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Wangrin's Modding Summit Review

Wangrin has complied together a very in-dept review of the recent CA modding summit held in March, the review consists of various detailed questions and answers that were made at the summit such as file types, music, scripting and more.

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IB2 Britanniae III - Final Version Release!

A Brief Shining Light in a Darkening World
It is a time of sorrow and ruin. The fire that was once Rome is but a dim cinder; flickering with the cold winds that blow from the east. Germania is in turmoil, Gaul is prostrate, and now my home in Britain, weak and unguarded, faces a palpable darkness; darkness desperate and cruel. Who am I to say that you will be different?

The IB2 Britanniae III mod has released its final version for Medieval 2 Kingdoms: Total War.
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The City Sack, Liberation and Diplomatic Options Mod v2.3 is a mod that greatly increases the conquest and diplomatic options available for all factions in the game. The greater options which are now not limited to certain cultures and factions such as liberation, sacking and creating satrapies add and new strategic option to the game.

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Rome II: Glyph UI

The Glyph UI mod for Total War: Rome II re-designs the look of a range of icons and buttons across different areas of the game, such as the main menu, the in-game campaign and the in-game battle. The re-designs change the way they represent the button's actions as seen in the image preview above. To view more previews check out the link below.

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TotalWarCast Episode 08 now live!

TotalWarCast has returned with a release of episode 8, Darren, Gunny and DekuTrash discuss the latest DLC for Rome II and small campaigns versus the grand campaign. Along with that, they cover news around the site, the latest patch for Rome II, they announce their own competition and answer some twitter questions! This episode also features an interview with M_1512, a content director from TWC about the Critics Quill and The Writers Study.

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The Clerk's Addition- Writer's Study's Weekly Newsletter is on it's way! Each Sunday, the Writer's Study will let you know of who's battering the bots in the AARs. Join the Writer's Study and your fellow subscribers to get a notifications of the fantastic updates being sent directly into your inboxes. Visit the thread to read the content of the authors who give up their time to contribute creative works for everyone else to enjoy.

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LegendofTotalWar - Historical Battle of Zama

After the close victory at the Battle of Cannae, LegendofTotalWar has continued his road to the Battle of Zama on legendary settings. Will He prevail and become Scipio Africanus or be crushed by the forces of Hannibal. To find out watch the video above and discuss about the battle in the link below.

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Rome II: Edictum Mod

The Edictum Mod for Total War: Rome II revamps the current edicts for 6 cultures. The mod adds a range of bonuses sectioned into different categories. For example the Roman culture has 5 edicts with one of them being classed as Senatus Populusque Romanus, this edict improves your relations to the senate however it decreases your relations with the other houses. To view more about the other edicts and to download the mod click on the link below.

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"Melius Imperi- A Better Empire" is a mod for Total War: Rome II that overhaul's the entire construction system in Rome II, and adds 5 expanded building chains (Minor Town, City Center, Agriculture, Industry, Sanitation, Slums), 1 new building chain (Transit) and a lot of new building cards. Version 1.0 is now released, check out the Mod Thread now!

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Rome II: Special Effects Enhancements

The Special Effects Enhancement mod for Total War: Rome II greatly increases the various visual effects ranging from blood, dust, fire projectiles and explosion effects. Each of the effects have had a noticeable enhancement, for example fire projectiles such as burning arrows, burning torches and burning buildings have a more refined and detailed realistic fire effect. The mod allows you to choose from a range of these effects for you to use within battle. To view more about the enhancements check out the link below.

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DarrenTotalWar: Hannibal At The Gates DLC Review

DarrenTotalWar brings you his thoughts on the latest DLC for Total War: Rome II, Hannibal At The Gates. In the review Darren points out the positives and negatives about the DLC showcasing all it has to offer, allowing you to make an informed purchase! Be sure to watch the review above and let us know what you think of it in the link below!

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Silmarillion: Total War - Valinor's Host

Silmarillion: Total War is a total conversion mod of Rome: Total War - Alexander sets in the First Age of Middle-Earth, covering Beleriand and parts of Middle-Earth. Tolkien's marvelous universe will be recreated as accurately as possible, with tons of factions, units, scripts, events, new music, maybe custom cities and many more. Experience the First Age of Middle-Earth, War of the Silmarils and against Morgoth for the first time in a video game!

Check our first Preview: Valinor's Host Here!

LegendofTotalWar has set himself another challenge once again, this time- to win the Battle of Cannae as the brilliant historical commander Hannibal Barca, and to defeat the massive host of Romans led by Varus on the field of battle, as always on Legendary difficulty. Will LegendofTotalWar come out victorious, in a battle renowned for it's extreme difficulty? Discuss about the battle and your tactics in the link below.

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04-06-14 | by Uriyaca

Better Character Models Mod for HATG

The Better Character Models Mod for the DLC Campaign Pack: Hannibal at the Gates, made by "Kinjo", greatly enhances the look and feel of the faction leaders for the five playable factions in Hannibal at the Gates. The mod adds unique faction leader models for the Arevaci, Lusitani, Syracuse plus adding a fuzzy beard to Hannibal!

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Rome II: The Epic Battle Grinder Mod

The Epic Battle Grinder mod for Total War: Rome II aims to revamp the AI in both campaign and in battle. In campaigns for example one of the things you will start to see is an aggressive AI which will require you to strategically build your cities to try and match their strength. In battle you will notice slow drawn out grueling conflicts that bring an atmospheric sense of ancient warfare. The mod is very focused into the military aspects of the game, and claims that you have to get good at the game to get any chance of surviving against the AI. Can you prevail in ancient warfare? If so check out the mod in the link below.

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