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Rome II: Trajan Wars

Trajan's Wars is a Rome II mod set in 100 AD - one of the greatest and bloodiest expansion wars of the Roman Empire. The mod is an overhaul which recreates the atmosphere of the Dacian Wars. Play as Trajan and expand the Roman Empire to its greatest extent. The Mauryan Empire and the Germanic Batavians are among the new and unique factions this mod provides.

Download here!

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TotalWarCast: Season 4 Episode 12 Released

Darren, Gunny and DekuTrash are back in TotalWarCast Episode 12 with a new and improved video format. The guys discuss a variety of topics including: Rumors about a potential Augustus DLC, Daughters of Mars DLC, Free-LC, A rundown of the latest updates to mods, mod awards, GamesCom, TWC Olympics, The Rome II Survey, Gamers Gazette, Critics Quill and some chat about the latest games.

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The Medieval Kingdoms Team has released a new video preview featuring content from their mod. Watch the soldiers of the Holy Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire clash in an epic confrontation. If you want more information about the mod this handy link to their subforum is the way to go.

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Rome II and Total War Community Survey!

There are many opinions on Rome II and Total War generally. The question is what's yours? alQamar and fellow partners in crime have unleashed a new Total War community survey off the back of a very successful first survey many months ago. What do you want to see changed? What do you like about Rome II? What don't you like about Rome II? What can be improved? What are your feelings on Total War multiplayer? What should be the next game in the series?

Your opinion makes a difference and nearly 5000 give their insight in the first survey. That's a record to beat and what you say could have a real impact on the Total War series. Wait no longer and get involved right now!

Get your opinion in here!

Constantine: Rise of Christianity is a Rome II mod set in 311 AD - a period known for the Civil Wars of the Roman Tetrarchy. The unique Rome II campaign has become even more awesome with a truly stunning Roman roster overhaul. Frankish Axe Throwers and Equites Mauri are among the 35 new and unique units added to the mod. The screenshots of the units speak for themselves!

Check it out here!

The Critics Quill highlights the many Total War After Action Report stories and other creative writing on Total War Center worth checking out. In this, the 43rd issue, there's a look at the Shogun 2 AAR 'In the Light of Dusk'. The rare AAR for the original Medieval: Total War in the form of Chronicle of Spain is also highlighted. Short stories 'The Road to the Shah' and 'The Sultan and the Servant' are also reviewed, along with an interview with TWC administrator and creative writing genius Radzeer. ...and of course, there's much more than that so be sure to check it out.

Check it out here!

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Rome II: Noif's Emblem Pack 1

Noif de Bodemloze has released Noif's Emblem Pack 1 for Rome II on Steam. It includes many faction emblems he has created in one pack. Take a look at his handy work and remember as with all mods to throw in your valued feedback and comments!

Check it out Here!

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The Age of Petty Kings - 1.0 Release!

The Age of Petty Kings for Medieval 2 Kingdoms is a submod for Westeros : Total War. The creators of the submod have just unveiled their grand release of 1.0, in the release you'll find 29 factions that span across Westeros each with their own unique rosters. The team have also release a cinematic video preview which you can view above.

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A new DLC update called the Daughters of Mars has been released for Total War: Rome II. Daughters of Mars expands the faction rosters of Rome, the Lusitani, Suebi and Sparta with new female warrior units thrown-in for good measure. DarrenTotalWar breaks down what you get in the pack and if it's worth the price in the video review above!

Full text information and an official CA promo trailer for the DLC update can be found right here.

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Masters of Europe - Poland Update

Popular Napoleon: Total War mod Masters of Europe has a fresh update adding detailed historical uniforms and units for the Polish faction.

The update builds upon the mods numerous accurate and historical rosters MoE previously introduced. Masters of Europe is definitely worth checking out if NTW and in particular, custom battles are your thing.

Download Here!

Rome II Total Realism is the spiritual successor of one of the most popular mods for the original Rome: Total War. The new update adds more historical events, authentic names and several other changes aimed at making the game more realistic.

The team has also put together a Rome II scripting toolkit for modders to help with debugging, creating historical events, and more.

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TWC Olympics Rome II Final: TACTICS!

DarrenTotalWar presents to you the TWC Olympics Rome II Tournament final! In this best of three scenario, Reptillicus battles Sobchack for total victory in the tournament. Check out some of the epic tactics used by both sides to destroy each other, however there could only be one victor! To see part 2 of the battle, check out the thread below!

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Mod Preview: Troy Reborn (v1.3)

DarrenTotalWar has taken a look at the mod "Troy Reborn" by LongPig for Total War: Rome II. Troy Reborn adds the faction Troy to the Grand Campaign and changes the game to 4 turns per year. Troy features a completely fresh and unique roster, with some Greek influences to help them stand out among their greek rivals. Darren also does a quick preview of the Greek Campaign map by Idreaus.

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Rome II: Pyrrhus At The Gates

Pyrrhus At The Gates for Total War : Rome II (HATG), is a mod that is set during the campaigns of Pyrrhus of Epirus and his wars against Rome and Carthage in 280 BC. The mod features the available control of Pyrrhus with the Epirus faction, a re-design of faction locations and more!

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TWC Olympic - Rome 2 Tournament finished!


In the map of the Statue of Zeus there was a massive and bloody
battle and from it arose the champion of the Rome II Elimination Tournament.


Rome is now celebrating his victory and as Champion, He has also won a Intel i7 CPU 4770k,
a gold medal and reps. Sobchack and GoTW Kubee will be rewarded a silver and bronze medal and reps for their successful wins!

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