A new creature has burst onto the scene of the Old World - The Cygor. Cygors are terrific beasts akin to a minotaur but with a single eye that can only pierce the veil of the mortal realm to gaze upon the souls of those touched my magic, for whom they have an eternal hunger. Beware the Cygor...

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The Beastmen are emerging from the deep recesses of the woodlands all across the Old World, proceeded by a foul aroma and vicious war cries - causing even the stoutest of hearts to tremble in fear. But will that fear become crippling or be harnessed to defend your empire? Only you can decide upon hearing the Call of The Beastmen...

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The Old World is riven by countless battles fought. Now experience the carnage in technicolour glory with the arrival of the Blood for the Blood God DLC! All-new events, particle effects, dismemberments, and gory, gib-spattered deaths will serve to bring your gameplay to untold heights of gruesomeness.
Cower as giants chew the heads off hapless soldiers, trolls rip their foes limb from lifeless limb, and the scything tails of dragons tear through units in an explosion of blood and guts. Brand new campaign events serve to encourage slaughter across the world, all to the laughter and delight of The Blood God. Dedicate your wars to him, and bathe the world in crimson!

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06-29-16 | by Hader

Total War: WARHAMMER - Update 1

The first major update to Total War: WARHAMMER has been announced, with various changes to unit balance, campaign and MP campaign tweaks, and preparing to get DX12 working at full steam.

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Feast your eyes on a new graphical overhaul mod by aztec, featuring more than 60 new weather patterns and natural light that brings a totally new experience to your Rome 2 Total War gameplay.

New to the Total War series with Total War Warhammer? Or just looking to improve your arsenal in every way possible? Check out PartyElite's tutorials video highlighting those small little things that can mean the difference between victory and defeat on the battlefield in Warhammer. Even veterans will likely learn something new!

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The Italian Wars mod team for Medieval 2 TW Kingdoms proudly presents a preview of the Duchy of Savoy, with an overview of their unit roster, start position and strat models.

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06-18-16 | by Hader

TWC Reviews: Stainless Steel 6.4

On this month's mod reviews The Wise Coffin looks at the latest version of Stainless Steel (v6.4), the well known mod for Medieval 2: Total War.

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The TWC 2014 Modding Awards Voting Phase is finally upon us! Head on over now and vote for your favorite mods and modders from 2014. Voting will be open for at least 2 weeks, with an extra 7 days for extra time or runoff votes. Many mods for Eras up to Rome II from 2014 are eligible, so come vote for your favorites today! Voting closes on July 1st.

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The team behind the extensive Third Age: Total War submod DCI: Last Alliance proudly presents its latest preview of Harad and the Black Númenóreans. DCI: Last Alliance brings the player to the end of the Second Age when an alliance of Elves and Men challenges Sauron's full might. For all the details please visit the preview thread.

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06-06-16 | by Shankbot de Bodemloze

Europa Barbarorum II 2.2 Release

At long last, another major release for Europa Barbarorum II. More units, more gameplay features, a lot of work on cleaning up and improving the UI, numerous fixes of issues from 2.1b and so on. It's a full install, not a patch on previous versions. For all the details, installation instructions and download links please visit this thread.

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The team behind the Ancient Empires modification for Total War: Attila is proud to bring a new preview featuring their Iberian rosters. This includes some 140 units with seven different rosters with a significant degree of visual (and, to the best of our knowledge, accurate) diversity designed to work with their population script and Area of Recruitment system. For all the details please visit the preview thread.

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The Wise Coffin presents a historical documentary made with Zhanguo Total War, detailing the story of the general Han Xin of the Western Han Dynasty. Check it out now!

The TotalWarCast returns alongside the latest Total War title, WARHAMMER! In this return episode, Gunny and Hader discuss Total War: WARHAMMER and initial impressions of this new foray from the norm for the series.

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06-01-16 | by Shankbot de Bodemloze

All Under the Heaven - Đại Việt Faction Preview

The team behind the All Under Heaven (AUH) modification for Medieval 2: Total War have released their latest faction preview. Their fifth preview scroll looks at the Đại Việt faction, including an overview of the campaign map and unit roster for this faction. For all the details please visit the preview thread.

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