05-26-18 | by Polemaios

Ancient Empires - campaign released

After a few years of Ancient Empires (base: Total War: Attila) development its campaign has finally reached public release, giving 10 playable factions at players' disposal. The current version of the mod is 1.0.1g; future updates will feature next ancient states to play as in the campaign.

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05-25-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

The Writers' Study All-Seasons Fair

Everyone is invited to join the Critic's Quill at the Writers' Study All-Seasons Fair!
There will be stalls, games, dancing, wet sponges, and - of course - tea and scones.
This is the ideal place to browse a selection of current offerings in the Writers' Study and to catch up on recent writing competitions.

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05-24-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Thrones of Britannia for macOS

Thrones of Britannia is out now for macOS!
Find more information, or buy the game, at the main link below.

For Windows users, there has been an update to the Thrones of Britannia public beta.
Details can be found in this blog post.

Thrones of Britannia for macOS.

05-23-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Unique Units for Thrones of Britannia

Unique Units for Thrones of Britannia includes high quality additions of new unit types to spice up unit variety in the battlefield!
Slingers, Shock Cavalry, Chariots, Mace Infantry and Crossbow Cavalry units
have been fully implemented and seamlessly integrated into various faction/culture unit rosters.

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05-22-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Mortal Empires Dwarf Update

The Resurgent Update to Total War: Warhammer II's Mortal Empires Campaign will include:
a new campaign start for Ungrim Ironfist, new Landmark Buildings, and The Forge.

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05-21-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Rise of Three Kingdoms v1.5

Rise of Three Kingdoms for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms has released version 1.5,
bringing with it a new Armored tier of units and a new mission system for the Sun Clan,
as well as many other updates, upgrades and fixes.

Download here!

05-20-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Crucible of Kings

Crucible of Kings is an overhaul mod for Thrones of Britannia.
It aims to provide a more historically accurate and challenging experience for the player, and to add to the complexity of the game.
Many changes have already been implemented - many others are planned.

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05-19-18 | by Polemaios

Owen's Customised Faction Flags

Owen's Customised Faction Flags for Thrones of Britannia enhances the flags for each faction.
As an alternative, Owen has also produced Rustic Custom Faction Flags.

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They're old, but they're good, so to help out new players - or people reinstalling on a new machine -
here's an installation video for Darthmod Empire and its submod Bran Mac Born's DME Mod Settings (both for Empire: Total War).
You can find the mods at the links below.

Darthmod Empire | Bran Mac Born's DME Mod Settings

05-17-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Warhammer II - The Queen & The Crone

The first Lords Pack for Total War: Warhammer II will be The Queen & The Crone.
It will be released on May 31st 2018.
Read more about Alarielle the Everqueen, Hellebron the Hag-Queen and their rival forces at the link below.

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05-16-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Fourth Age Total War: The Dominion of Men 3.3

The third and final patch for Fourth Age Total War: The Dominion of Men for Rome: Total War is here!
Patch 3.3: The End of the Beginning is the final instalment of the Fourth Age Total War mods, and the culmination of over 10 years of work.
It contains a host of additional new units, as well as hundreds of bug fixes, balance changes, and visual improvements.

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05-15-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

UPC - Thrones of Britannia

The first version of the Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project has been released for Thrones of Britannia!
This mod makes it possible for the supported mods to be used while playing in a language other than English.

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05-14-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Unit Recruitment Strength

The recruited units in vanilla Thrones of Britannia start with a unit strength of 30%.
This mod changes that starting value - and there are several versions of the mod so you can choose the percentage you prefer!

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05-13-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Warcraft: Total War - Public Beta 1.0

Warcraft: Total War for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms has released its Public Beta 1.0.
There are many new elements to the mod, including a unique campaign map, a new recruitment system, and a new building tree.

Download here!

05-12-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Thrones of Britannia - patch

The first patch for Thrones of Britannia will be available as an opt-in public beta on Tuesday 15th May.
It will include changes to victory conditions, food consumption from buildings, and building costs.
More information, and comments from Jack Lusted, can be found at the link below.

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