01-17-17 | by Polemaios

Writers' Study Yearly Awards

Make your nominations now for the creative writing and AARs of the year in the Writers' Study Yearly Awards!

Find out more about this event here!

Check out the latest video for the Attila Total War mod Rise of Mordor, showcasing many of the different units from Gondor, Isengard, Dale, the Haradrim and the Dwarves of Erebor!

View more on the mod here!

01-15-17 | by Polemaios

Gods & Fighting Men Mod Overview

The Wise Coffin's look at Gods & Fighting Men modification for Rome: Total War - Alexander, made by MasterofNone. A project about the invasions of Ireland, in specific the struggle of the Tuatha de Danann against the Fomorians.

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The team of DCI: Last Alliance, a Work In Progress submod to Third Age: Total War, proudly presents the fourth Settlements preview. Behold the harbour of Umbar, the natural fortress of Dunharrow and the wretched Orc camps, together with new strat map models.

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01-14-17 | by Polemaios

Winter Challenges: Shogun 2 and Rome 2

After experimenting with the new Total War: Warhammer, ESL has announced the winter season of tournaments in Shogun 2 and Rome 2. The Series will go on from January to March and will finished by play-off tournaments in both disciplines. Those who missed hot times in 2011-2014 can try themselves in these Total War's tournaments again!

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Another year, another Gamer's Gazette hosted Game of the Year competition! The nominations have started, and it is up to you, fellow TWCers, to make sure your favourite games of the year are present when the voting begins. To ease you into the new year, we have also readied issue XIII of the Gamer's Gazette for your pleasure! Come, have a read why don't you?

The Vae Victis modding team has posted a huge preview of Seleucid units, based on reliable historical sources. This faction will be included in the upcoming v1.0 update.

Esteemed fellow TWCenterers, it's with great pleasure and excitement that we hereby inform you that the 2016 Member Awards are now live!.

It is tradition here at TWC to reward meritable members with a special award, as voted upon the whole membership. Everyone is invited to participate with nominations and votes; how many times did you think that that member is deserving recognition for his/her awesome contributions and posts? That's the good chance to show such members your appreciation! Not everyone is going to win, that's obvious, but even a single nomination is important as a form of recognition, so don't miss this chance and start nominating!

For every question or doubt, please refer to the Discussion Thread. Furthermore, before nominating, do not forget to check the rules in the OP of the Nominations Thread .

An Area of Recruitment system has come to The Italian Wars mod for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms. It consists of different kind of layers and enables recruitment of certain units in given provinces.

01-07-17 | by Polemaios

Divide et Impera 1.2 Open Beta release

After a year of work and anticipation, Total War: Rome II modification Divide et Impera 1.2 has been released in an open beta format exclusively on TWC. This update includes an all new population system, new grand campaign scenario and map, multiple faction overhauls, a new battle system and much more.

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01-06-17 | by Polemaios

Dawn of Conquest v1.0 - release

Inspired by the classic mod Deus lo Vult, Dawn of Conquest is a complete overhaul of the original Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms. The first version features a sandbox campaign focusing on Western Europe - the conflict between England and France known as the 100 Years War and the Reconquista on Iberian peninsula.

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01-05-17 | by Polemaios

Masters of Europe Mod Updated

An update for Masters of Europe, the Napoleon: Total War modification, has been released. It includes the Westphalia and Berg unit packs also available as modular resource.

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01-02-17 | by Polemaios

Sigh of Empire Mod Overview

The_Wise_Coffin has posted an video-overview of another Medieval II modification - Sigh of Empire, which gameplay's set in XIX century China during the Taiping Rebellion.

The team of DCI: Last Alliance, which is a Work In Progress submod to Third Age: Total War, proudly presents the Wild Men of Enedwaith faction. The tribes of Enedwaith sides with Sauron in the great war, to liberate their homelands from their ancient enemies, the Dúnedain.

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12-21-16 | by Meelis13

Classical Age Total War

Classical Age Total War
returns with new v.04 update! This Rome: Total war mod update brings you new horses, ~60 new units, unit descriptions, Mundus Magnus map and more!

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