08-31-15 | by FrostySOTF

Graphics Competition - Superheroes!

This month's Graphic's Competition is up! The theme this time is Superheroes! Come unleash your inner artist while expressing your love for your favorite hero(s)! This is a chance to get creative and artistic while at the same time earning a good chunk of rep!

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08-30-15 | by FrostySOTF

Golden Marble UI!

Semper Fidelis has just released a purely aesthetic mod for Total War: Attila! This mod changes the interface to Golden Marble, it isn't a large mod but it looks very nice and adds a certain feel to the game. Click below for a beautiful new user interface!

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The Medieval Kingdoms Total War Team has just released a faction preview for Total War: Attila! The Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia preview is to bring attention to the oft overlooked faction and turn it into a force to be reckoned with!

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08-28-15 | by FrostySOTF

Dwarven Melee Units: In-Depth Blog

On the Total War Wiki an extensive blog has been posted regarding the recently shown Dwarven Units for Total War: WARHAMMER! It goes into detail explaining their history, culture, units, combat value, and so much more! I highly recommend reading it if you are interested in WARHAMMER! And while you're there you can read up on just about anything else Total War!

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08-27-15 | by FrostySOTF

Introducing Dwarven units!

In this video we get our first peek at Dwarven units for Total War: WARHAMMER! These bearded warriors may appear short in stature but are giants in all other aspects, wielding rune forged axes and mighty hammers that they swing with colossal strength for such a small form. They march to battle clad in heavy mail that is crafted far superior to anything other races can produce. I eagerly await to crush Greenskin hordes before my stalwart Dwarven warriors!

The Ancient Empires Team have brought us a preview for the newest addition to Ancient Empires! This mod for Total War: ATILLA is a well respected mod with many great additions, including the Kingdom of Numidia; which specializes in a unique style of combat! They use skirmish cavalry and javelins to attack their opponents. Come ride across the deserts and prove your dominance!

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Voting is now available in the 2015 Summer Writing Competition hosted by your trusty Librarians! Go and read some great works by your fellow TWC users and vote on your favorite pieces!

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08-25-15 | by SharpEyed

Traits Overhaul

Viking1978 has just released another mod for Total War: Attila. This mod is an overhaul for triggering traits which is based on lua scripting. It will add new anti-traits while changing trigger chance of all traits to be more realistic. So come try it out!

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08-24-15 | by FrostySOTF

Sebidee's Unit Roster Overhaul

Sebidee has brought us a final Total War: Rome II mod! Sebidee's Unit Roster Overhaul is a compilation all of his unit related mods with improvements! This entails 13 Sebidee roster expansions, his linothorax mod, an auxiliary mod and a mercenary improvement mod! Never before have all the great mods from Sebidee been put together for your enjoyment! What are you waiting for?

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08-24-15 | by FrostySOTF

Suebi Unit Expansion

The Germans are coming has recently released a mod for Total War: Attila! Suebi Unit Expansion does exactly as stated, adding 5 new units to the roster based on historical research! Come raid and pillage with these new units and show the world they need fear the Suebi!

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08-23-15 | by FrostySOTF

Historical Battle of Eddessa

The Total War Iran team has brought us a a mini mod for Total War: Attila! This mod adds the Battle of Eddessa to the game. Eddessa is the only battle in which a Roman Emperor was captured by foreign forces! Come re-write history and expunge the Romans of their shame! Or perhaps partake in the capturing as the fearsome Sassanid warriors?

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08-21-15 | by FrostySOTF

Total War: WARHAMMER - Live at EGX!

will be available to play for the first time ever at this year's
evelopers from Creative Assembly will be there presenting two developer sessions with a live on-stage play through of Warhammer taking place on Thursday at 1 PM!

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08-20-15 | by FrostySOTF

Medieval Christendom

The MC Team is currently working on a full make-over modification for Campaign and Battle Map for Total War: Attila! Medieval Christendom ​is set in the year 900 A.D comes with a new world map, custom designed factions, new gameplay mechanics, and much more! This mod looks very promising and I eagerly await it's release!

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08-20-15 | by SharpEyed

Bactria's Retribution

Karnil Vark Khaitan brings you Bactria's Retribution mod for Total War: Attila. At the moment it is a custom battle mod with unique Bactrian units but when it's completed Bactrians will be playable on Grand campaign. There will be 3 different Nomad Bactrian factions with their own units, buildings and religion! Don't miss out!

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08-19-15 | by FrostySOTF

Total War: WARHAMMER - Concept Art

The world of Total War: Warhammer is completely different than any Creative Assembly has worked on before! It is a world of magic, monsters, and heros! To help you understand how they are going to bring this magical place to life the team has released a blog post full of exclusive concept art! See more by clicking the link below!

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