In this episode of Laying Down The Lore, Joey and Peter discuss the history behind Volkmar the Grim and Helman Ghorst.

Which team are you, Grim or Grave?

The Grim & The Grave brings unholy rivalry to Total War: Warhammer . Two new Legendary Lords with new quest chains, magic items and skill trees, two new additional Lord types, five all-new battlefield units plus variants, 18 elite Regiments of Renown, free Legendary Lord and five new battle maps for all players. See the video and read more here!

This new Graphics mod by Shahab Kavoosi (aztec) that brings you the new landscapes to your map in Total War: Attila . It increases FPS, with reworked trees and sun light (that shines from the east!), reworked ground textures (different with the seasons) and an overall cleaner map.

The team behind Medieval Kingdoms, a mod for Total War: Attila, has released a very robust new build containing a lot of new factions, units and more!

08-18-16 | by Hader

Masters of Europe: Hessen Update

A new update of Masters of Europe has just been released, with all Hessen final units. Be sure to check it and the rest of the mod out today!

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Game of Thrones Submod is submod for Westeros: Total War designed to bring the look, the feel and the sounds of HBO's Game of Thrones to the world of Westeros. If you're a fan of the TV series in particular, be sure to check it out!

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Wrath of the Norsemen has been developed by countless people over numerous years, and all that hard work has finally culminated into a large European campaign, rather than simply focusing on a smaller area. To find out more about the grand vision of the WotN team, follow the link below!

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08-15-16 | by Hader

Sarzamin Javid 1.0

Sarzamin Javid 1.0 reskins nearly all of the Eastern Roman units as well as the Sassanid Empire units,as well as adding over 24 historical units to these factions. If you want to see the Eastern Roman Empire and Sassanids in all their glory, then this is the mod for you!

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305 BC. The diadochi continuously fight for dominance over Greece and Persia, the Celto-Gallic tribes choke in the blood shed in internecine wars, and the Romans try to gain control of the Italian Peninsula. Suddenly, a new threat appears, caused by a deadly virus that turns people into zombies. Will the ancient states unite and fight back the infection, or will they be destroyed by the global epidemic? It depends on you!

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Tsardoms Total War will include three Aragon related factions, The Kingdom of Sicily (Trinacria) is an Aragonese ruled kingdom in Italy, The Duchy of Athens and Neopatria represents the Catalan Company, and the Crown of Aragon will be invading Naples in order to overthrow the Angevin rule. The Crown of Aragon will have access to the highest tier Aragonese units such as the Alabarderos but also to local Italian mercenaries.

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Experience the full glory of ROME: Total War as you rule the ancient world from your iPad. ROME: Total War is a strategy game of epic scale, offering players a seamless integration of strategy and tactics to fight spectacular battles, while using diplomacy, subterfuge and assassination to pave the road to ultimate victory. All above footage has been captured from a development version of the game already running on iPad!

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The team behind the extensive WIP submod DCI: Last Alliance for Third Age: Total War proudly presents its latest settlement preview, providing news for good factions and mighty natural scenery. DCI: Last Alliance will bring the player to the end of the Second Age when an alliance of Elves and Men challenges Sauron's full might.

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08-10-16 | by Hader

RTR Beta 2 Release

The RTR Project team is proud to announce it's latest release: RTR Beta 2! This mod for Rome Total War , aims to recreate the classic RTR from scratch while also providing new features and fun gameplay. Check it out!

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This sub-mod's basic feature is to exchange the Signoria of Florence with the Republic of Lucca. All descriptions, flags, banners and names were changed respectively. Though it does not include any new units and the events, which were formerly applied to Florence, simply happen to Lucca instead.

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A new creature has burst onto the scene of the Old World - The Cygor. Cygors are terrific beasts akin to a minotaur but with a single eye that can only pierce the veil of the mortal realm to gaze upon the souls of those touched my magic, for whom they have an eternal hunger. Beware the Cygor...

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