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Total War Community Survey

Check out the new Total War community survey! The survey asked Total War fans many questions about Rome 2, multiplayer, technical aspects, and Total War in general.

YOU gave the answers - now see the results!

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11-21-14 | by m_1512

Rome II: Para Bellum Mod

Para Bellum is a mod for Total War Rome II that overhauls the battle system for the game. The mod adds subtle battle mechanics with careful attention to detail, making armies diverse according to the culture they belong to. 50 brand new culture specific army formations, 1 hit points system, balanced and consistent missile and cavalry charge effects are some of the features coming with the mod. Check our the really cool mod, and share your feedback with the mod team in the mod thread here.

Download here!

DarrenTotalWar brings you the review of the latest Total War Rome II DLC, the Black Sea Colonies. In the video, DarrenTotalWar takes a look at the DLC pack that adds 3 new playable factions to the game. Check out the video, and tell us what you think about in the discussion thread here.

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The Black Sea Colonies DLC for Total War Rome II is now available for download. The DLC is a Culture Pack that brings three further factions to ROME IIís Grand Campaign, custom battles and multiplayer. The factions are Cimmeria, Colchis and Pergamom, all sharing a Greek heritage but with a diverse culture that is reflected in their unique traits, strengths and unit rosters.

Along with the DLC release, the Creative Assembly also brings you a FreeLC faction, Massilia. Massilia is a wealthy trading-state of Greek colonists situated on the north-western coast of the Mediterranean, have a subtle blend of Greek and Gaulish culture reflected by their administration and military.

Last but not the least, the latest Patch 16 is also live. This patch consists of further balancing changes to unit strengths based on community feedback. Check out the full information on the cool updates, and share your feedback in the official thread here.

Check it out here!

11-18-14 | by m_1512

Total War Attila Faction Reveals

The Factions reveals for Total War Attila have been released for four factions. Check them out to get really cool information on the factions that you can play in the game. Which one will you fight for? Follow the below links to read more about the revealed factions.

The Eastern Roman Empire

The Visigoths

The Vandals

The Sassanid Empire

11-16-14 | by StealthFox

Invasio Barbarorvm Sons of Wotan Preview

RESTITVTOR ORBIS presents a preview of the Marcomanni including details of units, portraits, and banners with plenty of screenshots for your viewing pleasure!

View More Here

11-16-14 | by m_1512

Christos' Spartan Strategos mod

Christos is back with another in his series of Total War Rome II mods. The Spartan Strategos focuses on the Spartan generals and statesmen, bringing new visuals for the generals based on where they are deployed. Download the mod, and enjoy the diversity in the game along with the rest of Christos' mods.

Check it out here!

11-14-14 | by StealthFox

Total War: Attila - All the Latest Info!

Total War: Attila - All the Latest Info!

DarrenTotalWar has compiled all the latest Total War: Attila info into one video, containing all the latest info about playable campaign factions, what's changed and what has stayed the same, and also featured 2 new music tracks at the end of the video from the battles showcased on the Total War official streams. If you're behind on all the latest Attila news here's your chance to catch up!

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11-09-14 | by StealthFox

Interview With Darth Vader

Former Total War modder extraordinaire Darth Vader has taken the time to sit down with TWC staffer Dark Storm for a very interesting and informative interview about his first standalone game release - Ultimate General: Gettysburg.

Q: What do you envisage for the future of "Ultimate General: Gettysburg" any new features in the works or that you would like to add?
A: Ultimate General: Gettysburg opened the way for a new type of strategy games. The AI and the movement arrows mechanics are probably its strongest selling points.... The game has only recently been released on Steam.... As sales keep coming and the people show to us what means most for them, we will respond with new titles and features accordingly.

Have you played Darth's first standalone game? Have you tried the ever-popular Gettysburg multiplayer? Are you hoping this turns into a series as with Darth's world renowned Total War mods? All comments and feedback appreciated!

Read the Interview Here!

11-08-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

Broken Crescent: Goofy's Eye Candy Pack

Fans of the popular Medieval II - Kingdoms mod Broken Crescent have a new submod to enhance their gameplay experience. From Anatolia to India, Goofy's Eye Candy Pack brings fresh quality shields and other cool graphics too the Middle East based mod.

Download here!

A new and interesting trailer for Total War: ATTILA is now out. The trailer concentrates on the Eastern Roman Empire and the challenges and choices it will have in 'Attila' such as the Visigoths under King Alaric, the Sasanian Persians, and the Western Roman Empire itself.

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Several more stunning units have been added too the Ancient Splendour Unit Pack submod for Radious Total War (Rome II). The Nomadic Pride Unit Add-on introduces 12 well-polished units created by DramaBelli for the Scythians, Massagetae, and Roxolani factions with testing and balancing from Radious.

Remember that due to Steam Workshop filesize restrictions and the high quality textures this submod uses you can only download these fantastic units from the links provided in the mod thread right here. There's also a whole bunch of neat screenshot previews in the thread highlighting how special these units really are.

Download here!

A new Youtuber hotseat revolving around the Teutonic campaign will begin soon. LegendofTotalWar is calling to arms all Youtube commentators to gear up and join the fight for the Baltic. Catch the full information here!

Click here for more details

With a new version of 'Divide et Impera' for Rome II in development, the DeI team has released a couple of very interesting faction previews.

The Mamlakatin Saba preview provides a detailed look at the history of the Arabian based Saba Kingdom. The preview also shows off some truly excellent units that will be at this faction's disposal in future versions of DeI.

Similarly the Parthian faction preview looks at the long-lasting Empire and enemy of Rome in the East, with of course, lots of neat unit previews thrown in for good measure!

11-04-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

Christos' Spartan Strategos mod

Christos is back with another in his series of Total War Rome II mods. The Spartan Strategos focuses on the Spartan generals and statesmen, bringing new visuals for the generals based on where they are deployed. Download the mod, and enjoy the diversity in the game along with the rest of Christos' mods.

Check it out here!

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