09-16-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

Review: Imperator Augustus Campaign

DarrenTotalWar breaks down all the important features of the Imperator Augustus Campaign and the Rome II Emperor Edition after its release earlier today in this brand new video review.

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09-16-14 | by m_1512

Rome II: Emperor Edition Released

The Total War: Rome II - Emperor Edition is now live! The definitive version of Rome II is available for both PC and Mac, and existing owners of Rome II will be updated to this edition for free via Steam. This update adds many neat improvements to politics and civil wars, building chains, graphics, UI and more. Last but not the least the update introduces the Imperator Augustus campaign and Armenia becomes a playable faction.

Future Imperator's in waiting would do well to get the full lowdown and patch notes right here. Remember to check out our fresh video review of the entire update too!

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09-15-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

Romanorum Acies Units Overhaul

Romanorum Acies is a unit texture overhaul for Rome II's Roman factions. The vanilla units have been changed to give them a more battle worn and metallic look in terms of armor. The units will also be featured in future updates of the popular Authentic Ancient World mod.

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09-15-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

Rome II: Augustus Marcomanni Exclusive

In this let's play video, WarriorofSparta has a new and exclusive look at the Marcomanni faction in the soon to be released Augustus Campaign for Rome II. The free campaign is set to be released tomorrow, September 16th.

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09-13-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

TotalWarCast Episode 13 released!

Darren, Gunny and DekuTrash discuss every aspect of the new Rome II Emperor Edition and the upcoming Imperator Augustus free DLC campaign. They also run down some of the latest mods to hit Total War Center and talk about the latest games released.

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Soft Regions-Soft Men is a Rome II mod that adds a new gameplay focus to the campaign. This mod provides benefits and penalties to military and taxation, based on the technology type researched. Advances in military research will provide a bonus to your military but give penalties to taxation, and vice versa. As the Greek Proverb goes - "Soft regions give birth to soft men".

Check it out here!

The winners for the Total War Mod Awards has been announced! The results were announced in a grand awards ceremony hosted by the Creative Assembly on the official Total War Twitch channel. You can find the full list of winners, and share your comments and appreciation in the official discussion thread.

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants.

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09-12-14 | by m_1512

CA: Mod Awards Finalized!

The Total War Mod Awards have been finalized, the player's choice voting has completed and the judges have sent their verdict. Creative Assembly will announce the results on their official Total War Twitch Channel today at 3pm British Summer Time. You can offer your best wishes and much appreciation to the nominees in the TWC discussion thread, which also includes further information about the awards.

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Creative Assembly has released an another biography from the Imperator Augustus Campaign, scheduled to release on September 16th. This time, the man in the spotlight is Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony), friend and ally of Julius Caesar. Check out the bio here now, and share your feedback in the official discussion thread.

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With just a few days left for the release of the Total War: Rome II - Emperor Edition, Creative Assembly has provided a Faction Reveal for the Imperator Augustus campaign. The Faction Reveal provides much information on the factions that will be playable in the campaign. With the campaign free for all existing Rome II owners, share your thoughts about the playable factions for the campaign in the official discussion thread here.

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DarrenTotalWar is back with a first look at the upcoming Imperator Augustus Campaign DLC. The campaign is set to be released with the Rome II: Emperor Edition on September 16. The video takes a look at the official Let's Play stream and provides an insight into the new content we will be seeing with the Augustus Campaign. DarrenTotalWar also dives into the Patch 15 Beta to provide a thorough analysis of the features that have been added to it.

Last but not the least, DarrenTotalWar asks for your thoughts on what the next Total War game could be. Tell us what you think in the discussion thread!

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Creative Assembly has engaged the power of Facebook to announce the next game in the Total War series will be revealed at the EGX London gameshow between the 25th and 28th of September. A limited number of tickets for the game show are still available on the EGX London Website.

Idle speculation and outlandish guesses have already begun in the Total War Center forum. What do you think the next game will be? A big Rome II expansion like Barbarian Invasion? Medieval 3? Empire 2? Some sort of Warhammer / Total War combo? Perhaps a brand new period entirely such as a Victoria: Total War? Be sure to throw in your opinion into the discussion thread and look like a genius if you get lucky with your guess!

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09-08-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

Rome II: Augustus Campaign Map Reveal

With the September 16th release date of the Total War: Rome II - Emperor Edition fast approaching, Creative Assembly has shown off the campaign map for the associated Imperator Augustus Campaign. It reveals the Augustus Campaign will span the entire map used in the Grand Campaign. With the campaign being free to all existing owners of Rome II, what's your opinion on how the campaign map shapes up? Discuss with other players and catch the full sized campaign map reveal right here in the Total War Center forum!

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09-08-14 | by m_1512

Rome II: Gods and Omens Mod

Gods and Omens for Rome II adds a list of local religious events every turn. The mod brings out an authentic atmosphere regarding the superstitious beliefs that existed in the ancient world. These events are decided by a random "dice roll" and simulating religious sacrifices and omen reading that will have a province-wide effect on armies.

Requires Dresden's 4 TPY with Seasonal Effects mod to work!

Check it out here!

09-07-14 | by m_1512

Rome II: Politics Overhaul Mod

Politics Overhaul is a Rome II mod that classifies the existing factions into 4 government types. The mod also adds really cool effects that are determined by the government type and political influence of the ruling house, and bringing the 4 standard effects in vanilla to 22 diverse effects.

Check it out here!

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