The second release from the Medieval Kingdoms team is here. Medieval Kingdoms Total War is a mod for Total War Rome II Emperor Edition that brings the Medieval kingdoms to the game. This update brings 16 new playable factions with over 75 new units added to the roster. Play custom battles with factions like medieval England or France and recreate some epic battles of the Middle Ages.

Download here!

The Creative Assembly brings you the latest edition of Rally Point. This edition includes an interview with Al Bickham about the new gate smashing feature, and a recap to all things that you may have missed in the run up to launch of Total War Attila.

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02-25-15 | by Omnipotent-Q

Attila: Radious Total Units Mod

Following on from his first Total War: Attila mod release earlier in the week, Radious has been busy creating new units to add to the game. 25 new units have been added with the Radious Total Units Mod, including Danish Archers, Spears of Jutes, Eastern Roman Elite Guards, and Sassanid Heavy Macemen.

Download the Radious Total Units in the mod thread and check out a wealth of beautiful screenshots showing off these units.

Remember - You will need Attila: Radious Total War mod to take advantage and use these delightful units in game

Download here!

02-25-15 | by Omnipotent-Q

Vae Victis v0.61 Released

Popular Rome II mod Vae Victis has received a major new content update. Features include:

  • 21 overhauled faction rosters (Armenia, Lusitani, Arevaci, Cisalpine, Egypt, Thracians, Illyrians)
  • New campaign mechanics (Sea sickness and additional functionality of normal fleets, trade routes, dynamic unit caps, new edicts, cultural aggression mechanic, politics overhaul)
  • Completely overhauled campaign AI
  • Further tweaks and improvements to battle mechanics
  • New Arabian UI and improvements to Celtic UI
  • Many other tweaks and fixes

The amazing Better Aggressive CAI mod has now come to Total War Attila, just in time before the world starts to burn. With this update, the battles have been slowed down a notch so you can enjoy with some of your classic tactics. One the campaign end, the AI factions will now look to spot weakness in your strength and hit you hard before you can even counter.

Download here!

02-22-15 | by m_1512

RTW: Casus Belli Gold 1.9.0

The latest version for the Casus Belli mod is here. After many months of perseverance and hard work, and passion for history, the team is pleased to announce the release of Patch 1.9.0 for Rome Casus Belli Gold - an Italian made major mod for Rome: Total War. Several features characterize the new edition, including a new roman government system with new buildings as well as new ancillaries.

Download here!

02-21-15 | by Omnipotent-Q

Attila: Radious Total War Mod

The Total War: Attila Steam Workshop might not be live yet, but that doesn't mean you need be deprived of a Radious Total War Mod for Attila! Features included in this first version include a complete economy system re-balance, battle and units re-balancing, campaign changes and much more!

Radious Total War mod for Rome II is the most subscribed mod on the TW Steam Workshop and has over 1 million Mediafire downloads. His Attila mod promises to be just as popular with the enhancements it brings to the game, so be sure to check it out and download it right now!

Download here!

AdmiralThrawn has released the Meereenese Knot, a submod for the renowned Westeros Total War mod for Medieval II Total War Kingdoms. This submod focuses on Dany's campaign in Slaver's Bay, and would be mostly balanced for single-player with lots of scripting, though maybe some hotseat balancing could come in later.

Download here!

LegendofTotalWar has wasted no time getting stuck into Total War: Attila, with a new video where he takes on the campaign as the Huns on Legendary difficulty. LegendofTotalWar gives his thoughts on the new release, along with a bunch of tips and tricks along the way to help you to destructive glory!

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02-17-15 | by Omnipotent-Q

Total War: ATTILA Released!

Hordes of barbarians are rushing for Rome with the release of Total War: Attila. Total War: Attila mixes the classical era with the Dark Ages to give an early medieval feel too one of history's most tumultuous times. There are vast improvements from Total War: Rome II in this game, with new mechanics for razing entire settlements, large numbers of chaotic hordes, UI interface improvements, and outstanding visuals and details.

Have you played Total War: Attila yet? What's your opinion? Post your opinions in the forum before you're swept away by the unwashed Hunnic hordes!

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02-15-15 | by StealthFox

TWC Member Awards 2014

The TWC Member Awards for 2014 is now open with the nomination period closing February 25. Get your posts in so we can recognize all the TWC legends that make this the special place it is. Lots of categories are ready for your nominations including the wildly popular "Favorite Avatar Award" from last year. Head on over to the nomination thread now to let your voice be heard!

The final beta of Conflictus Antiquarum Culturarum is here! Conflictus Antiquarum Culturarum (CAC) is a major overhaul mod for Total War Rome II Emperor Edition that focuses on history and realism, including extensive changes to the basic game to improve campaign and battle gameplay.

This release (Version 0.9) brings you a rework of the Caesar in Gaul, Hannibal at the Gates and finally the Wrath of Sparta DLC campaigns, which are all now finished and feature complete. Immerse yourself in a historically realistic campaign, and as always, share your thoughts and appreciation for the team in the release thread here.

Download here!

It is here, a look into the brand new upcoming update for the Antiqua Imperium mod. Antiqua Imperium is a mod for Total War Rome II Emperor Edition that aims to provide a historically authentic and strategically challenging experience to the grand campaign, with a series of mini-campaigns.

In this upcoming update, the Grand Campaign will now feature 305 potential factions in total, and allow the player to encounter a wider variety of cultures and states as well as provide them with expanded options upon conquest of every territory. A number of new factions have also been added to more accurately reflect the territory held by a particular group and the method of expansion taken.

Check out the full preview here!

The new version of the Better Aggressive CAI mod is here! Better Aggressive CAI is a mod for Total War Rome II Emperor Edition that aims to optimize CAI priority so to tweak better CAI behavior. This new update brings a lot of new changes such as reduction of useless raiding behavior, CAI trying to stick to the plan, CAI aggressively jumping on an advantage, and many more. You can also check the more detailed information provided by the mod author and try out the cool stuff when playing the mod.

Download the mod here!

02-03-15 | by StealthFox

Best Games of 2014

The voting phase for TWC Best Games of 2014 Competition is now on! The site has already nominated its choices in the respective categories, but you can still make a difference by voting for your favorites of 2014. The vote runs through Saturday so head on over and start voting!

Check out the forum and vote now!

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