12-18-14 | by StealthFox

TWC Chess Tournament

Do you fancy yourself a chess master? Then now's the time to prove it by joining the TWC Chess Tournament!

The Tournament opens on the 28th of December at 11:30 GMT. So sign up before then!

For more information click here.

12-17-14 | by m_1512

Rome II: Wrath of Sparta Released!

The Wrath of Sparta campaign DLC has been released! Wrath of Sparta is a new campaign DLC for Total War Rome II that brings the Peloponnese Wars to the game. With a whole new campaign with more conquerable regions than SHOGUN 2; Wrath of Sparta is a huge, engrossing new take on ROME II guaranteed to add hours of gameplay. Check out the new trailer showing the might of Sparta in the DLC, and discuss about the DLC in the official thread here.

Check it out here!

12-16-14 | by m_1512


KLAssurbanipal has released another update of unit packs for Rome Total War. This update contains new links for downloading all the unit and skin models, both old and this release. The pack contains a wide array of units, both historical (ancient, medieval) and mythological.

Check it out here!

A new 'global' version is now available for the Total War Rome II mod series, Cultural Identity Unitpacks. This new release is an 'all in one' version that encompasses all the features and content from the previous Cultural Identity release, the Armoured Horses mod, and the ACR Colors mod. Further, this version also includes unique units for the Bactria faction. Check out the mod now, and share your feedback and support for the mod in the thread here.

Download the mod here!

12-10-14 | by m_1512

Rome II: KLA's Celtic Genrals Mod

The latest addition to the KLA's Unit Packs mod, Celtic Generals, has been released. KLA's Unit Packs is a mod series for Total War Rome II that adds a diverse variety of units and generals to your game. In the Celtic Generals update, much focus has been given to Celtic faction generals, including new textures for helmets, armor, and much more. All in all, this mod gives a new look to your generals on the campaign map, battle map, and portraits; making them stand out from other soldiers. Get the mod now to enjoy a grand Celtic campaign, and share your valuable feedback with the team in the discussion thread here.

Download it here now!

The Campaign Map for Wrath of Sparta has been revealed. Wrath of Sparta is an upcoming Campaign DLC for Total War Rome II. This map, perhaps the most detailed so far in any Rome II DLC, consists of staggering 22 provinces across 78 regions and all new wonders, and much more. Check out the new map and more information about the DLC, and share your thoughts about it in the official discussion thread.

Check it out now!

12-09-14 | by m_1512

CA: Wrath of Sparta - Unit Reveal

Creative Assembly presents a unit preview for the upcoming Total War Rome II campaign pack DLC, Wrath of Sparta. This spotlight features the unit, Theban Hippeus, from the unit rosters of Boiotian League. Check out more information about the unit and discuss in the official unit reveal thread here.

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The Antiqua Imperium team presents you the latest preview for the mod's User Interface. Antiqua Imperium is a mod for Total War Rome II that aims to provide the player with a historically authentic and strategically challenging experience from the First Punic War through to ~100CE with a series of mini-campaigns as well as a rebalanced Grand Campaign using the new EE map. Check out the cool peek of the UI, and share your thoughts and appreciation with the team in the preview thread here.

Check it out here!

The Cultural Identity mod is back with another update, this time for the Nomadic factions. Cultural Identity Units is a mod for Total War Rome II that adds much diversity to factions to make them more unique. This new update for Nomadic factions features a complete reskin for Scythian, Sarmatian, and Saka faction rosters, and with addition of new units to their existing roster. Check out the mod that is available in both steam and non-steam versions, and share your valuable feedback with the mod author.

Download here!

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TWC Christmas 2014 Giveaway

To show our appreciation for all our great members we are holding another Christmas giveaway! This year we have 20 Steam codes for the Rome II Pirates and Raiders DLC! Enter here for your chance to win!

Enter in the official entry thread here!

Sebidee's Mercenary Warfare is a Total War Rome II mod that focuses on enhancing the utility of mercenaries in the game. Based on historical accounts of how mercenaries were used, this mod makes many changes to prices, upkeep, and replenishment rates for mercenary units and make them a more viable option to actually use them. Check out the full info about the mod, and give your opinion and feedback about the mod in the mod discussion thread here.

Download here!

Creative Assembly has just released the latest episode of the Rally Point, Episode 23. This episode is packed with a lot of content, but the biggest of them all is the announcement of Wrath of Sparta, a brand new DLC for Total War Rome II. But it does not end here, as the video also brings you more gameplay spoilers for the upcoming game Total War Attila.

Check out the cool video and more information on the DLC, and share your comments and feedback in the official discussion thread here.

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12-03-14 | by m_1512

Empire: War of 1812 mod

There is a new preview video in for Empire Total War mod, War of 1812. This mod aims to recreate the atmosphere of the 1812, the two year war fought by the U.S and Britain. This preview video takes you through custom battles and new units that will be available in the mod. Check out the video and share your comments about the mod in the thread here.

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Creative Assembly has announced their next game in development, Total War Battles: Kingdoms. This game will be a new cross-platform online strategy game for PC, Mac and tablets, with the aim to make the ultimate portable Total War experience. Set during the chaotic turn of the 10th Century, this game will feature intense battles with army management, kingdom building and devious social plotting.

You can also sign up for the PC Closed Beta today, not only to play the game before anyone else but also provide crucial feedback that will influence how the game develops. Read more about the announcement, and discuss about the new announcement here in the official thread.

Directly apply for the Closed Beta here!

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The latest Episode 15 of the TotalWarCast is out now. In this episode, DarrenTotalWar and joined by Mitch to discuss the Total War Rome II DLC "Black Sea Colonies Culture Pack", and answer some user questions and chat about the recent news for Total War Attila. Check out the video and share your thoughts with Darren in the official thread here.

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