Creative Assembly has announced that there will no longer be a queue to receive your Alpha key this weekend (in current Closed Alpha regions) for Total War: ARENA if you sign up for it here. Hurry up and get your key while you can!

And while you wait for the game to download, go ahead and read what PCGamesN thought about the Alpha as well.

Get your ARENA Alpha key today!

07-31-15 | by SharpEyed

Origo Europae: Beginning of Europe

The Origo Europae team have been hard at work on their mod for Total War: Attila! Origo Europae has a campaign that starts in 481 AD; which is a year after the fall of the Western Roman Empire and is the beginning of another turbulent period in time that affected the entire world! This mod is in beta right now so go and dictate how history is written!

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07-30-15 | by FrostySOTF

[COMPILATION] Frankish And Saxon Reskin

Hadrien Ier has created a modification for Total War: Attila. This mod re-skins both the Franks and the Saxons with re-worked armour, factions leaders being re-skinned, the factions have been given an all around make-over that adds a lot of visual appeal! If you want to see the Franks and Saxons in all their new glory then add this mod to your Attila experience!

Download here!

Come watch the first ever pre-alpha game footage of Total War: Warhammer! You are walked through an amazing battle of Blackfire Pass between the mighty Empire and the ferocious Greenkskins in this developer walkthrough! So sit back and enjoy this amazing battle of the game we're all waiting for!

07-30-15 | by Hader

Rebels/Emergent Factions Reworked

Hunor has brought us the newest release on his mod for Total War: ATTILA. Rebels/Emergent Factions Reworked is an aesthetic overhaul of the units for said factions, each having unique units based upon culture and region. If you are looking for a more realistic gaming experience I highly recommend this mod!

Creative Assembly and the Total War: Warhammer team have just released a preview for a new Warhammer unit! The Luminark of Hysh is a magical war machine created by the Wizards of the College of Light Magic. Housing a rare, sorcerous orb, it’s capable of casting Solheim’s Bolt of Illumination, a devastating light spell. This bolt is focused through a series of arcane lenses before leaping across the battlefield to tear the enemy asunder.

07-28-15 | by FrostySOTF

General Confidence and Army Morale

Magnar has released a Beta version of his WIP General Confidence and Army Morale mod for Total War: Rome II! This will in time become a part of the popular Vae Victis modification once completed. It brings into being a new mechanic for Generals, morale and confidence, this will effect your entire army that said general is leading. Be careful with how you use your general, it could impact your entire empire.

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07-28-15 | by FrostySOTF

Faces from Attila

RaviL has brought us an aesthetic mod for Total War: Rome II! Faces from Attila replaces most skins in the game for Middle Eastern factions, Germans and Celts, and Generals and Officers, some changes have been made to other factions in the pursuit of diversity as well though they retain some of their vanilla skins! If you are of fan of the modeling of Attila and wish to see it in Rome II then this is a mod for you!

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07-27-15 | by FrostySOTF

Total War: ARENA -GamesCom 2015

Creative Assembly invites you to play some Total War: ARENA and meet the development team at GamesCom 2015! Join the battlefield in a 10vs10 session and get your access code for the Closed Alpha version, 20,000 Gold and the Greek Myrmidon unit for free!

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07-27-15 | by Hader

Divide Et Impera 1.1 Preview

The Divide et Impera team just released a preview for their long awaited 1.1 update. The mod plans on adding a good variety of features in this next version, including overhauls of recruitment and navies, new units animations, and a new and unique supply system that will add the new feature of maintaining supply lines throughout your empire!

Check it out here!

07-26-15 | by FrostySOTF

Napoleon Total War: Masters of Europe

Steph has brought us news of an update on his mod for Napoleon: Total War. Masters of Europe is a complete overhaul mod that adds a ton of complete factions that have been wonderfully done! This newest update adds Netherlands and Belgic units to the mix! This mod has had a lot of hard work put into it and that definitely shows as you play, come experience this awesome creation for yourself!

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07-26-15 | by FrostySOTF

Total War: ARENA - Get Fighting

This is a trailer from Creative Assembly showcasing Total War: ARENA! It shows the basics of how to set up ARENA fights and who you shall compete as. Come join in the fight today and wade through seas of your enemies!

07-26-15 | by FrostySOTF

Game Reviews!

Do you want a heartfelt and honest review on any video game? Or maybe just wanting the opinion of another? Then the Game Reviews sub-forum is the place for you! Come join as the TWC community discusses the pros and cons, ins and outs, everything to be said of many different games. Whether it is reading, suggesting, or writing, get involved now if you truly are a gamer!

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07-25-15 | by FrostySOTF

DCI: Last Alliance

The DCI: Last Alliance Team have brought us a preview for the Elves of Lothlorien! This is an extensive Third Age: Total War submod for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms! It brings you to the end of the Second Age when an alliance of Elves and Men challenge Sauron's full might! It replaces a majority of the original units, overhauls aesthetics, campaign and battle balance, and adds advanced scripting to fulfill the ambitious mod goals! Come and explore Middle Earth as we draw ever closer to the release!

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07-25-15 | by FrostySOTF

Play as the Huns

OpusDei has released a modification for Total War: Attila. This mod allows you to play as the Huns! There are personalized missions, free armies, and the mod is compatible with every other mod out there! It is a resource for players and modders alike! If you've ever wanted to rampage across Europe with thousands of screaming barbarians now's your chance!

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