10-13-17 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

The 500th Picture of the Week Competition

This marks the 500th Picture of the Week Competition, and we'd like to invite everyone to join in.

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10-12-17 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

The Helios - Vikings Season 1 review

The Helios has published a new article. This time, Gen. Chris reviews Season 1 of Vikings. Will you agree with his verdict?

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10-11-17 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Ab Urbe Condita VI released!

Ab Urbe Condita VI has been released! The mod (for Alexander Total War) incorporates Mundus Magnus, RSIII graphical improvements, new city strat models, new factions, improved animations, an AOR mercenary system and hundreds of new units, offering a unique experience of Rome Total War, yet still retains the feel of vanilla gameplay. With VI it contains a plethora of additions, including custom walls, AI scripts, unit reskins, bugfixes, improved UI and an exe/automated installer. Expect this to be a much tougher challenge than AUC Platinum!

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10-10-17 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Medieval Total War Redux

A new version of Axalon's Medieval Total War Redux has now been released.

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10-09-17 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

The One Truth #1 - a new Narrative Role-Playing Campaign

The premiere of The One Truth, the first Narrative Role-Playing Campaign, created by The Wise Coffin. Much work has been done to ensure the story faithfully represents the time period and to convey the cultural differences by having the characters speak in their native languages - or the modern day equivalents.
This NRPC is played with Shogun 2 Realism +, a mod for Shogun 2 with the Otomo clan.
Start watching this new type of Total War storytelling!

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10-08-17 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Unofficial Encyclopedia for Warhammer II

Unofficial Encyclopedia for Warhammer II

honga has released his latest unofficial encyclopedia for the newest instalment of the Total War series; Total War: Warhammer II.

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10-06-17 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Eras of Rome: Pax Romana

The year is 260 AD. The Empire is divided. The frontiers are beset by enemies. Can you return Rome to her former glory?
Eras of Rome: Pax Romana is a mod for Total War: Rome II. It includes a population mechanic, new technologies, new buildings and nearly all new equipment.

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10-05-17 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Total War: WARHAMMER II - Steam Workshop and Assembly Kit

The Total War: WARHAMMER II Steam Workshop and Assembly Kit are now available!

The Steam Workshop is here!

10-03-17 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Building Progression Icons for Total War: Warhammer

Building Progression Icons

Spartan VI has released the first set of Building Progression Icons for Total War: Warhammer! This release covers the core building chains for the High Elf race.
Join the Team Radious discord to participate in community polls and shape future modding decisions.

Download here!

10-01-17 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze


Fots has been released! This latest patch implements fixes and additions to the game to make it more enjoyable.

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09-29-17 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

XAI: Attila

XAI: Attila is now available for download. There are three core components - the XCAI: Advanced Campaign AI, The XDAI: Advanced Diplomacy, and the XBAI: Advanced Battle AI.
In addition to these, there are seven other modules, fixing bugs and changing elements of gameplay.

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09-28-17 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Total War: Warhammer II released

Total War: Warhammer II has now been released! Share your thoughts on our combined Total War: Warhammer I & II forums.

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The Rhn Confederacy is now previewed in a two parts video. Strategic position, unique tribe specializations, game mechanics and all new units and more is presented over two hours running time. DCI: Last Alliance brings the war of Middle-earth to the Second Age and is a WIP submod to Third Age: Total War.
Find video-previews here!

A series of works spanning various settings throughout the rich world of Gorge RR Martin from the Age of Heroes to a Dream of Spring and everything between, sailing from Westeros to Asshai and back again beneath the shadow, braving the doom and dancing dragons. In the Game of Thrones everyone dies. There is no middle ground and only fools believe there are winners.

09-19-17 | by Polemaios

Seven Kingdoms: Total War - Machinima

Jmonstra presents a Machinima video on the Total War Center channel with v2.0 of Seven Kingdoms mod for Total War: Attila.

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