10-31-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

Imperial Destroyer Project v4.0 Released

The Imperial Destroyer Project brings new regions and much more to Empire: Total War with the new version 4 of the popular mod. A whole host of new factions and units that have been added to the game with this mod. Along with the use of great features like the UI, sounds and firing mechanisms from Napoleon: Total War.

Above is a fantastic video by TWC legend naxzul666 that shows off the great work in this mod. Check out the big list of changes this excellent mod makes to Empire: Total War and download right here, right now!

Download here!

The North & South: American Civil War is a mod for Napoleon Total War that brings you the battles of the American Civil War, the first modern war in history. This mod takes the game to the 1860s, and offers many historical scenarios with new authentic units from that period. In addition to the historical scenarios, the mod also offers a multiplayer mode where you can enjoy your own civil war battles with friends. Download the mod now, and experience the bloody battles of the American Civil War on your screen.

Download here!

A new Halloween themed update for Rome II has been released. The update brings seasonal fun in the form of 'Nightmare Mode'. When enabled in the game options troops suffer horrific visions in battles and generally things turn into a ghoulish nightmare all round. There's less trick and more treat for any general who beats a campaign battle in nightmare mode in the form of a trusty Steam achievement. The Roman festival of Lemuria is also introduced whereby Romans use 'some beans' and throw around cooking pots to ward off the restless dead.

Additionally Creative Assembly has unleashed a new episode of Rally Point (above). There's an interesting look at the differing challenges facing the Western and Eastern Roman Empire in the upcoming Total War: Attila, as well as an overview of a new puppet state mechanic.

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Kessen Overhaul re-works the Baktria faction into a province of the Chinese Empire in Rome II. Packed with a full roster of Chinese units and auxiliaries with their own unit cards, Kessen Overhauls also includes Chinese buildings, icons, generals, and unique faction traits. The mod makes for a very interesting and different experience in Rome II so be sure to check it out!

Check it out here!

10-25-14 | by m_1512

Rome II: Armoured Horses Mod

Armoured Horses is a mod for Total War Rome II that brings a variety to the horses used in the game for unit mounts. This mod adds a host of new textures that makes the horses look unique depending on their location. A must have mod if you are planning to start a new campaign with a cavalry faction, or just even a regular faction. Check out the mod, and share your feedback and appreciation with the mod author here in the mod thread.

Download here!

10-24-14 | by m_1512

CA: Mod Awards Collection!

The Creative Assembly has just released the Mod Awards Collection for Total War Rome II. The collection lists all the mods that won the 1st Total War Mod Awards. The list contains many notable mods such as Divide et Impera, Constantine: Rise of Christianity, Radious Mod, Europa Barborum, and The Great War, to name a few of them. Check out the Mod Collection here.

But also tell us what you think about the mod collection, and share your valuable feedback in the discussion thread here.

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KLAssurbanipal's Unit Packs is back with another release for Total War Rome II. This release, Legacy of Alexander II brings a variety of units for Macedon, all based on historical references. The units are complete with new textures for helmets, armor, shields, clothing to name a few. Download the mod, and enjoy the glory of Macedon in the game. And don't forget to share your comments and valuable feedback with the mod author, in the official mod thread here.

Check it out here!

Christos' Suffets of Ba'al Hammon is a Total War Rome II mod that brings more variety of skins for Carthaginian generals. Similar to the Christos' Legatus Legionis mod, this mod changes the skins for all Carthaginian generals in the game depending on where you deploy them, in the court or in the field. Check out the mod, and share your comments and valuable feedback with the author in the mod thread.

Mod works with all Rome II campaigns - Grand Campaign, Caesar in Gaul, Hannibal at the Gates.

Check it out here!

The Total War Spartacus Rises mod for Total War Rome II is back with a major update. This update brings really cool new features and compatibility with the Emperor Edition update. New playable factions, new units, and many more changes comes with this update. Check out the mod and share your comments and feedback with the developers in the official mod forums, here on Total War Center forums.

Requires the Hannibal at the Gates DLC.

Download here!

A little later than scheduled, IllumantiRex sat down with Total War and 'the Great War' modding pioneer Mitch for an informative interview. In this interview, IllumnatiRex talks to Mitch about a range of topics, from modding to other interesting tidbits about being a modder.

'I love that my real world friends don't know I mod, one of my friends once asked me if I'd seen the World War 1 mod for NTW.. haha he still has no idea I'm part of it...'

Check out the interview, and tell us if you enjoyed the interview and share your feedback in the thread.

Read the Interview here!

The game Ultimate General: Gettysburg is now released! This game is based on the Battle of Gettysburg from the American Civil War, focusing on rich gameplay and details to make playing a fun challenge. Smart AI commanders, Multi-Day Dynamic Battle, and Numerous Tactical Factors are some of the main features available in the game. Read more about the release in the official thread here.

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10-17-14 | by m_1512

Total War Arena - Call for Players

The Creative Assembly has just announced an exclusive opportunity for players to be one of the first people in the world to play Total War Arena, and share feedback directly to the development team. Total War Arena is a 10v10 team-based battle game currently in development by the Creative Assembly. More information can be found in this thread.

Check it out here now!

The Magnar Mod for Total War Rome II has a new preview for the Iberian units. The team presents a preview into the Iberian roster that features screenshots and 3D renders for the units, all of which are based on archeological and historical research to bring history alive in your game. Check out the units and their historical information in this cool preview.

Check it out here!

There is a new update for Alii Colores Romae mod for Total War Rome II. Formerly known as Alternate Colors for Rome II, this mod aims to achieve a more realistic or authentic impression of the armies and units in the game. The new update called Omnes Factiones provides new uniform themes for all sides in the game, including civil war factions and rebels. More information in the official mod thread here.

Download here!

Lionheartx10, totaltotalwar, oOiYviYOo, LegendofTotalWar, and The Rambler have come together for an interesting Youtube Hotseat on the Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms campaign. A Hotseat is a campaign game between players, where every player plays a faction and the saves between turns are sent from one player to the other. Watch an exciting campaign between these veteran players, as they strive to be the sole victor of the campaign. Share your thoughts, tips, and tricks for the players right here on the Total War Center forums.

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