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Europa Barbarorum 1.21a Release

The team behind the Europa Barbarorum (EB) modification for Rome: Total War have released an initial update of the latest EB version 1.21. The new version features general improvements and fixes and can be downloaded by following the link to this thread. For a full list of changes see the changelog, and be sure to check out the release for Rome: Total War: Alexander as well.

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Vampire Counts field no ranged weapons at all. However, their unique combination of solid infantry, fast-flanking cavalry, terror-causing units, powerful magic, immunity to panic and some of the best flying units in the game, means they’re nevertheless a force to be reckoned with.

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Europa Barbarorum II 2.2 Preview

The Europa Barbarorum II team is proud to present a preview of the work done for the upcoming 2.2 release. Find all the details and more in the preview thread.

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Total War: WARHAMMER Released

The Creative Assembly's latest title - Total War: WARHAMMER - has been released! Jump into the game and enjoy. You can share all your thoughts and comments by posting in the new Total War: WARHAMMER forums here on TWC.

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Through a marriage of award-winning Total War game mechanics and the incredible depth and complexity of Games Workshop’s World of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, critics have judged Total War: WARHAMMER as one of the best strategy games ever made.

Tomorrow, at 08:00 BST, gamers worldwide will start their own adventure. An epic quest of conquest through glorious battle, with the Old World as prize.

Till then, experience the frontline clash of magic, monsters and legendary heroes in our stunning 360 interactive launch trailer.

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Total War Rome 2 Prologue Chapters

aztec has released a mod that unlocks the second and third chapters of Total War: Rome II's prologue for people who cannot unlock them. For more information and both a downlink link and instructions please visit this thread.

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Graphics Competition of the Month: Warhammer

Submit your piece now for the GW's Monthly Graphics Competition.

This months theme is WARHAMMER!

Enter for your chance to win some reputation and some bling!

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The Italian Wars - Version 5 Beta Released

The team behind the Medieval 2 Kingdoms modification The Italian Wars have released their latest beta version. Version 5 brings with it several new factions, such as Genoa, all with complete unit rosters as well as an English translation for the mod. For more information and the download link please visit this thread.

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KLAssurbanipal's units for Rome: Total War

KLAssurbanipal has released the units he has made for Rome: Total War and its modifications in one package. Stretching from 2005 to 2014, this mod contains over 160 historical and mythological unit models - including some units that have never been published before. For a preview of the units and a download link please visit this thread.

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What is Total War: WARHAMMER

Whilst many veterans to the series will have no trouble understanding the basic gameplay mechanics iconic to Total War, this rundown of it in Total War: WARHAMMER should fill in any of the gaps as well as provide as nice overview of the soon to be released title.

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Roma Surrectum III Open Beta Release

The team behind the Rome: Total War mod Roma Surrectum have released the open beta for the latest version of their mod, RS III. This latest release includes changes to siege weapons as well as updates to unit stats and the games economics. To see a list of all the changes and to download the beta please visit this thread.

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On this month's mod reviews The Wise Coffin looks at the latest version of the Zhanguo: Total War. It is a mod for Rome: Total War, focusing on the warring states period of ancient China.

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Magic can have large tactical effects on the battlefield in Total War: WARHAMMER. Whether it's pinning down enemies with powerful hexs or raising the dead itself to fight alongside you, understanding your spells and the lore you're using will give you a supreme advantage over your enemy!

Located in the East of Bretonnia, La Maisontaal Abbey is one of the most amazing battlefields in Total War: WARHAMMER with breath-taking architectures and details that surround the map.

However, stay focused during the battle since the multiple hills and dense forests will make it difficult for you to keep a clear line of sight at all times and use as well as protect your artillery units.

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Total War: WARHAMMER - New Faction...Kinda? (Overview)

GraFX Rogue has released a new video on Total War: WARHAMMER, giving you a quick rundown of some recent Warhammer news...just don't forget to turn your sarcasto-meter.

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