The team of DCI: Last Alliance proudly present the third settlement preview: this time displaying the architectural artistry of the savage Orcs. DCI:LA is a Work In Progress submod to Third Age: Total War.

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09-24-16 | by Polemaios

The Italian Wars - Hungary

The team behind The Italian Wars, a mod for Medieval 2: Kingdoms, have completely overhauled Hungarian Unit Roster after weeks of historical research and hard work.

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09-19-16 | by Polemaios

Arians Unity 2

Total War Persian Team have announced release of Arians Unity 2 overhaul for Total War: Rome 2 that focuses on historical accuracy and gameplay balance. This modification also includes new playable factions, new units and AI improvements.

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Total War Center wouldn't exist if it wasn't for all da boyz sharing their passion for Total War with the masses. If you be one of dem boyz dats got them writing smarts, an eye for multimedia content or just a desire to give back to and grow the TWC and TW community, then perhaps joining our fightiness full WAAAAGGHHH!!!- I mean, Total War Center Content staff team is for you! There are many opportunities for all boyz and goblins alike. Visit the in depth announcement post now for more detailed information.

Join da WAAAAGGHHH today!!!

In this video, Slytacular and warman222 of the team behind Medieval Kingdoms mod for Total War: Attila, took a look at the August Release's features and showcased changes upcoming in the September Update.

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09-07-16 | by Polemaios

Romani Units Pack

Swiss Halberdier and DramaBelli have released Romani Units Pack, a modification for Total War: Attila that adds 78 new units in total for Western Roman Empire, Eastern Roman Empire and the Roman Expedition Forces. All units are playable in the campaigns and in the custom battle screen. This mod also features the unique AOR (Area of recruitment) Mod system and the Attila Custom Battle Crash Fix by Swiss Halberdier.

09-02-16 | by Hader

TWC 2015 Modding Awards

The TWC 2015 Modding Awards are here! Head on over now and nominate your favorite mods and modders from 2015. Nominations will be open for at least 2 weeks, with the voting period for about as long afterwards. All mods for Eras up to Attila from 2015 are eligible, so come nominate your favorites today! Nominations close on September 16th. Be sure to read the rules before you nominate!

Read the Eagle Standard Coverage of the Awards here!

Mark your calendars everyone, Operation Repopulate Shogun 2 is Official! On Saturday, September 10, at 11 am EST, 4 pm BST (thatís British Summer Time), milkandcookiesTW will be taking over Creative Assemblyís Official Twitch channel to livestream a bunch of games on Shogun 2 Total War. Everyone is invited to hop onto Shogun 2 multiplayer and have some fun!

08-25-16 | by Hader

Ad Mari a Mare

Ad Mari a Mare is Medieval 2: Kingdoms mod set in late Medieval era, starting in year 1232 and focused on Middle- Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, northern Italy and Balkans. Mod offers nearly 30 playable factions, with majority of them never presented in any mod before!

In this episode of Laying Down The Lore, Joey and Peter discuss the history behind Volkmar the Grim and Helman Ghorst.

Which team are you, Grim or Grave?

The Grim & The Grave brings unholy rivalry to Total War: Warhammer . Two new Legendary Lords with new quest chains, magic items and skill trees, two new additional Lord types, five all-new battlefield units plus variants, 18 elite Regiments of Renown, free Legendary Lord and five new battle maps for all players. See the video and read more here!

This new Graphics mod by Shahab Kavoosi (aztec) that brings you the new landscapes to your map in Total War: Attila . It increases FPS, with reworked trees and sun light (that shines from the east!), reworked ground textures (different with the seasons) and an overall cleaner map.

The team behind Medieval Kingdoms, a mod for Total War: Attila, has released a very robust new build containing a lot of new factions, units and more!

08-18-16 | by Hader

Masters of Europe: Hessen Update

A new update of Masters of Europe has just been released, with all Hessen final units. Be sure to check it and the rest of the mod out today!

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Game of Thrones Submod is submod for Westeros: Total War designed to bring the look, the feel and the sounds of HBO's Game of Thrones to the world of Westeros. If you're a fan of the TV series in particular, be sure to check it out!

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