08-30-14 | by m_1512

Roma Capta Brennus Invasion Mod

ROMA CAPTA - BRENNUS INVASION is a Rome II mod that takes the Hannibal at the Gates campaign back to 390 BC. The year is noted for the Invasion of Brennus and his Gallic warriors, who sacked Rome and invented the famous proverb, Vae victis (woe to the vanquished ones). Play as Brennus and re-live history or take your pick out of the nine playable factions.

Requires Hannibal at the Gates DLC.

Download here!

08-30-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

Rome II: Notitia Dignitum Shields Mod

Notitia Dignitatum is a Rome II mod that adds unique shield patterns to the units in the game. The mod adds a huge collection of 140 shield patterns, beautifully crafted by the mod author Thunderbolt II. With up to 10 unique shields per unit, enjoy the visual treat this mod offers.

Download here!

08-29-14 | by StealthFox

Rome II Emperor Edition Announced!

Rome II Emperor Edition has just been officially confirmed! It promises lots of really cool content including an all new "Imperator Augustus" Campaign Pack Expansion. Best of all, all Rome II owners will be upgraded to "Emperor Edition" for free! Tell us what you think in the official discussion thread!

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DarrenTotalWar is defending against DekuTrash in this large armies city assault battle for Cyrene. Darren is playing as the Seleucids and Deku has chosen Carthage. Each side has over 3500 men at their disposal, but who will be victorious? Leave your comments on the battle and what you would do differently in the discussion thread!

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08-27-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

Rome II: Ancient Sea Empires Unit Pack

The Rome II modding equivalent of 'The Expendables' have got together once again to create the Ancient Sea Empires Unit Pack. After Radious, Champloo, Wolfman, and Dramabelli collaborated for the popular Sand Empires Unit Pack, Kaisa88 joins them to deliver these fresh and free units.

This time they concentrate on the Bithynia, Cyprus, Cyrenaica, Massalia and Trapezos factions with the addition of 76 brand new units. All of which are featured in the high quality trailer and screenshots over at the TWC download links thread.

Download links here!

08-26-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

Europa Barbarorum II Released

After seven years of development, the first version of the highly anticipated Europa Barbarorum II has been released. EB2 re-creates the Roman Era in the Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms and is one of the most polished and feature-rich Total War mods of recent times. 28 factions have been created from scratch with hundreds of units added to a mod where historical accuracy is vital.

The original Europa Barbarorum I for Rome: Total War was downloaded well over 100,000 times. Unlike EB1, the individual soldiers inside each unit in EB2 are independently represented to a much greater extent with different shields, armour, and faces. The Medieval II engine allows for a more immersing experience as a result with individual army units being less like clones of one another. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Europa Barbarorum II features. Don't delay in downloading the mod right now!

Download here!

LegendofTotalWar takes on the Suebi campaign on legendary difficult with a simple restriction. All of his armies must comprise solely of female soldiers, except for the general!

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With two of three films based on J. R. R. Tolkien's 'the Hobbit' released the Lord of the Rings series is as popular as ever. Since 2009 and continuing to this day Medieval II: Total War mod 'The Third Age Total War' is one of the most popular TW mods of all time. In this new and interesting article, Flinn looks at the sub-mods adding to the Third Ages already lofty reputation; as well as the burgeoning and immersing community of fantasy, lore, and fun that has been built around the mod.

'Being a representation of The Lord of the Rings world has helped it immensely to quickly become and remain popular....Some sub-mods have risen to the level of truly impressive independent works'

Have you played the Third Age: Total War or any of its many sub-mods? Is it still one of the best Total War mods of all time? You shall not pass until you check out the article and give your opinion!

Read the full article here!

08-22-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

Rome II: champLoo's Female Warrior Units

'champLoo's Female Warrior Units' is a Rome II unit pack inspired by the new Daughter of Mars DLC. This mod offers 10 unique units to bolster the ranks of several playable barbarian factions. Noble Female Warriors and Noble Celtic Women are among the new units added by this pack.

Download here!

08-21-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

Rome II: Trajan Wars

Trajan's Wars is a Rome II mod set in 100 AD - one of the greatest and bloodiest expansion wars of the Roman Empire. The mod is an overhaul which recreates the atmosphere of the Dacian Wars. Play as Trajan and expand the Roman Empire to its greatest extent. The Mauryan Empire and the Germanic Batavians are among the new and unique factions this mod provides.

Download here!

08-20-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

TotalWarCast: Season 4 Episode 12 Released

Darren, Gunny and DekuTrash are back in TotalWarCast Episode 12 with a new and improved video format. The guys discuss a variety of topics including: Rumors about a potential Augustus DLC, Daughters of Mars DLC, Free-LC, A rundown of the latest updates to mods, mod awards, GamesCom, TWC Olympics, The Rome II Survey, Gamers Gazette, Critics Quill and some chat about the latest games.

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The Medieval Kingdoms Team has released a new video preview featuring content from their mod. Watch the soldiers of the Holy Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire clash in an epic confrontation. If you want more information about the mod this handy link to their subforum is the way to go.

08-19-14 | by Omnipotent-Q

Rome II and Total War Community Survey!

There are many opinions on Rome II and Total War generally. The question is what's yours? alQamar and fellow partners in crime have unleashed a new Total War community survey off the back of a very successful first survey many months ago. What do you want to see changed? What do you like about Rome II? What don't you like about Rome II? What can be improved? What are your feelings on Total War multiplayer? What should be the next game in the series?

Your opinion makes a difference and nearly 5000 give their insight in the first survey. That's a record to beat and what you say could have a real impact on the Total War series. Wait no longer and get involved right now!

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Constantine: Rise of Christianity is a Rome II mod set in 311 AD - a period known for the Civil Wars of the Roman Tetrarchy. The unique Rome II campaign has become even more awesome with a truly stunning Roman roster overhaul. Frankish Axe Throwers and Equites Mauri are among the 35 new and unique units added to the mod. The screenshots of the units speak for themselves!

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The Critics Quill highlights the many Total War After Action Report stories and other creative writing on Total War Center worth checking out. In this, the 43rd issue, there's a look at the Shogun 2 AAR 'In the Light of Dusk'. The rare AAR for the original Medieval: Total War in the form of Chronicle of Spain is also highlighted. Short stories 'The Road to the Shah' and 'The Sultan and the Servant' are also reviewed, along with an interview with TWC administrator and creative writing genius Radzeer. ...and of course, there's much more than that so be sure to check it out.

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