete, historically accurate, new unit rosters: Athens, Pontus, Macedon, Epirus, Ptolemaic Kingdom, Seleucids and thracian Odrysians. 1.2.1 version also involves almost totally redone grand campaign as well as battle mechanics, known from beta stage of DeI, and other minor changes.

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