08-19-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Strongholds of the Samurai

Strongholds of the Samurai for Total War: Shogun 2 has now been released!
It provides historically accurate Sengoku Era castles,
and also a campaign featuring realistic combat.

Download here!

08-18-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

TW Fantasy New Content Team News

In this blog post from the Total War team,
the Fantasy New Content Team answer questions about DLC, mechanics, factions - and more!

Read more here!

08-17-18 | by Polemaios

UPC-ROM updated

Swiss Halberdier has updated UPC-ROM mod to the Rome II's
newest patch and DLC Rise of the Republic.
The modder plans to release an update for his other project for Rome II - AUM-ROM.

Find UPC-ROM download links here!

08-16-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Ambush of Sun Ren

The Ambush of Sun Ren provides another look at the campaign map for Total War: Three Kingdoms,
and shows the battle that will be available for everyone to play at Gamescom 2018.
More information about the game can be found on the Steam page linked below.

See more here!

The original Rome: Total War comes to iPhone on 23rd August.
A live stream from Rome I iPhone gameplay is set to begin tomorrow at 6 BST on Twitch.
Screenshots of the third Total War title's iPhone build can be found here.

08-14-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Warhammer II: High Elf texture pack - modders' resource

This is a pack of edited textures from Total War: Warhammer II for use as a modders' resource.
Most of the textures are elven.
The retextures include Eltharion the Grim, Star Mage, Death Hag, Shadow Warrior, Loec Trickster and more!

See more here!

08-13-18 | by Polemaios

Three Kingdoms - Sun Jian trailer

A new Total War: Three Kingdoms trailer has been published.
It relates to Sun Jian, a general and a member of the Sun family
and features the first glimpse of the game's campaign map.

08-12-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Rome Total War Randomiser

Rome Total War Randomiser makes it possible to randomise start locations, starting denarii, faction AI and much more.
You can choose specific elements of your Rome: Total War campaign to randomise.
The mod now also has a faction select map generator.

View more here!

The 2nd edition of Divide et Impera Picture Competition is being run.
To participate in it, you need to take a screenshot of either the battle or the campaign map of DeI mod for Rome 2.
The prize for the competition's winner is a key to Rise of the Republic DLC.

Post your submissions here

08-10-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Elves of Eryn Galen Video - DCI: Last Alliance

The DCI team present a preview video for the eastern Silvan Elves, led by Legolas' forefathers, who muster for war against the Dark Lord.
DCI: Last Alliance is a submod for Third Age: Total War for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms.
It covers the Second Age's great last war against Sauron of Mordor.

View more here!

08-09-18 | by Polemaios

Rome II - Rise of the Republic released

Rise of the Republic Campaign Pack is now available to play.
The free Ancestral Update has also been released. Besides this, modders have been given new modding options.
Make sure you opted out of the update's beta and disabled all mods.
Additional patch notes can be found here.

08-08-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Alii Colores Romae Totus for Empire Divided

Alii Colores Romae Totus, the recoloured uniforms mod for Rome II: Total War,
now covers Empire Divided, leaving no vanilla stone unturned!
Click on the link below for (many) more images and details!

View more here!

08-07-18 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

The War of 1812 mod 1.0 beta

The war of 1812 mod for Empire: Total War has released its 1.0 beta and a campaign patch.
It has new factions, new maps, new units, a unique campaign, and much more!

Download here!

08-06-18 | by Polemaios

Rise of the Republic achievements

A list of all 17 Rise of the Republic Steam achievements has been revealed.
Unlocking them will become possible after this Rome II Campaign Pack comes out on 9th August.
These achievements have already been added to Steam.

The 3rd patch for Imperial Splendour - Rise of the Republic 1.1 for Empire: Total War is now available.
The patch contains fixes for several bugs reported by users over the last few weeks.

Learn more and download here!

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