The Imperial Splendour team is proud to present you a preview of another faction, Saxony. Imperial Splendour is a mod that attempts to create the best Empire Total War experience possible without destroying the essence of the game, with an eye towards expanding and enriching the experience, while adding to the game's realism whenever possible.

This update gives us a preview of the late Saxony army; an army reformed several times after the catastrophic events in 1757, using the Prussian army as their role model in drill and organisation. Check out the uniforms that retains the the tradition of the army of Augustus the Strong while the regiments train to emulate the Prussian army.

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Total War Attila Mega Updates!

Creative Assembly has released a ton of updates this week, the top highlights being about Total War Attila and Modding. So I present you in this post, the links to this week's top highlights about what is happening in the Total War Scene.

Mod Summit 2015

Total War Attila Community Event

Full Campaign Map Preview

Let's Play - Viking Forefather

There's a new update for the Broken Crescent mod. Broken Crescent is a mod for Medieval II Total War Kingdoms that takes the stage to the Middle East during the Middle Ages. And after months of work, a new faction is ready for the BC 2.4, the upcoming release currently in progress. In this update, the mod team presents you Kara Khitan, the hordes who migrated into Central Asia from Mongolia. Check out the faction preview, which includes really cool information about the faction such as history, administration, and some really awesome units.

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Creative Assembly has released another Total War Rally Point video. In this month’s episode, designer Simon Mann lifts the lid on his 5 greatest hardcore challenges in Total War ATTILA. Craig and James play through the historical Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, featuring a full 13 minutes of gameplay, and we recap the incredible Total War Showcase, celebrating 15 years of Total War and looking ahead to what comes next.

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There are only a few days left to cast your vote in TWC's Picture of the Year Competition. Don't miss out! Make sure your voice is heard before it's too late! So head over to the competition vote for your favorite picture.

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DarrenTotalWar continues his coverage on Total War Attila, the upcoming game by Creative Assembly. In this video, he takes a look at the issue that are apparent in the preview build. Check out the video, and discuss the issues in detail with Darren.

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Sebidee is back with another Unitpack, the Carthage and Iberians Roster Expansion. Sebidee's Unitpacks is a mod series for Total War Rome II Emperor Edition that offers additional units in a faction roster along with reskins to existing ones. This update adds more needed units to the Iberian factions, new units and technological upgrades of the originals, and a completely different approach with Carthage. Find out more about it and share your general feedback and which units you want to see next.

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The Fourth Age Total War (FATW) team has released Dominion of Men, the first Open Beta for their mod. Fourth Age Total War is a mod for Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion that brings Tolkien's Middle Earth to the game. Experience a exciting campaign inspired from Tolkien's unfinished manuscript, The New Shadow, and enjoy the first impression video made for this mod.

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The Cultural Identity Unitpacks is back with a new update - Dacia. Cultural Identity Unitpacks is a mod series for Total War Rome II Emperor Edition that adds cultural variety to the factions. This update brings you the Dacian faction, completely restructured and diverse from the other factions. Check out the mod and share your thoughts and comments with the mod team.

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Hispania in the Middle Ages is a total conversion mod for Medieval II Total War that takes you to the Iberian peninsula in the Middle Ages. This mod offers three campaigns to choose from, including one featuring the legendary El Cid Campeador. Each campaign also features a host of both Catholic and Islamic factions that you can play as, such as Castile, Leon, Aragon, Almohads, Granda, Seville, and many more. So download the mod, and embark on an epic journey into Iberian peninsula in a time of conflict and expansions.

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Best Games of 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, any respecting gamer is naturally considering what the best games were in the last calendar year. Last year we held a special Game of the Year competition here on Total War Center, and we are doing it again. Help the community decide definitively what the best-of-rest last year have been. Was Dragon Age: Inquisition your 2014 pièce de résistance? Did you explore the Himalayan nation of Kyrat in Far Cry 4? Or were utterly frightened yet intrigued by Alien Isolation?

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Decide Now TWC!

Sebidee's Missile Knockdown is a mod for Total War Rome II Emperor Edition that focuses on the effect of projectile weapons on units. This mod changes the effects of projectiles based on their weight and momentum, and how they affect a unit who gets hit by them. In line with this, a javelin is more likely to knock a unit over than an arrow, and an arrow is more likely to do the same than a slingstone. Check out the mod in action in the video and share your thoughts about the mod in the mod's discussion thread here.

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Creative Assembly has released a new Let’s Play video for Total War Attila. In this video, Simon and Joey talk about Hordes, Migration and a few things you’ll probably want to know before starting up as one of the migratory factions. Check out the video and discuss about the features here on Total War Centre forums.

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LegendofTotalWar has organized a small competition, and the prize is a copy of Total War Attila. Further, as the prize is a pre-ordered copy, it will also come with the Viking Forefathers Culture Pack DLC. To participate, simply watch the video and answer a few questions asked in the video and send them to LegendofTotalWar. You can find further information and ask any queries or questions in the thread here.

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Attila Total War Preview

DarrenTotalWar gives you a preview of Total War: Attila, showcasing the playable factions, gameplay features, battles and more!

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