War of the Silmarils, a Third Age: Total War submod aiming to bring the heroic wars of Beleriand to life, proudly presents the previews of both the Campaign Map and the faction of Gondolin.

Check out this brand new Let's Play, featuring the mighty (& massive) Kholek Suneater facing off against Ungrim Ironfist. It's a mismatch in size - will it be a mismatch in strength? Or will the Dwarfs be able to call upon their awesome weaponry effectively and quickly enough to take down the lumbering beast?

In addition, CA has announced news for Early Adopters, meaning anyone who either pre-orders Warhammer OR buys it within the first week of release will receive the Chaos Warriors race pack for free!

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The team behind the Total War: Attila modification Medieval Kingdoms Total War have announced the release date of their first public build announcement - coming 5th May!

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04-27-16 | by Hader

TW:A Bactria's Retribution Update

“Lead the way for the flame.
Tell the world we're alive.
Whether we be heroes or outcasts
we will come back.
Free our minds of the curse
that our past actions incurred.
Lead the path through the dark
that no soul dared to walk.
Feel the hope... feel the pain,
Do not lose this fight in vain...
The world cries out for our end!“

Bactria's Retribution is a modification for Total War: Attila where the Bactria are in the game as a nomad faction!

04-26-16 | by Shankbot de Bodemloze

N:TW Masters of Europe Update

The team behind the Masters of Europe mod for Napoleon: Total War have released a new update! This update includes the new, finalised unit textures for Saxony's faction roster - with historical uniforms for two periods, alongside the addition of six bonus units for the very minor states. Also included in the update is the information cards for all of the Italian states and some other minor corrections.

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The team of Tsardoms Total War proudly presents the faction Re-Preview of the Tsardom of Bulgaria. The faction has been completely redone from scratch with few of the original models and textures left untouched. The units have all been brought up to the latest standards to match the rest of our factions and also to better match historical reality. The units of the faction start all the way from peasant militia to landholding pronoiars and all the way to heavily armoured infantry and bolyar heavy cavalry.

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Surena Epic 2 is a mod for Total War: Rome II that focuses on the eastern factions from the game, breathing new life into the game with many reskinned units, a new campaign, an entirely new faction, and the historical Battle of Carrhae. Be sure to check it out now!

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04-21-16 | by Hader

A Slayers Guide - Giants!

The Let’s Slay returns! Today we’re looking at giants. These towering (and frequently drunken) monstrosities may be lumbering and slow, far from the sharpest tools in the Greenskins’ shed, but they're certainly one of the most dangerous. Don’t worry – with our help, you should be able to bring them crashing down to earth…

The feudal realm of Bretonnia will be playable in custom and multiplayer battles from day one in Total War: WARHAMMER. Though not available as a playable Race in the Grand Campaign, you will be able to go head-to-head in one-off battles using Bretonnia’s formidable roster of hard-hitting knights and cannon-fodder peasants. To see the new troops in action, check out this week’s edition of Rally Point, where a Bretonnian city is besieged by the Vampire Counts in a multiplayer grudge match between Community Manager Darren and YouTuber Lionheart.

Get a closer look at Bloodpine Woods in this first episode of Battlefield Briefing and see more of the epic visuals from the map such as abandoned human settlements and Greenskins camps. We're also telling you more about the multiple strategic options the vast planes and dense forests offer and how you can optimise your army roster to assure victories on this specific battlefield.

04-17-16 | by Shankbot de Bodemloze

Better Aggressive CAI for Total War: Attila V 4.2

The Better Aggressive CAI mod v4.2 for Total War: Attila has just been released! Download this latest release to enjoy an awesome campaign experience that promises to make you struggle against the Campaign AI over and over again.

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DCI: Last Alliance is an extensive Third Age: Total War submod that brings the player to the end of the Second Age when an alliance of Elves and Men challenges Sauron's full might. Now the DCI team is proud to present the preview of the Rhûn Confederacy, a brand new faction roster ready to descend upon their enemies.

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Covering many leagues in size, the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy Battles is as diverse as it is perilous; the infested forests that surround the Empire’s cities, to the lakes and groves of Bretonnia; from the mountain passes guarded by the Dwarfs, to the bleak moors and haunted marshes of Sylvania. And in the north are the ice-clad lands of Norsca and beyond that… darkness and insanity reign supreme.

The most popular, subscribed and downloaded Total War: Attila mod just got its own Gold Edition with massive changes. This update has improved upon several things, including fixing all reported and found bugs, enhancing several game features and some final balancing touches. Part One of the Gold Edition Update also contains 55 brand new unique units for Slavic factions and Garamantia - the last factions which were not covered by the unit pack. Gold Edition of Radious Total War and its official submods offer you the best and most polished TW: Attila experience!

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The TWC 2015 Member Awards are now live! You've made your nominations, and the Voting period will last until April 27th, so come on over and vote for your favorite members in each category now!

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