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Battle of Xiapi - Documentary

First episode of a series of historical battle documentaries called Campaigns of Destiny, has been released. It deals with the Battle of Xiapi (198 AD) when the combined forces of Cao Cao and Liu Bei faced against Lu Bu, defeating last-mentioned warlord. The Wise Coffin used Rise of Three Kingdoms mod for battle footage.

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It's time to present SoulGamesInc's video preview of Westeros: Total War 1.0 based on an example of custom siege battle with presence of House Greyjoy and Moat Cailin, an ancient stronghold of the First Men as well as impenetrable gateway standing vigilantly between southern Invaders and The North.

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Italian Wars mod team has finished another update. This time they fix inconsistencies in low level general titles. This prevents situation where low-level general would not hold "duke of *enter city name*" title.

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The Men of the Mountains are now previewed, for DCI Last Alliance , a WIP mod for Third Age: Total War , set at the end of the Second Age. Will the Men of the Mountains uphold their Oath, or betray Isildur? Only time can tell...

The Wise Coffin's narrative let's play with one of the new versions of Medieval 2: Total War - Kingdoms modification - Hyrule: Total War v4.4 created by UndyingNephali, arrived. It should be noted that this narrative based on Labrynna faction gameplay will be resumed when a certain bug is fixed in the mod.

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Creative Assembly has set the date of the update of newly released Custom Battle Map Editor for Total War: Warhammer - Terry. New version of Assembly Kit will be made available on 28th February (along with Bretonnia release) and it will allow players to place their own custom maps onto the campaign in any location they want.

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Game of the Year 2016 Voting

The nominations have ended, and the time for voting is now! You have until the 27th February to vote for your favourite games in 14 categories, so why don't you have a look?

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Picture of the Year 2016 Competition

It is time to vote for Picture of the Year 2016! 16 beautiful works are in your hands now and you can decide which one will win the competition. Remember that the voting ends at 28th February and result of POTY 2016 will be revealed at 1st March.

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Napoleonic Total War 3 v7.2

Persia (17, v7.2) : in a nine-years-long war against Russia from 1804 to 1813, with a balanced army roster relying on fast and good skirmishers, light cavalry and fierce mercenaries Septinsular Republic (10, v.7.1) : ionian islands under France's control from 1807 to 1814/1815, with Balkanic, Greek and French troops; Mamelukes (15, v.7.1) : Bonaparte's main opponents from 1798 to 1801, with impressive light cavalry, heavy cavalry with plates and shields, and a feudal infantry mostly based on slaves and mercenaries; Russian partisans and cossacks (14, v.7.1) : the "Maloya Voïna" fought separately from the Russian imperial army, causing up to 70% of the Grande Armée's casualties ; no regular infantry or cavalry, mainly a skirmishing and harassing army.

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Creative Assembly has announced an update for the Assembly Kit for Total War: WARHAMMER that introduces battle map editing! The map editor is called Terry and is currently in BETA with a full release slated for the end of the month.

The Seven Kingdoms team has announced release of second, major update of the modification - Beyond the Wall. Its main aim is to provide thematic gameplay by adding 3 factions and 15 characters from Game of Thrones universe.

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The Wise Coffin has come out with overview at Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion mod, The Fourth Age - The Dominion of Men. A project set on the times of the Fourth Age of Middle Earth; based and expanded upon some early writtings of J.R.R Tolkien about the time period.

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Westeros: Total War v1.0 Overview

A SoulGamesInc's early look at the ever elusive release of Westeros: Total War, approached. The base of this Medieval 2: Total War - Kingdoms modification is done, so expect some valuable information on progress in upcoming weeks.

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Writers' Study Yearly Awards

Make your nominations now for the creative writing and AARs of the year in the Writers' Study Yearly Awards!

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Check out the latest video for the Attila Total War mod Rise of Mordor, showcasing many of the different units from Gondor, Isengard, Dale, the Haradrim and the Dwarves of Erebor!

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