09-30-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

SPQR Total War - Final Version Released!

The popular and very well polished SPQR Total War has had its final release. Version 9.0 brings together the numerous improvements the mod has made to Rome: Total War in a seamless and very much bug-free experience. There's a final revamp of German and Gaulish units in this version. All of which adds to the included extensive changes to the Roman Military machine pre and post-Gaius Marius, longer more tactical battles, a larger campaign map, and a lot, lot more. This is one of the best mods ever created for RTW and the final version is not one to be missed. The Senate and People of Rome (SPQR) demand you download it and give it a try right away!

Download here!

09-30-14 | by m_1512

DCI: Last Alliance Faction Preview

The DCI: Last Alliance team presents the latest preview of the sixth playable faction in the game, The Kingdom of Khazd-dm. DCI: Last Alliance is an extensive Third Age: Total War submod that brings the player to the end of the Second Age when an alliance of Elves and Men challenges Sauron's full might. The submod replaces a majority of the original units, overhauls aesthetics, campaign and battle balance, and adds advanced scripting to fulfill the ambitious mod goals.

Over two years in the making, the team is working on the beta release this year. Check out the preview and share your comments and appreciation in the official thread.

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09-27-14 | by m_1512

TotalWarCast Episode 14 Released!

Darren, Gunny, DekuTrash and Mitch discuss in detail, all aspects of the newly announced Total War: Attila. In this special edition video, they collectively run down all the list of the new features, the setting, campaign, battles, UI and potential modding capabilities. Catch the WarCast to hear their thoughts on the latest entry to the Total War series, and share your comments and feedback in the discussion thread.

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KLAssurbanipal's Unit Packs is here with a new release. This mod is a series of unit packs for Total War Rome II, which adds a variety of historical units to your game. This new update is for Roman generals, with new cool textures to make them stand out from the rank and file. Check out the mod, and play your campaigns in style.

Download here!

09-26-14 | by m_1512

Rome II: Noif's Faction Emblems

There is an update for Noif's Faction Emblems, a mod for Total War Rome II. This new update adds Noif's unique faction emblems for the factions in the Imperator Augustus campaign. Check out the new and aesthetic faction emblems crafted by Noif, and don't forget to leave your comments or appreciation for the mod here in the mod thread.

Download here!

DarrenTotalWar brings you exclusive coverage on Total War: Attila, the next game announced by the Creative Assembly. In a set of 4 videos, DarrenTotalWar presents a detailed look and hands on impression into the Battle & Campaign gameplay for the new game. There are also interviews with the developers of the project. Check out the videos now, and tell you what you think about it here in the discussion thread.

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09-25-14 | by m_1512

Total War: Attila Announced!

The Creative Assembly has just announced their next title, Total War: Attila. The new incoming title is said and shown to have new features and vast improvements to the core aspects of the Total War game. Family trees, civilians, complete settlement destruction, are some of the exciting features announced.

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The New Total War title is set to be announced in the EGX London gameshow in just a few minutes. The event will also be available live via the official EGX Twitch Stream. Catch the action live from your place by visiting the Official Twitch stream.

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DarrenTotalWar takes a detailed look at the updated political system of Total War Rome II - Emperor Edition, to determine the causes of a civil war. In this video, DarrenTotalWar explains about the political system and how it works, to understand its relation to the civil war and how you can avoid it in the game. Check out the video for some good tips and share your thoughts and experiences in the official discussion thread.

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The Summer Writing Competition 2014, hosted by the TWC Scriptorium team has entered into the final week for submissions. The competition offers really cool prizes in form of medals for winners, and reputation points for the runner-ups. The last date of submission is September 30. For full information about the competition, the rules, and submissions can be found in the official thread here.

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09-22-14 | by m_1512

Cleopatra - Queen of Egypt Mod

Cleopatra - Queen of Egypt is a mod for Total War Rome II - Imperator Augustus Campaign. This mod adds Cleopatra, the legendary last queen of Egypt, as a dignitary agent in the campaign. A really cool feature that adds more immersion to the campaign, and more features such as special traits will be added in the next update.

Download here!

09-20-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

Bellum Crucis 7.0 Released (It)

Bellum Crucis is a mod for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms. Starting in 1155 A.D choose between 29 different factions in a struggle for dominance over the Medieval world. The features that Bellum Crucis adds too Kingdoms are numerous and every aspect of the vanilla game has been re-built or improved. New factions, a new map, new scripts, new AI, new traits, new ancillaries, and so many other aspects give the player the chance to dive into a medieval context recreated with passion and accuracy! Check out the screenshots in the download thread that really show what a special mod this is.

Download Here

KLAssurbanipal's Men of Sparta II unit pack is now available for download. Men of Sparta II is a unit pack for Total War Rome II that completely overhauls the look of the Spartan warriors by adding new helmets, armors, shields and much more. Furthermore, there are two versions of the unit pack that you can choose from, giving you the option to go for either Hellenistic or Classical looking units.

Download here!

DarrenTotalWar brings you a first look at the alpha version of Medieval Kingdoms 1212 AD mod, which is set to release soon. The Medieval Kingdoms 1212 AD is a work in progress, total overhaul mod for Total War Rome II, which aims to bring the Medieval Era to your game. The alpha version will feature 14 playable factions, fully re-modeled units, overhauled animations and much more.

Join DarrenTotalWar as he takes a look at the features that will be available with the alpha release, and tell us what you think about the mod and the preview.

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KLAssurbanipal presents a preview of his upcoming release of a unit pack for Total War Rome II. The preview of the Men of Sparta II unit pack contains a sneak peek at some really cool Spartan units that set to be in the release. There is also a poll where you can vote for which type of units you would like to see in the pack. Check out the preview, and share your feedback in the discussion thread.

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