Unit Analysis is a short documentary series where military units and certain historical characters will be looked upon by The Wise Coffin. It uses footage from the unreleased Rise of Persia v3.0 mod that is still in the works. First video addresses the Achaemenid Empire's main infantry unit; Sparabara.

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Be sure to watch another SoulGamesInc's look at Westeros and Essos, built for multiple scenarios on a grander scale than previously allowed by other Game of Thrones mods; A true Map of Ice and Fire.

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We are glad to invite all TW: WH players to the main event of current multiplayer tournaments' season - Long Playing. This competition based on TW: Arena format is dedicated to upcoming release of the second part of the Warhammer trilogy, recently announced by Creative Assembly. That's why the main prize is Total War: Warhammer 2! In addition to this, there are special prizes prepared by sponsors and supporters of Long Playing project.

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05-12-17 | by Shankbot de Bodemloze

2016 TWC Modding Awards - Vote Now!

The TWC Modding Awards voting phase is now open! Be sure to follow the link to vote for your favourite mods and modders of 2016 - the polls will be open until May 31st.

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05-02-17 | by Shankbot de Bodemloze

Portuguese Faction Mod Overview

TheWiseCoffin presents an overview video for the Portuguese Faction mod for Total War: Shogun 2! As the name suggests this mod adds the Portuguese faction to the base game - if you're interested be sure to check out the video above, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great content.

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04-24-17 | by Polemaios

The Illustrator - 7th edition

It's been a long while since the last arts publication, the Illustrator, was published. What was originally just an idea has become real. That missing part of the TWC publications is now back for, hopefully, your greatest pleasure. That gruelling work, soaked in sweat and blood...

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Be sure to watch this preview video by SoulGamesInc from the Map of Ice and Fire project. This video focuses on the North and is a part of a Medieval 2: Total War project aiming to build a map of Westeros and Essos to allow for multiple scenarios on a grander scale than previously allowed by other Game of Thrones mods. A true Map of Ice and Fire!

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04-21-17 | by Hader

Ad Mari a Mare Holy Roman Empire

Join Hellvard as he introduces to you new factions in Ad Mari a Mare mod for Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms, the noble houses of the Holy Roman Empire!

04-17-17 | by Shankbot de Bodemloze

Gamer's Gazette Issue XIV - Game of the Year 2016 Results

Another year, another Gamer's Gazette! This issue reveals the lucky winners in the prestigious TWC Game of the Year competition of 2016, as well as reviews of some old gems. Come for the games, stay for the Hot Takes!

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04-13-17 | by Shankbot de Bodemloze

Arian Unity 2 New Version Released

The Arians Unity 2 modification team have released a new update for their Total War: Rome II mod stressing on oriental factions, with more new units, bugfixes, reworked campaigns and a greatly improved AI!

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04-12-17 | by Polemaios

Art Workshop: TWC Channel Banner

Join SoulGamesInc in the second video from renewed Total War Center Youtube channel as well as first from series devoting attention to our Art Workshop.

04-11-17 | by Polemaios

TWC Modding Awards - Nominations Open!

The 2016 Modding Awards' nomination phase is open! Head on over now and nominate your favourite mods and modders from the last year. Nomination phase will be open for at least 3 weeks. This is also Total War: Warhammer's debut for the awards.

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04-08-17 | by Hader

TWC Youtube Channel Renewal

Total War Center Media Staff is proud to present the beginning of TWC's Youtube Channel renewal. Be sure to follow us as we being to develop more content, and stay tuned for information on getting your own personal content featured on our channel as well! We look forward to bringing you more TWC exclusive media content in the future, but are just as eager to help our mods and modders as well as all Total War content creators abroad in creating and sharing all of the amazing Total War content that exists.

04-04-17 | by Shankbot de Bodemloze

Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion - iPad release!

Feral Interactive have released their latest Total War conversion game, this time porting the hugely popular Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion over to iOS. This allows players to download and play the game on their iPads via the App Store. If you're unsure whether to buy it you can check out this review by PocketGamer, and find out more by visiting the game's website on feralinteractive.com. The game does not require Rome: Total War for iPad and can be played on iOS 10.2 or later.

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SoulGamesInc brings you another preview video for the Medieval 2: Kingdoms modification Westeros: Total War, this time looking at fearsome House Greyjoy of the Iron Islands. Be sure to check out the video above and post any comments you may have over in this thread. What is dead may never die!

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