Creative Assembly has released the latest episode of Rally Point, to bring you news of what's to come in Total War Attila. This month’s episode has a gory plethora of squelchy information hits hacking and slashing their way across your screens – plus the latest on the upcoming (and absolutely free) Tin Isles Mercenary update for Total War: ATTILA. And one of the highlights being a chat with voice actor Pano Masti – the voice behind Attila himself.

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03-19-15 | by StealthFox

TWC Modding Awards 2013

Better late than never...
The Modding Awards for 2013 are finally here! Send your mind backwards to 2013 and nominate your favorite mods and modders so we can recognize the legends of TWC. Modding is the beating heart of this site, and it's time to pay homage to all who work so hard to better the Total War experience for all. The nomination period will last two weeks ending on March 31.

Visit the Modding Awards Forum for more information!

The Ancient Empires team has released a new update for their mod based on Total War Attila. This update Warriors of Faith, brings a lot of cool features to overhaul the Attila combat mechanics, and they have thrown in a video with the lot. From a single hitpoint system for soldiers to reworked UI and statistic presentation, the video explains it all.

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03-16-15 | by m_1512

Attila: Better Aggresive CAI v3.2

Junaidi83 de Bodemloze brings you the latest edition of Better Aggressive CAI, the amazing mod for Total War Attila. This version brings a lot of changes, from compatibility support to Radious' mod to an spectacular new feature called the Grand Drama system for AI diplomacy. All in all, this is one mod that I believe will keep you on edge of your seat in any Attila campaign. If you are waiting to try on a tough challenging campaign, try this mod today!

Download here!

Been playing Attila TW lately and wishing you Rome II was a little more Attila-ized (that's a word now)? With these mods from SUP3RN0VA, you can do just that! These mods have taken some of the more unique features from Attila TW and ported them into Rome II, so if you're itching for a new twist on the battles, politics and campaign features in Rome II, be sure to check them out!

Attila TW Battle System for Rome II

Attila TW Campaign System for Rome II

Attila TW Civil War System for Rome II

03-13-15 | by m_1512

Attila: The Rise of Mordor Mod

Total War: Rise of Mordor is a work in progress mod for Total War Attila. This ambitious project aims to bring you an enthralling campaign taking place in Middle-Earth during the War of the Ring. With great detailed units planned, enhanced by the new graphics engine of TW Attila , this mod has the promise to overwhelm every LotR fan. Check out the previews and the work achieved so far for this mod, and share your support for the team in their hosted sub-forums.

Check it out here!

03-11-15 | by m_1512

CA: 15 years of Total War!

Creative Assembly has released a special trailer to mark a very significant milestone. This year Total War becomes one of the longest-running series in gaming with 11 titles spanning over 2000 years of historical warfare. Check out the video to reflect on the history of this gaming series, and also get a hint of what's to come.

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03-04-15 | by Omnipotent-Q

Attila: Flags of Factions Mod

If you're looking for a touch of extra class with sprinkles of the classic original Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion faction logos, modding legend Noif has you covered with his Flags of Factions Mod for Total War: Attila. The classic Roman "P" style logos are back, along with separate downloads for some very nice looking Saxon, Viking, Frankish, Sassanid and Hunnic logos.

Download Here

03-04-15 | by Omnipotent-Q

The Italian Wars V4.0 Released

France and the Hapsburgs fight to gain ascendancy over Italy in the well-polished Medieval II - Kingdoms mod 'The Italian Wars' Version 4.0.

Almost forty years have passed since the Duchy of Milan and the Republic of Venice agreed on the shaky peace of Lodi. Now, with the invasion of the French king Charles VIII, this phase of prosperity is set to end with a hammer blow. Doubtful claims on Naples and the Duchy of Milan have led him and his many soldiers to the peninsula. But he is not the only one who casts covetous eyes on the richness of Italy.

Download Here

03-03-15 | by m_1512

Gamer's Gazette Issue 11!

It's a new year, and the Gamer's Gazette is proud to bring you seven new articles in its eleventh issue. Additionally, the results of Total War Center's Best Games of 2014, as voted by members, can be found within the issue.

Check out Issue 11 now!

The second release from the Medieval Kingdoms team is here. Medieval Kingdoms Total War is a mod for Total War Rome II Emperor Edition that brings the Medieval kingdoms to the game. This update brings 16 new playable factions with over 75 new units added to the roster. Play custom battles with factions like medieval England or France and recreate some epic battles of the Middle Ages.

Download here!

The Creative Assembly brings you the latest edition of Rally Point. This edition includes an interview with Al Bickham about the new gate smashing feature, and a recap to all things that you may have missed in the run up to launch of Total War Attila.

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02-25-15 | by Omnipotent-Q

Attila: Radious Total Units Mod

Following on from his first Total War: Attila mod release earlier in the week, Radious has been busy creating new units to add to the game. 25 new units have been added with the Radious Total Units Mod, including Danish Archers, Spears of Jutes, Eastern Roman Elite Guards, and Sassanid Heavy Macemen.

Download the Radious Total Units in the mod thread and check out a wealth of beautiful screenshots showing off these units.

Remember - You will need Attila: Radious Total War mod to take advantage and use these delightful units in game

Download here!

02-25-15 | by Omnipotent-Q

Vae Victis v0.61 Released

Popular Rome II mod Vae Victis has received a major new content update. Features include:

  • 21 overhauled faction rosters (Armenia, Lusitani, Arevaci, Cisalpine, Egypt, Thracians, Illyrians)
  • New campaign mechanics (Sea sickness and additional functionality of normal fleets, trade routes, dynamic unit caps, new edicts, cultural aggression mechanic, politics overhaul)
  • Completely overhauled campaign AI
  • Further tweaks and improvements to battle mechanics
  • New Arabian UI and improvements to Celtic UI
  • Many other tweaks and fixes

The amazing Better Aggressive CAI mod has now come to Total War Attila, just in time before the world starts to burn. With this update, the battles have been slowed down a notch so you can enjoy with some of your classic tactics. One the campaign end, the AI factions will now look to spot weakness in your strength and hit you hard before you can even counter.

Download here!

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